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Chen Xiang waited for Little Lizhi to leave for a while before changing his appearance. He entered the Transmission array and headed towards the place where the entrance to the Heaven Realm was located.

The location of the entrance to the Heaven Domain didn't belong to any of the immortal palaces. Because the immortal qi there had been extremely thin since ancient times, it wasn't a good place to build an immortal palace.

However, that place was quite famous. It was called the Meteor Mountain Range, and after a period of time, there would be meteor shards that fell into that mountain range. There were a lot of lucky people who picked up some precious and strange stones in that mountain range.

Many years ago, it was considered a land of treasure and was explored by many great powers, but in the end, nothing was found. I never thought that this place would also have an entrance to the Realm of Flame Heaven, could it be that there is a weakness in s.p.a.ce between here and the Realm of Flame Heaven? Bai Youyou said.

"Right now, we can be sure that there is a mysterious formation at that place. As long as we can break it open and open the formation, we will be able to get the answer."

Chen Xiang teleported to the Immortal Palace that was closest to the Meteor Mountain Range, and then walked towards it. On the road, he met many people, and they were all going to that place to watch the show, and the news had already spread, although everyone knew that they could not go in, they still wanted to go take a look.

Chen Xiang sprinted all the way while a.n.a.lyzing the formations on the Divine Book, memorizing the Spirit grain s. At the same time, he also wanted to find the base of the formation from within. This was the key to opening the formation.

"This place can attract meteors to descend, and the falling star fragments will carry a large amount of star power. If they fall into this place, they will definitely be absorbed by the earth, perhaps they will be condensed in the array foundation." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang also had the same thought: "It's very possible that this great formation is very big, covering the entire mountain range, and the small circle on the divine book is only the main part."

The Heavenly Realm's big gates were all open, but there was a big array covering a hundred li of the gates, making it very difficult to enter. Furthermore, there were many Immortal Kings, and there were even some tents near the gates.

The door was a golden screen of light, and beneath the door were two array discs. It seemed like the formation discs were used to block the door, preventing the s.p.a.ce from closing, allowing them to enter as they pleased, but the formation discs required a large amount of Spiritual crystal s in order to maintain it, however, for the various major powers in the Nine Heavens, this was not a problem at all.

"Haven't they gone in yet?" Chen Xiang said. He was looking from the top of a mountain, and there were many people looking at the door like him.

An old man said, "I heard that those powerful warriors have injured a lot of their Essence and are currently recovering. Without them leading the way, no one would dare to go in and recover quickly. We can go into that Heaven Realm together."

Without waiting for those people to enter, Chen Xiang ran over to the other dozens of mountains to investigate. After carefully searching, he discovered that these mountains were not here to begin with, but had been moved here by someone.

These mountains were only about 500 feet tall. In these nine days, they could be considered quite short. They were like pillars that were erected here.

"As expected, there is a very weak fluctuation of Spirit grain's power inside. It would be difficult to detect it without sensing it carefully." Chen Xiang spent an entire day searching the peaks of multiple separate mountain peaks. After many detailed investigations, he finally managed to uncover them by accident, and it was usually at night when there were very faint vibrations, so it was usually very difficult to detect.

After discovering this, he was certain that there was a great array here that was concealing something. The difficulty now was finding the foundation of this array.

"There's so many of these Spirit grain, so many." Chen Xiang looked at one of the diagrams. He drew the round Array inside the Divine Book on a very big piece of paper and started to look for the relationship between the Spirit grain and the other Spirit grain. He wanted to find the main array patterns, and the meeting point of the main array patterns was the location of the base.

Right now, he could only rely on his understanding of Spirit grain and arrays, trying his best to get rid of those that were not, however, it was still very difficult.

He took out the mysterious Philosophic stone. The interior of the Philosophic stone already contained a large number of natural Spirit grain. When he cultivated, he would usually use Philosophic stone to a.s.sist him.

When he first obtained the Philosophic stone, it was very difficult to use it, but over the years, he seemed to have formed a mysterious connection with it, and the Spirit grain he saw more and more in his hands. With the Philosophic stone in his hands, he transferred the mysterious power of the Philosophic stone into his eyes to look at the diagram.

Before long, a lot of patterns and patterns appeared within the Philosophic stone, turning the array pitch black in his eyes, while the Spirit grain on top of it had all kinds of lights. He excitedly took a deep breath, because he could directly see what the array patterns meant, of which, red and green were the most, purple and white were the next, and light gold was the least, there were 49 of them, and the place of convergence should be at the base of the array.

"This is the place." Chen Xiang made a mark at the meeting point, then put away the Philosophic stone.

He did not immediately take action. He had to wait for those people to all enter, or else he would definitely be discovered if he created some disturbance here. Perhaps in the end, he might even be stopped.

"Lv Qilian knows that I know about the art of transformation. She should be on guard against me in this area and would not let me sneak in easily." Chen Xiang said.

"Look next to the door, there's a mirror." Chen Xiang said: "There are also many dragon sculptures of Spirit grain at the sides of the mirror, what does this mirror have to do with the Imperial Dragon Clan?"

Next to the golden gate of the Sky Realm was a large circular mirror that was very eye-catching.

This is the Demon Reflection Mirror, specially designed by the Imperial Dragon Clan to break through the effects of the transformation technique. Long Xueyi said: "It should be the Flower Emperor that got them from the Imperial Dragon Clan."

Chen Xiang scolded himself: "Looks like it's used to guard against me."

Although he did not intend to enter the mirror at the moment, he still wanted to destroy it. That thing was a bit of a threat to him as it could break his Transformation technique.

It was only until the morning did he finally see a lot of people walking out from the tents. What made Chen Xiang depressed was that all of them were wearing long robes and a bamboo hat, completely covering his face and body, making it impossible to tell who was in there from afar. It was obvious that they were hiding it on purpose, and did not want others to know who they were.

Therefore, right now, no one knew exactly how many Immortal-becoming realm Rankers were left outside, and no one dared to act rashly.

"This should be the Flower Emperor's scheme." Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang also thought the same.

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