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Chen Xiang immediately rushed to the top floor, when he saw that he was back so quickly, his face was full of shock, and he anxiously asked: "What happened?"

"Devil-suppressing Divine Palace has come over to notify me so that I can prepare myself and prepare to head to the Heavenly Region. Phoenix King went to find Flower Emperor because of this matter, but this should be a matter between Imperial Feather Race and myself. Why would Devil-suppressing Divine Palace have a part in this?" Chen Xiang was very confused about this.

"Going to the Qing-Yun Realm is an incredible piece of news. I need to go and thoroughly investigate it. It might take some time before I can come back." Huang Jintian was very shocked about this, because not only did one need to be strong to go to the Heaven Realm, they also needed opportunities.

After Huang Jintian left, Chen Xiang instructed a few elders, saying that he had to go into closed door cultivation for a period of time, so the rest of the matters would be taken care of by them.

"Three months is not enough time for me to break through to the intermediate Immortal King Stage." Chen Xiang didn't know what it was like in the Heaven Realm, but with a strong ability, he might be able to obtain even more benefits in the Heaven Realm.

"I wonder what Heaven Domain it is, and how they found it." Long Xueyi was very curious about this matter. There were thousands and thousands of people in the Heaven Realm, and each one was different, but there were treasures inside.

In such a short period of time, it was difficult for Chen Xiang to raise his cultivation.

He had refined the Immortal-ranked Vajra Pellet and the Sacred animal Dan before, and now that he was refining the Yuxian Dan, he had never eaten it before.

The ingredients used to refine a Yuxian Dan were similar to bamboo shoots, they were called Yuling bamboo shoots s, and looked like a whole piece of white jade. One only needed a bamboo shoot to refine a furnace of pills, and as for the quant.i.ty that came out, it would usually be one bamboo shoot.

Because it was a shape, Chen Xiang could not hold it in his hands to burn it, so he placed it inside the Yanlong furnace.

But that was the standard of Su Meiyao's era. And now, with a large amount of time to speed up the formation, even the longest time required was merely a few months, so Chen Xiang's method of refining pills was the fastest.

Chen Xiang had the experience of refining Immortal Grade Vajra Pills before, but now, when he was refining this Yuxian Dan, he was only using the ordinary and gentle Sacred Flame.

However, Yuling bamboo shoots were weaker than that Diamond fruit, if Chen Xiang did not control the fire in time, he would destroy a Yuling bamboo shoots.

Different from other medicinal herbs, Yuling bamboo shoots would not turn into Medicine aura and medicinal powder. Instead, it would melt into a pile of transparent and elastic soft mud, only that the pile of soft mud was very restless and was continuously squirming, as if it was fighting internally.

Chen Xiang carefully observed the pill furnace, he was surprised to see what was so strange about it, although Su Meiyao had already told him about it.

"After it completely melts, it is transparent at first. Only after a certain amount of fire is incinerated will it turn white, and during the process of being squeezed, it will become very pure white. It will also emit white light." Su Meiyao said: "Be careful, people who are refined with the Foreseeing Alchemy very rarely fail, it's just that the time it takes is very long."

Chen Xiang released the Five Element Sacred Flame, which was used to burn that ball of transparent mud, and very quickly, it burned to a pure white color. This speed was beyond Su Meiyao's expectations, but he understood after thinking about it, because Chen Xiang was using a very powerful Sacred Flame.

"After it turned white, it shrunk a lot." At first, Chen Xiang thought that he could condense quite a few pills, but he couldn't reach his previous goal.

"Therefore, condensing one pellet is already not bad." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had already started to feel that the white object was hard to suppress and could not be stabilized. If it were to continue, once it changed into a different color, this medicine would become useless.

In order to not waste this Yuling bamboo shoots, Chen Xiang continuously released his powerful divine power, compressing the ball of white soft mud, and quickly stabilized. This made him feel relieved, and he then divided it into three groups.

"Three pills. It looks like there won't be a problem." After Chen Xiang separated them, everything looked very stable. As long as nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to condense the pellet.

Congealing pellets was not easy either. Chen Xiang had to spend more than an hour to make it into the size of a normal pellet, and the furnace was still shaking.

"Why hasn't it emitted a strong white light yet?" Chen Xiang was a little perturbed, he had not opened the pill furnace and the three pills had not stabilized yet.

"This Yuxian Dan is indeed hard to refine." Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, his face was covered in perspiration, although concocting a batch of pills did not consume him much energy, it was a form of torture to his mind.

As time pa.s.sed, and the pill furnace gradually stabilized, Chen Xiang was no longer as anxious. It took him over an hour to stabilize the three pills.

After the pill was formed, the three Yuxian Dan s inside the pill furnace burst out with intense white light. If Chen Xiang had opened the pill furnace at the first moment, he would definitely be able to see a very beautiful, gentle white light spewing out from the darkness.

Only after that white light faded did Chen Xiang open the pill furnace and look at the three high quality Yuxian Dan s. He let out a long breath, and then, ate one pellet.

As the Yuxian Dan melted in his body, he felt a few clear streams flowing in his abdomen, gradually converging into a large river, surging and surging within his body as waves of energy gushed out. Under his control, the energy flowed through his limbs and bones, washing his meridians, and at the same time, was refined into pure energy which entered his mysterious dantian, and flowed into the Heaven Pills respectively into the five Prime Ministers.

After becoming an Immortal King, the five Beast statue s in his dantian became very clear. When he looked inside, he saw the scales inside, but they were still very small.

He then swallowed two pieces of Yuxian Dan and spent half a night to refine them before continuing to refine them.

He was able to refine two batches a day, and he had spent more than twenty days to refine almost all of those medicinal ingredients. He only had one portion left for later on to duplicate.

Right now he had more than 140 Yuxian Dan. If he sold them, he would definitely be able to make a huge profit. However, he was not lacking any Spiritual crystal.

In about two months, Chen Xiang had refined more than a hundred Yuxian Dan and then consumed them to refine. Although the effect of raising his cultivation was obvious, it was still far from reaching the intermediate stage of the Immortal King Stage.

Huang Jintian had already returned a long time ago, but he did not disturb him. When he came out of closed door cultivation, he saw Huang Jintian eating barbecue meat in the hall.

Huang Jintian left earlier to investigate about that Heaven Realm. Chen Xiang was extremely impressed by his ability to gather information, and seeing Huang Jintian's current appearance, he could tell that he had gained a lot.

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