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Lei Jinli frequently interacted with Imperial Dragon Clan's dragons, so he was not the least bit wary of them.'s dragons were also always straightforward, and now he thought that this matter was already more than halfway.

"I brought it with me." Lei Jinli laughed: "I wonder what you are planning to trade for it."

"I wonder if that is enough." Chen Xiang took out a bead. Inside it was a green colored Fire Soul.

When Lei Jinli saw it, his eyes immediately widened. Then, he laughed loudly, "Enough, enough. This is my first time doing business with a Holy Dragon. I never thought that you would be so straightforward."

Seeing that the other party had taken out a green Fire Soul, Lei Jinli immediately took out a Storage bag and threw it to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang immediately released his spirit sense to take a look. There were indeed fifty batches of Yuxian Dan s and a batch of Tianlong Dan s' herbs, but he had not given the green Fire Soul to Lei Jinli.

"That's right, let's go." Chen Xiang smiled at Huang Jintian.

Lei Jinli's heart skipped a beat. He felt that something was wrong, but by the time he realized it, it was already too late.

A huge dragon claw suddenly appeared and grabbed towards Lei Jinli. The golden dragon claw and the torrential sword strike, caused the entire restaurant to shake because of the violent Dragon Power, and instantly enveloped Lei Jinli's body. The dragon claw released a wave of energy that caused the entire restaurant to collapse, and Lei Jinli was buried in a pile of ruins.

His Dragon Power was extremely terrifying, even Long Xueyi started to mutter in shock.

The moment Huang Jintian made his move, he was already floating in the air. Huang Jintian then stomped his feet on the ground a few times, causing the entire center of the Golden Thunder Immortal Palace to shake.

It was not over yet, Chen Xiang who was floating in the air, was chanting a spell, and suddenly a thick cloud floated from the sky, with dense immortal Qi surging from all directions.

"Dragon's Fury."

Chen Xiang unleashed his Heavenly dragon seal.

A dragon's roar was like a clap of thunder, shocking everyone's minds. A huge white dragon split open the clouds and fiercely crashed into the ground, striking into the ruins of the Golden Thunder Immortal Palace, and after that, another shocking dragon roar spread out in all directions, bringing with it the aftereffects of the dragon's fury and punishment, wreaking havoc in the surroundings of the Golden Thunder Immortal Palace, causing a large portion of the houses to become dilapidated.

In the center region, there were quite a few experts. When they saw this battle, they all thought that it was the Emperor Dragon who was making a move, because only the Emperor Dragon knew how to use such frightening power and that technique.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian hurriedly left this place and used the Transmission array to teleport to another immortal palace. After that, they disguised themselves and returned to the Ancient Star Immortal Palace.

Not long after, the Thunder Tao Double Venerables arrived with a group of elders. Because the ones who were attacked were their sons, they were severely injured.

After the Imperial Dragon Clan found out about this, they immediately rushed over to clarify the matter. Although they were not afraid of the Divine Thunder Immortal Country, they were also not willing to take the blame.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Chen Xiang, he actually dared to attack us, and even beat up my son."

In the past, it was always them who provoked others, attacked others, or invaded others. However, this was the first time they found someone else to cause trouble, and their target was their son.

Very quickly, there were many people in the Nine Heavens that knew that it was Chen Xiang who did it, but very quickly, there were other rumors saying that the Divine Thunder Immortal Country stole Chen Xiang's Leihun fruit, and even injured the intermediary Zilan Immortal Fairy, which was why Chen Xiang was taking revenge on him.

… ….

"Leihun fruit, Chen Xiang actually has such a thing. If I were to be robbed, I would definitely get angry. Since he can't beat Thunder Tao Double Venerables, he can only go and get their son." When the Phoenix King heard this, he could not help but laugh. "He still wants Imperial Dragon Clan to be the culprit."

"But he still suffered a loss. He only managed to get fifty portions of Yuxian Dan s and a portion of Tianlong Dan s' medicinal herbs. That Leihun fruit's value far surpa.s.ses that. Phoenix Princess followed behind him and entered the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

When Lv Qilian received this news, she was not surprised at all. She had already predicted several ways Chen Xiang would take revenge, one of which was to look for the son of the Thunder Tao Double Venerables. She just did not expect that Chen Xiang could pretend to be the holy dragon of the Imperial Dragon Clan and have Lei Jinli obediently hand over the medicinal ingredients.

In order to prevent such a thing from happening, she had ordered that when making large transactions, she must strictly confirm the other party's ident.i.ty.

Only Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi knew that Chen Xiang was now the hall master of the Ancient Star Immortal Palace's Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s, but they did not expose him.

"I just received news that Phoenix King brought that Phoenix Princess to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace." Huang Jintian said. Right now, he was in charge of taking care of all the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, so he arranged for a few people to gather some relatively useful latest news.

"Do you know the reason?" Chen Xiang frowned: "I have some friendship with Phoenix Princess, I don't wish for her to work for Flower Emperor."

"Looks like you can do whatever you want." Huang Jintian chuckled, "I heard that Phoenix King paid a great price to have her take me as her master."

"There's no reason, the Phoenix King wants his daughter to become a disciple of a human being." Chen Xiang was in disbelief.

"There is a reason, because Flower Emperor is not an ordinary woman and she has grasped a mysterious power. Now, she has that seed in her hands." Huang Jintian said: "I think that many of the powerhouses would want to give their daughters to her."

"I have the seed. She gave it back to me. She decided that I can't plant it." Chen Xiang said.

Huang Jintian's eyes lit up. He wanted to see the seed, but Chen Xiang suddenly took out the Communication jade Symbol paper, which was given to him when he joined the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. It was mainly used to receive important information.

"The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace sent someone over. It seems like they have something important to discuss. I'm in a secret room now, I'll be back soon." Chen Xiang left quickly and headed towards the secret room.

Inside the secret room was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man. When he saw Chen Xiang had arrived, he didn't say anything unnecessary and directly said, "Phoenix King went to find Flower Emperor, mainly to work together to open up a path to the Outer Realm. If you want to go to the Heavenly Realm, then return to the main hall after three months."

After he finished speaking, he immediately left. It seemed like he had to go to the other Devil-suppressing Divine Palace to inform them of this important news.

Chen Xiang still had a lot of questions he wanted to ask, but that person did not answer him.

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