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Yan Zilan slept soundly in the ring, but his injuries were much better now. He proceeded towards the main hall of the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country and arrived at the Hundred Flowers Mountain Range.

He came to look for Grandma Lv. The moment he landed on the mountain peak, Grandma Lv came out on crutches.

"Kid, did you fall out with my little girl?" Grandma Lv said with a smile. She had already guessed that such a thing would happen.

"She came to see you." Chen Xiang asked, otherwise, how would the Grandma Lv know?

"I've come once, but that was many days ago. It seems like she's still the same as before and didn't listen to my advice. This girl has always been very obedient, and it's time to teach her a lesson. The deeper the better." Grandma Lv sighed.

"Why did you and her fall out? Have you made a dead end?" Grandma Lv asked.

Chen Xiang was startled, he suddenly realized that it was a fight between the two of them, and then they came to complain to the elders, and the elders patiently guided them.

"She went too far. Because of her, a good friend of mine was severely injured …." Chen Xiang told the Grandma Lv about Lv Qilian stopping him from buying a large amount of medicinal ingredients, which resulted in Yan Zilan being heavily injured by the Thunder Tao Double Venerables and his Leihun fruit being s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

Grandma Lv frowned, she had some understanding of Chen Xiang's personality. When Bai Ziqian came to find her, he told her a lot of things about Chen Xiang.

"What are you going to do?" Grandma Lv asked.

They heavily injured my friends, and they will also have to pay a heavy price. As for Lv Qilian … "I won't let her off easy either. Although I'm still weak right now, I will remember this in my heart. Sooner or later, I will teach her a lesson." Chen Xiang calmly said, "Grandma Lv, you won't help her deal with me in the future, right?"

"Hehe, of course not. I am her mother, but now that she has grown up and doesn't listen to me, she has to take responsibility for everything. I just hope that she won't go overboard and get a lesson from me." The Grandma Lv said.

"I will measure it. Right, has anyone come looking for you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The little child has come. He's a good seedling. I told her to go out and work, so she isn't here right now." The Grandma Lv smiled amiably: "He is much more obedient than my woman, although he is also a restless man."

Bai Ziqian was restless in the first place, if not, he would not have used the Super Old poison to kill people.

"Then I'll be going. I'll come back when I have time."

Just as Chen Xiang was about to leave, the Grandma Lv called out to him and asked: "How do you plan to teach that girl in my house a lesson?"

Lv Qilian was her daughter after all, so it would be impossible for her not to worry. Although Chen Xiang's current strength wasn't too strong, Grandma Lv wasn't as arrogant as him. She knew Chen Xiang's potential, and knew that he must have hidden many powerful techniques.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to turn his head to answer, Long Xueyi had already answered for him: "It's her."

Hearing this answer, Grandma Lv was stunned. Chen Xiang secretly scolded Long Xueyi for a few words, then laughed and said: "It's a joke.

"You little rascal …" not as kind as I thought. " Grandma Lv laughed, "This old man and I do not want a son-in-law like you. Furthermore, you already have a woman, I think there are quite a few of them … …"

"A woman like your daughter can't find a man in the first place, and I don't want to marry her either." A woman like your daughter can't find a man in the first place, and I don't want to marry her. Chen Xiang laughed.

"Don't say those words in front of her. If you do, I won't be able to save you." "But she also really wants to conquer you and make you her capable subordinate. She is completely loyal and obedient, and I feel that you are the only man she wants to conquer in her entire life, and you, in these nine days, dare to say it out loud. You guys still resemble her quite a lot if you want her to be her number one slave."

Chen Xiang had also said these words in front of Little Lizhi. Right now, he kind of hoped that Little Lizhi would pa.s.s these words to him, and he really wanted to see how Lv Qilian would react.

After leaving the Hundred Flowers Mountain, Chen Xiang had decided to start planning a plan to deal with Lv Qilian. However, the most urgent matter at the moment was to raise his strength, so that he could defeat two Divine Palace Protectors s and obtain their things.

After returning to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s in the Ancient Star Immortal Palace, he let Yan Zilan out and placed her on the same bed as before. At this moment, she was still unconscious.

Chen Xiang gently caressed Yan Zilan's beautiful face that had recovered its color and sighed: "Sister Zi Lan, I will definitely get it back for you."

Walking out of the room, Huang Jintian sat in the hall and threw him a jade bottle, "This is what Little Lizhi gave you. What happened, to actually give out such a precious healing pellet, this pellet can be sold for twenty to thirty million Spiritual crystal, how many are there, it's even over a hundred million."

Chen Xiang opened the jade bottle and smelled the fragrance of the pill.

"Grade Three Healing Pill, Biyuan Dan, in the past it was a pellet of fifty or sixty million Spiritual crystal, and was extremely useful to late Immortal King." Su Meiyao said, "Looks like Flower Emperor knows about the serious matter as well."

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had both been taken care of by Lv Qilian before, so she didn't want Chen Xiang to become enemies with him. However, they understood the current situation, so they couldn't give him any advice and could only let Chen Xiang settle the matter in his own way.

"Give it back to her." Chen Xiang said: "Master, return this to Little Lizhi, she's in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace of the Hundred Flowers Main Palace."

"Did I hear it wrongly? There has always been a little brat that did not take advantage of the situation, yet he actually wanted to return this sort of thing." Huang Jintian said in shock: "You are acting so rashly, this is the first time I have seen a child like you."

Huang Jintian laughed and said: "Have you decided, selling this is worth a lot of Spiritual crystal."

"I was only bought by her after considering it carefully." Chen Xiang snorted, he had backbone.

Huang Jintian immediately guessed that Chen Xiang was fighting with someone he knew, if not the other party would not have sent him such a precious pill. He sat down and crossed his legs: "Tell me, maybe I can give you an idea."

Chen Xiang told Huang Jintian about Yan Zilan's injuries.

"It looks like Flower Emperor is going to block your way, but she didn't think that Thunder Tao Double Venerables would steal your Leihun fruit and even injure Yan Zilan." Huang Jintian frowned because they were about to deal with the Thunder Tao Double Venerables.

"How about this, I will return the pill to them first, and then ask about the affairs of the Thunder Tao Double Venerables, right now we are not strong enough to fight against them, but we still have to do something, the Leihun fruit can't be taken away for nothing, we have to make them suffer a great loss."

The value of a Leihun fruit far exceeded that bottle of healing pellets, and not only was it stolen, the woman at Chen Xiang's side had even been injured. That was what made Chen Xiang the most furious, so Huang Jintian knew that Chen Xiang would definitely take revenge against him.

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