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Yan Zilan frowned slightly and said: "So that means, she might do anything to you. If she's that ambitious, Di Tian's resources and position in the future will definitely be extremely important to her.

She somewhat understood what kind of conflict existed between Chen Xiang and herself. Lv Qilian wanted to rope him in, but the method was not very gentle, so Chen Xiang was unhappy.

"During this period of time, she will definitely monitor the market for immortal medicines. She will even interfere and prevent me from buying them, because I've previously gone to find her and asked her to sell me some." Chen Xiang said, "So this must be kept a secret. This Divine Lightning Heavenly Kingdom definitely has a very close relationship with the Hundreds of Flowers Palace."

Yan Zilan and Flower Emperor have a lot of interactions, and the two of them are both women. If Flower Emperor finds out about this transaction, she will definitely make Thunder Tao Double Venerables no longer bother with you. "

"I'm worried that she might have set her eyes on you. In order to deal with me, she must have collected everything about me." Chen Xiang frowned, he did not want to implicate others.

"It's fine, at most I'll just change locations. If it's really not possible, I'll go to the Frozen Dragon Asgard. I know that it won't cause the Flower Emperor s there to lower their heads." Yan Zilan caressed his face: "I'll be back soon."

After Yan Zilan left, Chen Xiang laid on his clothes, thinking while waiting for Yan Zilan to return.

"If Lv Qilian doesn't care what methods he uses, then don't blame me. This is my bottom line." Chen Xiang started to worry. He really didn't want to become enemies with Lv Qilian, but based on Lv Qilian's current situation, there was a high possibility that the two of them would become enemies in the future.

"A mere Flower Emperor is nothing. With my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord here, I will help you subdue her and make her your slave. Everyday, I will make her wait on you naked." Long Xueyi laughed sinisterly.

"The idea is not bad, but it's not very realistic." Chen Xiang laughed.

More than two hours had pa.s.sed and when Yan Zilan returned, he immediately jumped out of bed in excitement. However, when he saw that Yan Zilan's face was extremely ugly, he knew that the trade was not going smoothly.

Chen Xiang's face darkened: "What's wrong?"

Yan Zilan bit her lips lightly as she said with a wronged expression on her face, "I can't stay here anymore. I didn't think that the relationship between Flower Emperor and Zheng Rong would be so close. I, that Leihun fruit was taken by Zheng Rong, and she didn't give me any medicinal ingredients. "

Yan Zilan was already crying, seeing her haggard face, he anxiously walked over, her voice became cold: "You resisted."

"That's yours, and it's so precious … "I can't let them steal it, but …" Yan Zilan spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Don't be sad, isn't it just a fruit? So what if it's lost, as long as you're fine, then don't do anything stupid next time." Chen Xiang wiped off the blood at the corner of her mouth and took out a piece of the Jade Dragon Flower's petal, putting it into her mouth.

"It was my fault that you suffered."

Chen Xiang comforted Yan Zilan, but his heart was filled with rage. Flower Emperor had already touched his bottom line, and the future Thunder Tao Double Venerables had even made him extremely angry.

Yan Zilan had already fainted. At this time, Long Xueyi said in a serious tone: "There are experts approaching, and it's even two of them. Leave this place first."

Chen Xiang placed Yan Zilan inside the ring and teleported away. He hid in a corner and looked at the burly couple that entered the Divine Lightning Hall with an angry heart, "Not only did they steal my Leihun fruit, they even injured Zi Lan. I'm not done with you."

"Lv Qilian, just you wait." Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, looked at Divine Lightning Hall, and turned to leave.

… …. When Lv Qilian and Chen Xiang drew a clear line between the two, he had to inform many of the experts that were working with her. If anyone wanted to purchase a large quant.i.ty of immortal medicine ingredients, he would have to tell her the details immediately.

So when Yan Zilan told the Thunder Tao Double Venerables that he was trading with the Thunder soul, Zheng Rong immediately sent someone to tell him that Lv Qilian was definitely going to trade through Yan Zilan, and she immediately got the Thunder Tao Double Venerables to reject him. She also told them that the owner of the Leihun fruit was Chen Xiang, and told them to be careful with it.

However, the Thunder Tao Double Venerables wanted to obtain the Leihun fruit. Because the Leihun fruit were very precious, they decided to rely on their own powerful forces to take it for themselves.

Yan Zilan was not willing to, but at that time, the Leihun fruit was already in Zheng Rong's hands. She wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it back, but Thunder Tao Double Venerables struck her hand at the same time and threw her a bottle of healing pellet, telling her to go back.

"You all … How are you going to deal with that? It's about Yan Zilan exchanging the Leihun fruit for a large amount of immortal herbs. " Lv Qilian's heart was not at ease, so he personally made a trip to Divine Thunder Immortal Country.

"Nothing, we originally planned to not use medicinal pellets to exchange for Leihun fruit s and use other things. However, Yan Zilan refused to do so and acted presumptuously in front of us, as he wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h back the Leihun fruit in my hands." Zheng Rong said. Zheng Rong was a very tall, strong lady, her body was tall and st.u.r.dy. If not for her st.u.r.dy body, she would have been even more beautiful.

"Then, we'll attack together and strike her once. Our attack will be very light, and we won't die." She could tell that her relationship with Yan Zilan was only a lie and she only took a fancy to Yan Zilan's ability and allowed Yan Zilan to be of use to her.

Lv Qilian took a deep breath, and her face changed several times. She knew that the situation had turned serious.

"I went to find her and wanted to give her some compensation, but she's gone."

Hearing these words, for some reason, Lv Qilian's heart suddenly jumped, and his face suddenly became deathly pale: "Could it be that you guys didn't know that the Leihun fruit was Chen Xiang, I seemed to have already told you about it."

"I know, what's there to be afraid of? Isn't he just a little brat? Although I admire him a lot, but if we need him, it won't be difficult to capture him and make him work for us." Zheng Rong sneered, she saw that Lv Qilian's expression was strange, and asked: "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just prepare yourselves. No one knows when the catastrophe will befall you in the future." Lv Qilian left immediately, but Zheng Rong did not take those words to heart.

Returning to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, Lv Qilian immediately called for Little Lizhi. "Because of me, a friend of Chen Xiang has been severely injured, and the conflict between Chen Xiang and I might not be resolved. Go to the Ancient Star Immortal Palace and find out what he has to say."

"Asgard Mistress … I have gotten along with him before. He's a good person, so it might be better for you to go by yourself. Little Lizhi said.

"I won't go, take this to him." Lv Qilian pa.s.sed a jade bottle to Little Lizhi: "This is a healing pill."

Little Lizhi sighed in her heart. Of course she knew Lv Qilian's personality, she could only make a trip to the Ancient Star Immortal Palace. However, she didn't see Chen Xiang, hence she handed the bottle of pills over to him.

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