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Chen Xiang took out the Leihun fruit and handed it over to Yan Zilan.

Yan Zilan had thought that Chen Xiang had only taken out the Leihun fruit to meet her, but he never expected that he would really sell it.

"You're so poor, you should keep such good things. You lack Spiritual crystal, I'll think of a way for you." Yan Zilan returned the Leihun fruit to him: "All these years, I've acc.u.mulated quite a few Spiritual crystal, I'll give them to you first."

Yan Zilan's way of handling it moved him a lot. He shook his head and said: "I will not do so, I am only using immortal grade medicinal herbs, and I need a lot of them. I know that's not easy to obtain."

Chen Xiang had made a few Leihun fruit long ago, so he took one out to exchange for some medicinal herbs. However, he would not give it to others so easily, as he did not want these Leihun fruit to fall into his hands.

Immortal-ranked medicine were much more precious and would not be easily bought with Spiritual crystal s, especially when there was a large amount.

Right now, Chen Xiang didn't have the leisure to use the creation divine liquid to copy a large amount of medicinal herbs, so he could only do it faster.

"Leihun fruit can't be given to those devils to exterminate, so you have to find a good buyer, Sister Zi Lan. I want to exchange with him for a batch of medicinal ingredients, this shouldn't be a problem for you, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The wife of the G.o.d Lightning King has always wanted to have a Thunder soul, so she is the best choice. Don't worry, the Divine Thunder Immortal Country and many other great powers have enmity with each other, they won't provoke you in the future, as long as you don't cause trouble for them." Yan Zilan said, and she felt a little ashamed in her heart, because she was unable to help Chen Xiang.

"I'm really useless, I can't help much." Yan Zilan faintly sighed.

"You've already helped me a lot." Chen Xiang stroked the hair on her forehead with his finger: "Where are your little sisters? Are they not with you?"

"Yanyao is going to cultivate with her grandfather. When Yun Zhu and Bai Xing go out to gain experience, it might take a very long time before we can meet. Each of us has our own path to walk on, there will be no feast that will not disappear." Yan Zilan looked at Chen Xiang gently and held Chen Xiang's hand, gently stroking the back of his hand and said: "You have experienced so much at such a young age, you must have suffered a lot, right?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "It's nothing, I'm just like that. Oh right, the matter of getting me the ingredients must be kept a secret, I cannot let others know, the medicinal ingredients I need are for cultivation, high quality ones will do."

"Yeah, I'll say h.e.l.lo to them first." Yan Zilan took out a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper.

"Sister Zi Lan, your divine soul is rising very quickly." Chen Xiang felt Yan Zilan's powerful divine power.

"I'm just a weak girl. If I don't become stronger, I'll be easily bullied." Yan Zilan chuckled.

"Whoever dares to bully you, I'll beat him up." Chen Xiang waved his powerful fists.

"Now, other than you, d.a.m.n brat, who else would dare to bully me?" Yan Zilan laughed, "Just beat yourself up."

Seeing Yan Zilan's mischievous look, Chen Xiang extended his hand out and rubbed her face, making her scream repeatedly. She started to play with Chen Xiang on the bed, and Chen Xiang also took advantage of her, causing Yan Zilan's face to be touched by Chen Xiang's hands.

The jade talisman on the bedside suddenly trembled, and Yan Zilan shouted, "Stop messing around, you have to do something serious."

Chen Xiang let go of Yan Zilan who was in his arms. He was overwhelmed by the feeling of his hands, and smiled at Yan Zilan who was disheveled, wanting to see through the Exquisite Jade Body inside.

"They promised. I'll go and get the medicinal ingredients for you right now. You won't meet them, and they won't meet you either. That should be enough of a secret, right?" Yan Zilan took out a gorgeous purple dress from the closet.

She took off the set of simple clothes she was wearing in front of Chen Xiang. Her body was completely covered by a few layers of purple silk at two hidden places, her snow-white, long, beautiful legs, slim, jade waist, small, cute navel, and beautiful collarbone … They were all being revealed to Chen Xiang, which made him feel extremely hot.

However, he didn't manage to look for long before Yan Zilan put on that luxurious purple skirt of hers. After that, she quickly tidied her hair, showing that she was going to meet an important person.

Yan Zilan stood by the side of the mirror and looked at Chen Xiang's silly look. He chuckled, "Haven't you seen enough? Furthermore, you do not only have that little deity girl, right? "

Back then, within the Zi Lan Mountain Valley, there was a group of girls who had gathered. Yan Zilan was more or less able to make out some things.

"Sister Zi Lan, you shouldn't have seduced me. I've fallen for you. What should I do?" Chen Xiang rubbed his hands together as he smiled.

"So you've never liked me before?" Yan Zilan smiled charmingly.

"Do you want me to like you all the time?" Chen Xiang had already arrived behind Yan Zilan and hugged her gently.

Yan Zilan slightly struggled free from Chen Xiang, and said tenderly: "I want to go see the future Thunder Tao Double Venerables, this couple is very powerful, you better not leave any traces on me, they will find out."

"Oh, they actually dare call themselves the future Senior Lei." Chen Xiang was a little surprised but also a little skeptical.

"This is not an exaggeration. Back then, Divine Thunder Immortal Country was surrounded and annihilated by many forces, the couple has always been thinking about this enmity. This couple has been in charge of this place for a very long time, they definitely have something to say." Yan Zilan said: "I occasionally meet Zheng Rong, which is why I am able to stay here and enjoy life."

"Zheng Rong, is that the female Thunder Sovereign over there?" Chen Xiang asked: "What a violent woman."

You might have a chance to meet her in the future, but that won't do right now. If they see you now, they will definitely want to rope you in. Yan Zilan said.

"Okay, I'll wait here for you." Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I have already provoked a very powerful guy, I don't want to provoke this couple anymore."

"Oh, haven't you provoked enough people? I didn't think that there would be people who would give you a headache as well." Yan Zilan was shocked, but his face was full of smiles.

"It's a woman, the wife of Hundreds of Flowers Palace. There's a conflict between us." Chen Xiang's face carried a trace of anger.

"Isn't your recognized sister her disciple?" Yan Zilan was a little confused.

"There's something wrong with this woman, she's hard to get along with, and she hates men, so she hates me." Chen Xiang spread his hands.

"It's you who are unprepared for her, or it's you who are unprepared for her Hundreds of Flowers Palace sisters. It's not strange that she would hate you." Yan Zilan chuckled.

Chen Xiang said with a serious expression: "She wants me to surrender, wants me to bow my head to her, and wants to control me, but I refuse, this woman is very dangerous, other than her own people, she knows how to scheme against everyone else, and she is also scheming against you ruthlessly. Right now, she wants to control me, so that when Di Tian reappears, she can get my dragon vein, her ambition is not only for the new Nine Emperors, but also for the position of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord."

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