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Chen Xiang had enough Holy Spirit Qi, when using the G.o.d purification to wipe the face, he could use the Rainbow Holy Fire for a long time, which would save him a lot of time.

He immediately started refining the Diamond fruit after he used it as an elixir. He placed the Diamond fruit on his palm and released the Rainbow Sacred Flame. The color of the Diamond fruit quickly changed and the seven colors of the Diamond fruit flickered.

"c.r.a.p, I didn't control the flame well." Chen Xiang hurriedly withdrew the terrifying Rainbow Sacred Flame, but the Diamond fruit had already turned into ashes.

"It's a waste. It seems that I can only use a single Sacred Flame. I still haven't completely mastered the Rainbow Sacred Flame." Chen Xiang sighed, when he used the Rainbow Sacred Flame to attack, it was no problem, but he could not use it for the refinement of the pill.

However, the difficulty of the pill refinement was rather high, and the medicinal ingredients used to improve the pill were very few. Very few people would sell this medicinal ingredient, and they would need to purchase it or use precious items to obtain it.

Therefore, after the Immortal Diamond fruit was crippled, it caused him quite a bit of heartache.

He did not have many creation divine liquid, he had acc.u.mulated a lot in the past, but they were all used to duplicate Sacred animal fruit s to refine into Sacred animal Dan s, so Long Xueyi's strength was now much stronger than his.

"There are two more. We can't waste them." Chen Xiang took out another Immortal-ranked Diamond fruit and placed it on his palm. He carefully released the Sacred Flame to refine it, the golden Sacred Flame emitted a large amount of heat, and was a lot stronger than the previous Heavenly Flames.

When he refined the Sacred animal fruit, he would use the sacred fire to refine it. The sacred fire itself contained a lot of special energy, and these energy was a great nourishment for the pill, capable of increasing its quality.

The G.o.d purification took a lot of effort, especially when it was refining high grade pellets. Right now, Chen Xiang's forehead was perspiring slightly, the Immortal Grade Diamond fruit had already been incinerated for quite a few hours, but there were no traces of it being shaken at all.

"Five-Colored Holy Fire."

The flame in Chen Xiang's palm suddenly turned into beautiful, flickering multicolored flames. At this time, the more he needed to control the Rainbow Sacred Flame with his mind, in order to prevent the fire from becoming too big and burn the Immortal Diamond fruit.

Immortal Grade Diamond fruit, not only were its abilities strong, the medicine spirits inside were also stubborn. When Chen Xiang used his divine power to attack, it could only slightly shake them.

It wasn't until the middle of the night did a crack appear on the Immortal Grade Diamond fruit. The multicolored sacred fire immediately drilled into the crack, and at this moment, the defense of the Immortal Grade Diamond fruit was already broken through. Thus, after the crack, the Diamond fruit was quickly burnt into a pile of golden powder and a thick golden mist.

Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace, placed all of these in, and then began to condense a core. Even though the process of condensing a core was very difficult, in the G.o.d purification, the most difficult part was the beginning.

"I wonder if I can refine three pills." Chen Xiang was currently fusing the Diamond fruit s and medicinal powders.

The Medicine aura and the medicinal powder had fused together, and after going through compression, the energy inside was completely stimulated, causing the quality to be even higher, and the energy to increase. Thus, the pill furnace started to shake, but was quickly suppressed by Chen Xiang.

"What a powerful energy. It should be able to be split into three groups." With a thought, Chen Xiang split it into three parts. The process of cutting it made him sweat profusely, as he was worried that he would lose control.

"I've already successfully divided it into three groups. It shouldn't be difficult for me to condense three pills."

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and began to squeeze the three b.a.l.l.s of mist. During the process, the quality was constantly improving, and the energy that continuously erupted could not be released, as it was continuously being kneaded together. In the end, it was squeezed into a very stable ball of energy by Chen Xiang's powerful G.o.d Power, condensing into a pill.

If one bit into it, the energy would burst out crazily. If one was not strong enough and was unable to quickly digest and suppress the energy, their body would explode. Therefore, it was very dangerous for weak people to eat the high level pill.

"Three pills." Chen Xiang's face was full of smiles as he picked up two pills and swallowed them before circulating his cultivation technique to refine them.

Two days later, he finished digesting the two Celestial grade Diamond Pellets. He felt that the effect was very good as he felt that if he ate for a period of time, he might suddenly reach the intermediate Immortal King Stage.

"If there is a second or third grade of the Immortal Grade's elixir, it would be even faster." Chen Xiang stood by the window, looking out, he stretched: "It's a pity that this Diamond fruit can only grow to the first stage of Immortal Grade, the only thing that can evolve Holy level is probably the Sacred animal Dan, I can't eat that kind of thing."

There should be a lot of them in the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country, all of them are at the second or third stage of Immortal Grade. Su Meiyao laughed: "Even if Flower Emperor has it, I'm afraid they won't give it to you."

"When are you going to get that seed back?" Long Xueyi asked.

"There's no rush, I'm in a rush to increase my strength, looks like I really need to make a trip to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace." Chen Xiang felt that if he had asked for it, Lv Qilian would probably sell him some.

Chen Xiang, in his capacity as the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor, came to the entrance of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace. He said that he wanted to meet Lv Qilian, and felt that it was time to have a good talk with him, because the next part was very crucial.

The guards didn't know whether to laugh or cry when they saw that the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor wanted to see Flower Emperor. However, they were not friendly with Chen Xiang, so they still went to inform him.

The Flower Emperor immediately received Chen Xiang, which made many people puzzled. The people in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace felt that they should ruthlessly reject him.

In the hall of Lv Qilian's house, Chen Xiang was eating a type of crispy beans, looking around, Lv Qilian sat right in front of him.

"Chen Xiang, I never thought that you would be the first one to be unable to sit still." Lv Qilian gracefully took a sip of tea and laughed softly. There was a trace of contempt in her smile, because she felt that she would not be mistaken this time.

Chen Xiang changed back to his original appearance, and laughed: "You're also not very powerful, because you've already misjudged me previously, how are you so sure that I'm Chen Xiang?"

"Originally, I no longer thought that you were Chen Xiang, but after Little Lizhi came back, and hid some things from me, based on my understanding of her, after I thought about it, I guessed that she must have recognized your ident.i.ty when she was in Evil Killing Forest." Lv Qilian said.

Chen Xiang did not speak. As expected, Little Lizhi kept his promise and did not speak of what happened inside.

"I'm guessing that you saved Little Lizhi in the Evil Killing Forest, then used a Holy Devil-suppressing seal or Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to kill a large number of Evil beast, which was how you obtained so many Star core." Lv Qilian said again.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, then laughed: "You're really not stupid, you finally dare to admit your wisdom in front of me, and are worthy of praise."

"So I was right." Lv Qilian was very satisfied with her speculations, which made her even more confident. She only smiled: "I still want to know the details, with Little Lizhi's strength, she actually wants you to save her."

Chen Xiang said: "Little Lizhi was ambushed by Divine Devil Cult and the two people from Fire Divine Palace. One of them used a Holy level Treasure Net to cover her …"

Lv Qilian nodded his head: "I know about that net, if that's the case, Little Lizhi is indeed in danger."

Chen Xiang continued to speak, "At that time, I was hiding at the side, and I used my ability to retrieve items from the air, and took away the thing controlling the treasure web, and then hid Little Lizhi beside me. Finally, I helped Little Lizhi heal her wounds, and after she recovered, I killed those few people."

I treat Little Lizhi as my little sister. I will thank you if you save her, so I feel that there might be some conflicts between us, why don't we talk about it now?

Lv Qilian was truly grateful towards Chen Xiang in her heart. If Chen Xiang had not intervened at that time, she knew what the consequences would be. With her logic, she could immediately imagine that the reason why Divine Devil Cult and Fire Divine Palace had joined hands to capture Little Lizhi was to deal with her and force her to hand over the seed.

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