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Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi returned to the teleportation spot. Along the way, no matter how Chen Xiang teased her, Little Lizhi did not say a word, because she felt that if she said a single word to Chen Xiang, she would be inexplicably angry.

"Little Lizhi, why isn't Xiao Xiang here? She should be quite strong, why didn't you send her to fight me? Maybe I'll listen to her." Chen Xiang asked.

"She went into seclusion. We didn't want to disturb her. We really wanted her to come." Little Lizhi snorted, if he had known earlier that Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor was Chen Xiang, things would not have gone this far.

When they returned to the Transmission array, there were already five people who had returned. Including Chen Xiang and the rest, there were only seven people at the moment, and there were only half a day away from the deadline of five days.

When the time was almost up, three more people returned, a total of only ten people were able to return to the Transmission array. Chen Xiang asked around, and found out that only two groups of people managed to get their hands on Star core.

Opening the Transmission array, everyone returned to the great hall of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Seeing that only ten people had returned, everyone was a little surprised, especially the big shots of the Fire Divine Palace and the Divine Devil Cult.

Little Lizhi took out a Star core and gave it to the old Hall Master, proving that they had hunted a Evil beast.

At this time, a lady from the Hundreds of Flowers Palace said unhappily: "The reason this guy could become the Palace Mistress is all because of us, Little Lizhi."

Chen Xiang swept his eyes across the lady and laughed: "Isn't it just Star core, I have a bunch of them here."

As he spoke, he took out a handful. There were dozens of these, which caused the old Palace Masters of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace to be dumbstruck, because this meant that he had killed many powerful Evil beast.

He and Little Lizhi split the Star core evenly, and no one had more than two hundred of these, but Little Lizhi could not say anything, because she had promised Chen Xiang that she would not say anything about what had happened inside, so she could not take out the Star core either, or else Lv Qilian would be suspicious. At that time, if Lv Qilian continued to ask, she might not be able to keep it a secret.

"Little girl, do you know how powerful my Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor is? Tens of Evil beast s, to me, are as easy as killing chickens. Your Little Lizhi can only pa.s.s this trial with my care. Chen Xiang sneered.

"You …" Little Lizhi glared at him but did not refute him. She could tell that Chen Xiang was giving her a hard time, because if that happened, Lv Qilian would definitely come and question her.

From now on, you are the hall masters of our Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. We will a.s.sign you to a place to manage our branch halls. The old Palace Lord said, "Carry on with your Devil-suppressing method. This is something you need to do."

"Hundred Flowers... Sky Emperor, where do you plan to go to be the Palace Lord? If possible, we can arrange for you to take over. " the old hall master asked.

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then said: "I want to go to the Ancient Star Immortal Palace, is that possible?"

"Sure, when you pick up some things, you can use our Transmission array to teleport over. But before that, you all have to swear to join our Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and you all can stay with your original forces." The old Hall Master said.

Little Lizhi glanced at Lv Qilian, and Lv Qilian nodded to her. This Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was her father to begin with, so it wasn't a big deal for her to have Little Lizhi join them. However, to others, Lv Qilian wanted to take over the entire Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

After he finished his oath, Chen Xiang received a jade pendant. This jade pendant was not only a symbol of the Palace Master, but also a Storage magic treasure.

"Little Lizhi, from now on, we are from the same sect. When I have time, I will come to the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country's main palace to find you to properly cultivate our feelings." Chen Xiang laughed evilly, causing people to wonder what had happened inside the Evil Killing Forest.

Little Lizhi glowered at Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang simply smiled and turned, stepped into a Transmission array and headed towards the Ancient Star Immortal Palace.

… …. Inside the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, Lv Qilian was in his own room. He asked Little Lizhi, "What happened inside the forest, why does that guy have so many Star core? Those Evil beast should not be that weak."

really wanted to tell her that that guy was Chen Xiang. Using Holy Devil-suppressing seal to kill that kind of Evil beast was as easy as killing ants, she almost blurted it out. She also hated Chen Xiang a lot and wanted to let Lv Qilian know the truth behind it even more.

"That guy is very powerful. Previously, when we fought, he hid a lot of his strength, so he killed a lot of Evil beast."

Little Lizhi sighed. Although Chen Xiang was annoying, Mu Qianxiang was Lv Qilian's disciple after all, so she felt that he would not do anything to hurt Lv Qilian.

Lv Qilian nodded his head: "You should be very tired, go back and rest. Those fellows who are keeping an eye on the seed are already inside the main hall, I just don't know when they will make their move."

"Then when should I go challenge the Lord Hallmaster?" Little Lizhi asked. It seemed that Lv Qilian did not send her to partic.i.p.ate in the examination just to teach her a lesson.

"The Lord Hallmaster is very strong, it is hard to say if he could even win two Divine Palace Protectors s, and he has to use Devil-suppressing method as well. I will pa.s.s some Devil-suppressing method to you, you can go after mastering it, Divine Palace Protectors will not win that easily."

How could she not see that Little Lizhi had something to hide from her? Only, she knew that Little Lizhi was very loyal to her, so she did not pursue the matter further, and did not expose her. She felt that Little Lizhi had her own difficulties.

When Chen Xiang came to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s of the Ancient Star Immortal Palace, he was now the boss. The branch palaces here were of average scale and only had more than a thousand disciples.

Other than him, the hall master, there were also four other elders. They were all Immortal King level old men and they were all very old. Not only that, they were all decent people.

The purpose of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace Branch Hall was to absorb outstanding disciples and send them to the Main Hall. At the same time, they would impart knowledge on the Devil-suppressing method, allowing more people to join the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang did not want to take care of these things and leave it all to the elders. He specially came to the Ancient Star Immortal Palace with a purpose, because the location of the Divine Devil Cult was very close to this place.

Chen Xiang's goal was the Divine Devil Cult's "Demonic Pool Water", the strange thing that could help a person develop divine soul.

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