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"Hua Lang, does your Divine Devil Cult not have any special methods to deal with this kind of situation?" Tai Kang's entire body was releasing hot steam, his heart was filled with anger, adding that he was panicking, it was difficult for him to control his emotions, he wanted to burn this place down.

Not only was the Holy level Treasure Web stolen, more importantly, he had let Little Lizhi escape. If Little Lizhi could return, they would be done for, so they had to find Little Lizhi here.

"I've used it, but they've hidden it well, so I can't detect it." Hua Lang said. He was considered an outstanding follower in the Divine Devil Cult, if not he would not have been sent over.

"That woman should have been severely injured. When I used the net to catch her, I launched a very powerful attack. They shouldn't have gone far, or we should be waiting for them at the teleportation spot. It would be fine to attack them when the time comes." said, thinking of this method made him feel a lot more at ease.

If not for that precious net, they would not be Little Lizhi's match. They estimated that Little Lizhi's injuries would take at least a month to recover, and they were not afraid of the remaining Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor.

"Keep searching. If we attack from the teleportation spot, it'll be easy for others to find us." Hua Lang said.

"If we are discovered, we'll immediately eliminate them. Kill everyone else to prevent the two fellows from returning." Tai Kang clenched his fists tightly.

Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi heard their conversation, and sneered in their hearts. As long as Little Lizhi recovered, these people would all be dead.

"Is it going to be any time soon?" Chen Xiang looked at Little Lizhi, who was at the side. He seemed to be unable to wait any longer.

"It's about time. You just stay here and watch." Little Lizhi was able to stand up, and her complexion looked much better, her cheeks were flushed, and she had regained her blood vitality, looking much more spirited than before.

Just a small petal could bring about unexpected effects, as expected of the Jade Dragon Flower.

The four of them split up, searching for Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi. Little Lizhi had already made her move, but only after she a.s.sa.s.sinated the other two and killed them did she leave Tai Kang and Hua Lang.

Little Lizhi often carried out some secret missions, she had done everything she could to catch people alive, so it was not difficult for her, even if the opponents were Fire Divine Palace's G.o.d Cultivator and Divine Devil Cult's followers.

Chen Xiang quietly followed behind Little Lizhi, and what Little Lizhi was going to do next was deal with the Divine Devil Cult's Hua Lang.

In the forest, Hua Lang carefully moved forward and used his divine power to carefully scan his surroundings as he searched for clues.

As an outstanding disciple of the Divine Devil Cult, he cultivated the divine way and the devil way. Not only was his strength strong, he was outstanding in all aspects.

Moreover, he could feel the approaching dangerous aura and immediately channeled the power of the G.o.ds and devils within his body.

"If he doesn't have the strength to fight back, then I'll attack and catch him." Chen Xiang said.

Suddenly, he felt that this aura was a little familiar, it was very similar to Little Lizhi's. This caused him to be extremely apprehensive, and just as he was about to shout out, the voice was stuck in his throat. In that instant, the dantian in his body was sealed by Little Lizhi's Devil-suppressing qi array, and all the meridians in his body were broken by Little Lizhi's palm.

Chen Xiang immediately flew over, took out a square cauldron, and placed Hua Lang inside. Then, he immediately disappeared, and hid himself.

Tai Kang seemed to have sensed something and he immediately took out a jade talisman to transmit a message to Hua Lang. However, he did not reply for a long time, which caused him to immediately be on guard.

"Hua Lang... Hua Lang... " Tai Kang shouted a few times, his voice resonating in the quiet forest, causing him to feel inexplicably afraid.

"Stop shouting, he will see him soon." Little Lizhi suddenly appeared in front of Tai Kang and swatted his face with his palm. With nine thunderous booms and the power of the 9th level of Devil Subduing Method, Little Lizhi's face was covered in wounds. His body was not as strong as Chen Xiang's.

"You …" Tai Kang was shocked, he immediately used his divine power to carry out mental attacks, but he suddenly felt that his dantian was sealed.

Little Lizhi swiftly unleashed two palms, one of them striking at Tai Kang's Dantian, releasing a Devil-suppressing qi array that temporarily sealed his Dantian, and the other smashing into the Divine Sense Sea.

Therefore, Little Lizhi did not use this move on Chen Xiang previously, but because Chen Xiang's dantian was very blurry, there was no need to even mention the Divine Sense Sea.

"Quick, take care of him. The Devil-suppressing qi array won't last for long." Little Lizhi shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately appeared and fell from the sky, slapping his hand fiercely on Tai Kang's head, he activated Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and searched through the memories inside … "Ah... You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you doing to me? " Tai Kang suddenly screamed miserably. Her eyes were suddenly red and swollen, and her face was filled with malevolence. Even Little Lizhi had frowned when he saw this and she wanted to know what Chen Xiang was doing.

"It's a Soul Search … Ah... "A spell …" Tai Kang screamed in pain, and said it intermittently.

After knowing what Chen Xiang was doing, Little Lizhi anxiously retreated a few steps, and looked at Chen Xiang in shock. Soul Absorbing Devil Spell was a demonic technique, it could be considered a consummate technique, countless of experts had thought of it, who would have thought that this Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor knew how to use it.

"You can die now." Chen Xiang let out a cold snort as he activated the Devouring magic kungfu, swallowing everything inside Tai Kang's Divine Sense Sea, including his divine soul, and a.s.similated it into his own Divine Sense Sea, allowing the G.o.d Power inside his Divine Sense Sea to refine it.

This Tai Kang's entire body was filled with treasures, the Divine Sense Sea that swallowed him could help him increase his divine power, and he was an important figure in the Fire Divine Palace, the Fire Soul in his body was definitely not weak either. Chen Xiang used the Devouring magic kungfu and extracted the Fire Soul from Tai Kang.

In the end, Chen Xiang took out Tai Kang's Sky Pill and burned his corpse to ashes. What did this show to Little Lizhi, she could obviously see that Chen Xiang had taken out his Fire Soul. The purple Fire Soul was a very precious thing, it could let many Dan Immortal fight over it.

The Heaven Pellet was of great use to Chen Xiang. He could refine the Heaven Pellet into something similar to the Ice seal Dan, which he could use to attack others with. It was as powerful as an Immortal King explosion, and he had over ten of these pellets on him.

After getting rid of Tai Kang, he let that Hua Lang out. Like Tai Kang, Hua Lang first used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search his memories, then swallowed his divine soul, took away the heaven pellet, and finally destroyed his corpse and erased all traces of it.

"You …" Little Lizhi wanted to say something, but he did not say it out loud, he only looked at Chen Xiang vigilantly.

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