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Chen Xiang had heard of the Evil Demon Forest, it had existed many years ago, at that time in the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, he had thought that it was extremely terrifying here, but who knew that it would actually be so beautiful, and there were many beautiful flowers that released an intoxicating fragrance inside the forest.

Birds chirped above the trees, and on the tall trees, a light breeze occasionally blew past, blowing away some leaves. The sunlight shone through the spa.r.s.e leaves onto the trees, causing people to feel very warm, no matter how they looked at it, it didn't seem like the demonic forest.

Everyone looked at the colorful flowers and wondered if the teleportation was wrong, because this place was not as unimaginable as they had imagined.

They had to kill a Evil beast that had formed a Star core within the next five days, and time was of the essence. After a brief discussion, they left one by one, entering the depths of the forest to search for the Evil beast.

"Little Lizhi, will you kill me? Under these circ.u.mstances, I will have to be careful of you. If I meet those Evil beast, I might not dare to go easy on them." Chen Xiang laughed, he continued to follow behind Little Lizhi, looking at how he was acting, he did not plan to join forces with Little Lizhi.

"If you mention it again, I might actually kill you." Little Lizhi really hated this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, she turned her head and roared. If not for this matter, she might not have come here.

Right now, she was helping the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor become the hall master, so she was not in a good mood.

"Also, don't call me Little Lizhi. Not just anyone can call me that." Little Lizhi warned him coldly.

"Little Lizhi, Little Lizhi … I'm going to scream, what can you do to me? " Chen Xiang made a grimace at her, and angrily raised his hand, wanting to slap her. Chen Xiang's current appearance was truly asking for a beating.

Chen Xiang stopped teasing her and turned serious. He was also worried that he would get beaten up by Little Lizhi.

"Do you know where there are Evil beast s? We can't just randomly search for them." Chen Xiang said: "Have you ever been to this place before?"

"Nope." Little Lizhi replied coldly.

"No matter how I look at it, this place doesn't seem to have Evil beast. It is filled with dense immortal aura and beautiful scenery, could it be that those old fellows sent it wrongly?" Chen Xiang plucked a flower and squeezed out a sweet nectar from the flower's heart.

"Do you think those Evil beast are big? A Immortal-becoming realm's Evil beast, or a Beast King can all transform into human forms." Little Lizhi said.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "In short, I feel that this place is very strange, and even dangerous."

Little Lizhi ignored him and continued to walk her own path. Chen Xiang had no choice but to follow behind her because she had beaten Chen Xiang and he had to listen to her commands.

After they had entered for around an hour, Long Xueyi suddenly issued a warning: "Something is approaching. It's very powerful, but it doesn't seem to be a beast."

"If it's not a beast, then what is it? Could it be someone else?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, and started to circulate the energy in his body.

"I don't know. This thing is very strange. It looks like a lump of black gas. It shouldn't be something made from flesh and blood." Long Xueyi said.

Little Lizhi did not know, but she suddenly felt Chen Xiang acc.u.mulating power, so she quickly turned around and vigilantly asked: "What are you trying to do?"

Little Lizhi thought that Chen Xiang was planning to sneak attack her, and the two of them had always been on guard against each other's sudden attacks. That was why Little Lizhi had such suspicions.

"Something is coming towards us. That thing is very powerful." Chen Xiang said in a low voice, as he looked towards a direction: "It's over there, why don't you come and deal with it, you're stronger than me."

Little Lizhi frowned slightly as he made his preparations.

Sure enough, she suddenly felt an extremely dangerous aura approaching. Just as she sensed this aura, a strong wind blew and a black ma.s.s of something shot over like light, its speed was astonishing.

"Let me do it." Little Lizhi bellowed, he had already left his original position, and rushed to's front, his jade fist releasing a gold qi, striking towards the ball of black qi, it was actually the Demon G.o.d Subduing Fist.

When the Divine Fist was unleashed, it caused the wind and clouds to move, the earth to shake. The Demon G.o.d Slaying Fist that Little Lizhi was using now was much more powerful than the one he used against Chen Xiang, because she did not have to think too much into it. She used all her strength to attack the ball of black energy.

"Ahh …"

The G.o.d's Fist struck the black mist, suddenly there was a sharp scream that sounded out from within the forest, it was like the screams of evil spirits, causing one's hair to stand on end. A gloomy and cold wind blew at the forest, causing Chen Xiang to shiver.

"What's that?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, although he was observing from the side, he could feel how powerful the thing was, he felt that if it was him, he would be stuck for a very long time.

"Evil Spirits specialize in devouring the souls of others. Possessing a body is an extremely dangerous thing, looks like this is truly Evil Killing Forest, the Evil beast here should have already found something that can help them raise their strength, so they don't need to wander in the forest." Little Lizhi's face was solemn, he walked towards the direction of the evil spirit: "Go take a look over there."

Chen Xiang followed closely behind her and asked, "What do you mean to say? What do you mean to make it so that those Evil beast don't have to work too hard to increase their strength?"

"The Star core inside the gigantic evil star that fell here all those years ago should have been the key to maintain the growth of those Evil beast." Little Lizhi held a broadsword in his hand, which was filled with Devil-suppressing holy power s, ready to attack at any time.

"That Star core should be very small, if we can get it then it would be great, but I wonder what its use is." Chen Xiang laughed. Little Lizhi did not understand how he could still smile, because this was obviously an extremely dangerous place.

There is such a terrifying evil spirit here, the Star core should be able to strengthen a person's soul, the Evil Spirit was born from a broken remnant soul, if it is unable to get nourishment, it cannot grow quickly, and the Evil Spirit that I killed earlier, belongs to the extremely powerful type. If it could comprehend the way of cultivation, it would have long molded a person's body, and then go through the Scattered Immortal tribulation.

Little Lizhi's voice was strict, and she hoped that Chen Xiang would be more serious.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up as he laughed: "Looks like the Star core is the real deal. The Star core in the Evil beast is just trash, but those old fellows in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace would definitely want it."

"Evil beast s are only the size of a grain of sand, but they are extremely precious. I have only heard of it, but I am not sure about the specific uses of it. In short, if we obtain the Star core, we must hand it over to Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Little Lizhi said: "You better not have any ideas about that master Star core. That place is the Evil beast's lair, there must be a large number of them nearby."

With so many Evil beast, we can just specially pick out the stronger ones to kill them all, and we will be able to get a large number of Star core, when that time comes, we just need to give a drop of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s. Chen Xiang said excitedly. He couldn't wait to fly to the Evil beast's nest.

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