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Chen Xiang washed his body once, then lied down and wore it. Thinking back to that moment, he really wanted to find out just how that feeling had caused him to have that kind of terrifying power.

"Asgard Master, I lost to that shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I have no other choice but to kill him." Little Lizhi's face was filled with discouragement. He leaned on the chair with his bald head, feeling his heart ache.

If it was the Evil Palace or something like that who had enmity with the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, she would have destroyed them countless times over. However, she couldn't do anything if she had to reason with someone like the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor.

She had already beaten him up, so she had definitely trampled on him once. However, now that she saw that b.a.s.t.a.r.d again, who was still alive and kicking, as if he had never been beaten up before, she felt even more uncomfortable. If it was anyone else, they would have to talk about high-level pills in the future for at least a year or two before they could recover.

"It looks like he has a grudge with my Hundreds of Flowers Palace, and he's doing it purely to disgust us." Lv Qilian sighed. Right now, she still had other headaches, it was because of the seed.

"I really want to kill a scoundrel like him." Little Lizhi sighed helplessly: "But even though this guy is annoying, he still isn't enough to kill him."

When Chen Xiang received the notice, the official examination would begin tomorrow, and that Little Lizhi would be his partner. He wanted to laugh, with Little Lizhi's strength, the examination would be very easy for him.

"The one who sent the snacks is here." Huang Jintian walked in with a plate of snacks and a note under his plate.

Huang Jintian did not say anything, carried the plate and left.

Previously, Chen Xiang had asked Huang Jintian to help him leave a secret record to see if he could contact the person he was looking for, which was Bai Ziqian.

"She's actually here in the Demon Suppressing Immortal Palace. Isn't this way too dangerous?" Chen Xiang saw the address on the slip of paper. After eating all the snacks, he walked out of the hotel.

Lv Qilian had long since stopped staring at him, so he was not afraid of being followed.

was right here. She was wearing a conical hat and a black robe as she asked in a low voice: "What important matter do you need me for?"

"Sister Ziqian, I found Grandma Lv. Do you want to see her?" Chen Xiang did not waste time speaking and directly asked.

Bai Ziqian's delicate body trembled, obviously a little excited. She knew that Bai Youyou must have told her before, that she hoped to find Grandma Lv.

"Thanks, tell me the location." Bai Ziqian said.

"That place is very safe. Only the Grandma Lv likes to get some poison. You must be careful when you go there. As for the matter of me giving you the Magical corruption gas, you must keep it a secret for me." Chen Xiang gave Bai Ziqian a map.

Bai Ziqian received the map and gave Chen Xiang a jade box. "This is the strange poison I have recently gathered, take it."

Chen Xiang immediately took it and asked excitedly: "What kind of strange poison is it?"

"Seven days and seven nights. Poison Cursed Blood Orchid." Bai Ziqian only said a few words, and then left quickly.

Chen Xiang had never heard of this strange poison before, but he knew that it must be very powerful.

"Tell me, how powerful is this thing?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

This is a type of flower, called the Blood Curse Orchid. Upon being infected with this poison, it will only begin to release its poison seven days and seven nights later, and the poison will only die seven days and seven nights later, and during the period of seven days and seven nights after the poison is released, it will be incomparably painful, and even the Immortal King will not be able to endure it. Bai Youyou sucked in a deep breath of cold air, "This is also a very strong and strange poison, commonly known as the Seven Night Devil s' Orchid."

There were ten types of Super Old poison. Although they had rankings, they did not differentiate between the better and the worse, because they each had their own strengths.

"This kind of strange poison has an antidote, but the antidote requires the flower seeds of the Magic Curse Blood Orchid. Therefore, this poison has another use …" You should be able to think of that. " Bai Youyou laughed sinisterly.

Chen Xiang laughed: "If someone else had planted this poison, only I can cure it, then it would be very useful."

It was used to control people, but Chen Xiang didn't have the time to copy it, if not he would definitely try.

"Is this also forbidden by the Nine Heavens?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Nonsense, even strange poisons have to be banned, that's for sure. If you use poison cleverly, getting a large number of Immortal Kings won't be a problem." Su Meiyao said: "When you use it, it's best for you not to let anyone know your ident.i.ty. Within the Nine Heavens, the strong people avoid knowing about this strange poison, and the people who use it are all weak. They don't have anything to be afraid of, but those with the same strength as them, or those slightly weaker than them, are all great threats to them."

Chen Xiang returned to the hotel. Right now, the sky was already dark, he planned to rest for the night, and go partic.i.p.ate in the true examination tomorrow. Only by becoming a Palace Master would he be able to challenge the Palace Lord, and find the things left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

Fifty people, a total of twenty-five groups, the other combinations were all very powerful. Chen Xiang was most worried about the Divine Devil Cult and the Fire Divine Palace, as the Immortal Kings that they sent were not weak.

Inside the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Trembling Hall, all of the partic.i.p.ants were here.

She was in a very bad mood right now, but Chen Xiang, who was standing beside her, was the opposite of her. He was extremely happy and grinning from head to toe.

"From now on, we will teleport you to a place, which is a famous dangerous place in Heaven Realm, called Evil Killing Forest, you should have heard of it before." The old Hall Master said.

"Isn't this a bit too dangerous?" One of the big shots from the major powers frowned, "A gigantic evil star landed in that place once, and countless evil alien star beasts were trapped in there, trapped in a barrier set up by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable."

No, everyone's Devil-suppressing method is not bad, it's not difficult to deal with those star beasts. Everyone's a.s.sessment is to enter there to hunt a Evil beast that has formed its own Star core, so your strengths should be about the same as the Immortal-becoming realm. You can barely deal with them using the Devil-suppressing method and Devil-suppressing holy power, as long as you can retrieve a single Star core, you can be considered to have pa.s.sed the examination. The old Hall Master smiled.

"It's enough for two people to work together." Fire Divine Palace, the divine cultivator said with complete confidence.

"Can I fight with other people inside? If others want to steal my Star core, what happens if they kill me?" one of them asked.

"You can't attack your own people. If you are discovered by us, you will be disqualified and punished." The old Hall Master said.

Chen Xiang started to worry inexplicably. She looked at Little Lizhi and asked, "You won't kill me right? If you're with me, no one will know even if you kill me."

"Thanks for the reminder, or I wouldn't have thought of that." Little Lizhi rolled his eyes at him.

Chen Xiang was not worried about Little Lizhi. If they had to kill him, he would have died a long time ago.

Chen Xiang looked at the old Palace Lord's expression and suddenly understood that not only did he have to obtain Star core s, he would also have to face the same kind of robbery.

"Five days. When that time comes, you will have to return to the teleportation spot and wait until the deadline." After the old Palace Master finished speaking, he opened Transmission array and teleported them to Evil Killing Forest.

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