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Little Lizhi was fine, it was just that her face was a little sore from the beating, but she was very angry in her heart, her beautiful eyes were already slightly red.

"That's for sure, for a powerhouse of her level, she could use all the strength in her body as she pleased, and for the moment she was only using her head to block most of your attacks. Furthermore, you used the Devil-suppressing holy power, she also used it, so she might have even absorbed some of it. Long Xueyi said.

Seeing Little Lizhi's calm and furious expression, Chen Xiang was a little afraid. If there were not that many people watching them, only he and Little Lizhi were there, he could use some underhanded tactics to make the other party suffer.

I'm just an Immortal King, and you have already entered the Immortal-becoming realm. I heard that you're already an old man that's lived for ten thousand years, and I'm only a few dozen years old. Chen Xiang suddenly said, and then looked towards the old Palace Master at the side, as if he was begging for help.

The old Hall Master shook his head and smiled, "Moreover, she is your partner. The stronger she is, the better. This is not a comparison. It's just that you two understand each other's strength."

"Can you admit defeat?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, admitting defeat is equivalent to giving up the examination. You need to compensate for your loss, and the outcome of winning or losing is losing your fighting prowess..."

Just as Chen Xiang was about to curse, he saw Little Lizhi's furious and beautiful face right in front of him, and a jade fist had already arrived and landed on his face. In that moment, he felt as if his teeth were going to shatter and shatter, and his body was already floating in the air.

Then, Little Lizhi followed suit, grabbed his feet and began to beat him up crazily. It was just that it did not match with her small body, but it did not stop her from using this method to beat Chen Xiang up.

After being tossed around for a while, Chen Xiang threw him into the air, and then, another fierce punch landed on his head, instantly causing him to see stars.

"Do you want to change your name?" Little Lizhi's jade fists made many of the surrounding Immortal Kings feel numb. If it was them, they would not be much better off than Chen Xiang, they respected him even more, but Chen Xiang was still as stubborn as before.

"If you marry me, I'll change it."

When Chen Xiang said this, blood was still coming out of his mouth, and everyone admired his complete cheap bones even more.

"You're courting death."

It was the first time that someone dared to speak to Little Lizhi in such a frivolous manner. Currently, Little Lizhi only treated Chen Xiang as a lunatic.

Little Lizhi could not use too much strength, because she was worried that she would lose to Chen Xiang, and at that time, would not be able to force Chen Xiang to change his name.

Chen Xiang could not remember how many punches he had received or how many kicks he had received. In short, an hour had pa.s.sed and he had only been abused while he was inside the cave. He had suppressed his strength with his abilities and now that Little Lizhi had unleashed his full power, his survival could already be considered as his abilities.

"You are no longer allowed to use the name of Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor." Little Lizhi held onto Chen Xiang's neck, and at the moment, Chen Xiang's entire body was covered in blood, which was vomited out from his mouth.

"You're not allowed to hit your hubby again." Chen Xiang laughed as if he was being tickled by the wind, and then suddenly threw out a punch which landed heavily on Little Lizhi's face. It was the power of the 9th level of Devil Subduing Method, but this punch was much stronger than the previous ones.

"You …" Little Lizhi threw a punch back, but Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared, completely disappearing inside the barrier.

Originally, everyone thought that the idiot Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor was done for and would definitely be oppressed to the end. Who knew that after counterattacking with a punch, he would suddenly disappear without a trace?

"It's here." Someone suddenly shouted, seeing that Chen Xiang was at the edge of the enchantment, Little Lizhi was just about to go over, but Chen Xiang suddenly punched in the distance, causing her to retreat a few steps.

Chen Xiang wiped the blood off his mouth and laughed.

It was a hundred steps away, but he had struck Little Lizhi with his fist.

"It's s.p.a.ce. That punch of his just now crossed s.p.a.ce. Just how did this guy do it? He can so easily break through s.p.a.ce's restrictions, not to mention he's in a stable spatial enchantment." An old man exclaimed.

Even a strong Ranker like Flower Emperor would need to use a lot of power to break through the s.p.a.ce restriction, but Chen Xiang didn't seem to use it.

"I never thought that my s.p.a.ce Laws would suddenly break through. Is it because I've fallen into a dilemma?" Chen Xiang tried again, with a thought, he punched forward, striking Little Lizhi's knee that was rushing towards him.

All of the power flowed through s.p.a.ce and accurately landing on Little Lizhi's knees, causing her to stumble forward, both hands supporting herself on the ground, not wanting to get down, but she suddenly felt the movement of s.p.a.ce, and it was too late for her to dodge, and a burst of power struck her face, making her tumble in the air.

It was not a wave of energy, but rather a fist carrying a strong power. She was sure that it was Chen Xiang's fist.

"Little Lizhi, hurry up and defeat him. We can take care of him in the future." Lv Qilian sent a sound transmission to her: "Stop delaying, in case some other accident happens. That brat is very evil."

A churning golden fog suddenly surged out of Little Lizhi's body, forming into an air shield. Even while Chen Xiang was attacking from afar, he was actually unable to break through the air shield.

"I've endured enough." Little Lizhi said in a deep voice, and walked towards Chen Xiang step by step.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to travel through s.p.a.ce to avoid her, he realized that the stage was filled with runes and s.p.a.ce had stabilised many times, while Little Lizhi had already arrived before him, a pair of jade fists with an extremely dangerous aura was approaching him.

The first punch came, but Chen Xiang only saw the jade fist suddenly turn into a word 'suppress' with holy power pressing down on him. Then, everything turned dark, and an intense pain poured into his body.

"It's the Demon Suppressing Fist, how could she use it? It's said that the highest power she can unleash is 10 times that of her own. Is she trying to kill that brat?" An old man from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace shouted.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had not fallen, Little Lizhi frowned. The other party's terrifying physical body had already shocked her deeply, because even the Immortal-becoming realm that was as strong as her was unable to withstand this punch.

When the second punch came out, Chen Xiang spat out a mouthful of blood, which splashed onto Little Lizhi's body. At this moment, Chen Xiang felt as though his entire being had sunk into darkness, and his body was on the verge of collapse.

"Lie down." Little Lizhi bellowed, and smashed the third heavy punch forward.

Just as the fist rushed forward with an unstoppable force, Chen Xiang suddenly extended his palm, wrapping Little Lizhi's small jade fist with it and catching it.

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