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Chen Xiang now completely understood that this Little Lizhi was not cute at all, but was instead very berserk. He felt that there was a need to teach her a lesson in the future.

"Aren't you very powerful? That's all you have." Little Lizhi was a little disappointed. She did not expect the other party to be so weak.

Chen Xiang licked the blood on the side of his lips, then used his hand to wipe his mouth and said: "As expected of the authentic Devil-suppressing method, it is indeed powerful."

"It's good that you know this, I'll give you one more chance. If you apologize to us obediently and promise to stop using the name of Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor, I can let you off." Little Lizhi said with his hands on his waist.

She thought that Chen Xiang was just like the reeds on the wall, with the thickest and most pointed skin without any real ability.

Originally, she thought that Chen Xiang would immediately agree. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiang had actually dashed forward frantically, and from the looks of it, it seemed like he was going to fight to the death with her.

"Little girl, don't be arrogant. My Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor is invincible." Chen Xiang revolved the Holy Spirit Force in his body, although he did not lose out, but he still wanted to fight to see, he would carefully hide himself, and would not be exposed.

Little Lizhi frowned, her heart becoming cold. She knew that there was no room for negotiation with the other party, so she could only give up and use her own strength to subdue him.

"Immobilize." Little Lizhi waved both his hands, a gold light flashed, and a large amount of Devil-suppressing holy power surged out, only to see a few gold runes appearing at Chen Xiang's feet, forming a gold array, Chen Xiang stood on top of it and was incapable of moving.

"Devil-suppressing qi array." Chen Xiang looked at the Devil-suppressing qi array at his feet. This Devil-suppressing qi array was something he was more skilled at, he never thought that there would be a day when someone else would use it to deal with him.

"Kneel." Little Lizhi suddenly came to Chen Xiang's side and kicked at Chen Xiang's knee. She used a very strong force to kick him until he roared in rage.

"Kneel your a.s.s."

The holy energy in Chen Xiang's body was like a raging wave, rushing into his meridians.

Little Lizhi never thought that Chen Xiang's bones would be so hard. If she had kicked another Immortal King, she would have been able to turn his entire leg into meat.

Just as she was about to kick a second time, Chen Xiang who was frozen in place by the Devil-suppressing qi array suddenly moved, she suddenly bent down with one leg, and used her powerful hands to tightly grab onto one of Little Lizhi's legs.

As Little Lizhi was in great shock, he only felt an extremely berserk wave of Devil-suppressing holy power enter her body from her legs, causing the Devil-suppressing holy power in her body to become very unstable.

After Chen Xiang grabbed Little Lizhi's leg, he crazily flung her to the ground. From the looks of it, she was like a snake that had been grabbed, and had been beaten up mercilessly. This was the most shameless attack Little Lizhi had ever faced in his life.

Lv Qilian and the others were all dumbstruck, they did not understand how Chen Xiang managed to struggle free from the Devil-suppressing qi array. Although he could struggle free, that would still take some time, because the Devil-suppressing qi array wouldn't last long, but Chen Xiang had only been frozen for a short while before he could move, causing him to be caught off-guard.

"Enough." Little Lizhi was so angry that he could finally use Devil-suppressing holy power. He kicked Chen Xiang's chest with his other foot, forcing Chen Xiang to let go of her.

He now clearly knew that Little Lizhi was very difficult to deal with and had a very terrifying power. No wonder her name had spread throughout the Heaven Realm many years ago and she was on the same level as Ji Meixian. Even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou from back then could only join hands to suppress her.

And right now, Chen Xiang had just become an Immortal King. That Little Lizhi had already surpa.s.sed the Immortal King, so he could clearly feel that within Little Lizhi's Devil-suppressing holy power, there was a trace of true Holy Energy, the same as his.

"It should be the first transition of the Immortal-becoming realm, she's not easy to deal with, although your body is made of holy energy, it's too thin, although this girl's holy energy is not as pure as yours, but her other powers are very strong." Long Xueyi said.

Little Lizhi was in a bit of a mess, this was the first time she was being grabbed by the legs and struck fiercely towards the ground. She did not have the experience to deal with this kind of situation, but she still escaped.

"You've angered me. There are no conditions to discuss right now." Little Lizhi's face was cold, his entire person becoming more vicious, his body releasing a strong killing intent, causing Chen Xiang to be slightly worried.

Little Lizhi's cultivation was much higher than Chen Xiang's, and she could even use her full strength without any scruples. Chen Xiang was weaker than her in the first place, so in order to not be seen through, he had to suppress a bit of his strength.

"Come on, I won't change that name even if I die. If you have the guts, then kill me." Chen Xiang was still very arrogant, he also wanted to see how good his resistance against blows was. Even though it would be very painful, this was a rare opportunity.

Little Lizhi had only used Devil-suppressing holy power and Devil-suppressing method, she had also suppressed a portion of her strength previously, but now that she saw that Chen Xiang was still so stubborn and had even beaten her up, she had no choice but to use all of her strength.

"Be careful, this woman has released all the suppressed energy in her body. She is much more terrifying than I imagined." Long Xueyi replied.

Little Lizhi had attacked at that time, and his speed was much faster than Chen Xiang's, so he instantly appeared in front of Chen Xiang. Just as Chen Xiang smelt the delicate fragrance off Little Lizhi's body, he took a heavy punch on his face; it was that terrifying Devil-suppressing fist, coupled with the power of the second level of the Devil Subduing Method.

"It hurts."

Chen Xiang shouted loudly, his fist struck out, releasing nine thunderous sounds, which coincidentally struck the jade palm that Little Lizhi struck, the fist and palm clashed together, with the power of the Devil Subduing Method, it was not weak, it erupted with a shockwave, causing Chen Xiang to be blown away, while Little Lizhi was forced back a few steps.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Little Lizhi never thought that her opponent would have such power. Just as she was about to attack, Chen Xiang had actually disappeared from her sight.

"Be serious, woman."

Just as Little Lizhi was about to turn around and look to her left, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared out of nowhere and released nine thunderous booms. He used the Devil-suppressing fist and fiercely punched Little Lizhi's beautiful face, knocking her head to the side.

saw that she had succeeded and shouted crazily. Her fists started to move extremely fiercely as she punched Little Lizhi's head, and in an instant, dozens of punches landed on Little Lizhi's head. Her shoulder-length short hair started to dance around due to the impact.

The spectators frowned, because Chen Xiang was too ruthless, he used such a powerful fist technique to attack Little Lizhi's head, everyone could not help but to be worried that Little Lizhi's face would be destroyed.

"Scram for me."

After Little Lizhi was punched for over a hundred punches, he finally reacted, and kicked at Chen Xiang's abdomen, but Chen Xiang cleverly dodged it, and stayed away from her at the same time.

"This woman's skin is really thick, she's actually a little red." Chen Xiang shouted in his heart. His berserk punch did not cause much damage to Little Lizhi.

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