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A few powers wanted to form alliances with the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, so they would send some Immortal Kings to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment.

Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi were both staring at Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang was observing the others. The Immortal King of the Fire Divine Palace had also come.

"Divine Devil Cult, are you finally going to make a big move." Long Xueyi said.

"Looks like this test isn't easy, and there's also that fellow from the Fire Divine Palace … Remember, this guy cultivates the divine way. Chen Xiang said.

When he was in Di Tian, the powerful spirit cultivator of Fire Divine Palace had fought with the Divine Devil Cult before. In the end, when Chen Xiang attacked the main headquarters of the Fire Divine Palace, he also met the spirit cultivator.

"There are a total of fifty people who will be partic.i.p.ating in the palace master examination. As long as we complete the examination, we will be able to become hall masters and receive our Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's supreme Devil-suppressing method." An old hall master said loudly.

Chen Xiang had already understood that for this type of test, only those who pa.s.sed could become hall masters, and there was no limit to the number of people. But this time, there were only fifty Immortal Kings that partic.i.p.ated, which was considered very few.

"The a.s.sessment is definitely dangerous. Although all of you are immortal kings, it's inevitable that there will be some mistakes and you will lose your life." The old Hall Master said again.

Those who dared to partic.i.p.ate had their own strength, so of course they wouldn't be afraid of this.

"Let's talk about the content of the a.s.sessment first. Each batch is different." This was what everyone was more concerned about.

Lv Qilian was a little worried that there would not be a battle during the a.s.sessment, thus Little Lizhi came here for nothing.

"The main purpose of the a.s.sessment is to see how well you all have mastered the Devil-suppressing method, so we will send you to a place filled with evil spirits." The old Palace Lord paused before continuing, "But before that, you must choose a partner because in that sort of environment, it would be safer if the two of you work together."

The old Palace Master looked at Chen Xiang and said: "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor, you should first choose a partner. According to the rankings you have pa.s.sed, only the top twenty-five have the right to decide."

Chen Xiang was overjoyed as he shouted excitedly, "I want to be in the same party as Little Lizhi."

Hearing his shout, everyone was stunned. The reason the Flower Emperor sent Little Lizhi was to teach him a lesson, he obviously knew this, but he actually had the gall to ask to be in a group with him.

"I object." Little Lizhi immediately shouted coldly.

"You're the twenty-sixth, so you don't have a veto." The old Hall Master chuckled.

"Then I'll leave." Little Lizhi glared at Chen Xiang fiercely. He might as well let her die since he wanted her and Chen Xiang to work together.

"According to the agreement, leaving requires you to give us one billion Spiritual crystal. Either you finish the examination, or you pay us one billion Spiritual crystal." The old Hall Master laughed even more happily.


Although Hundreds of Flowers Palace could take it, they would definitely not be willing to give it to her for no reason. Little Lizhi could only bite the bullet and walk to Chen Xiang's side.

Soon, everyone had made their choice. Most of them chose people they were familiar with and were on good terms with.

"Next up, everyone needs to spar with your partner. You need to try your best to use the Devil-suppressing method, and the best thing to do is to use your full strength. Only by doing this can you understand each other's strength, and only then will you have a tacit understanding when cooperating." The old Palace Lord chuckled and said, "If the one who loses must obey the winner's command."

This time, it was Chen Xiang who was dumbfounded. He wanted to beat up the old Palace Master, how could he arrange things like this?

Little Lizhi's heart was filled with joy. His cold face revealed a sweet smile, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was extremely terrifying. He knew that his battle with Little Lizhi was unavoidable, and might even expose his secret, allowing others to know that he was Chen Xiang.

"Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor, Little Lizhi, you two begin."

Everyone had already dispersed, and the formations and enchantments in the center of the hall were completely activated. A battle of their level would result in the center area being razed to the ground without any formations or enchantments blocking the aftermath.

She actually chose Little Lizhi as her partner. However, she now felt much better in her heart, at least she could give Little Lizhi a good lesson.

Chen Xiang could not let others see through him, so he had to preserve his own strength. In this way, his strength would be greatly restricted, which was extremely disadvantageous for him.

"Looks like I can only use Devil-suppressing method and Holy Spirit. I can't use anything else, but once my ident.i.ty is found out, all of my plans will be for naught."

There were already many archenemies of Chen Xiang, giants of the four great forces, and Lv Qilian, who was in such a bad mood with him. He was still at the base of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

"Even if I lose, I am not afraid. At most, I will listen to Little Lizhi's commands, but I will lose a lot of face." Su Meiyao said.

If he lost, it wouldn't be too big of a loss, and even if he lost face, he would lose the face of the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor.

"If you lose, you can't use the name Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor anymore." Little Lizhi shouted angrily.

"Why should I listen to you, even if I lose, I will not stop me from using my Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor name, I will still use it, what can you do to me?" Chen Xiang laughed without a care for his life. His arrogant appearance made everyone who saw him want to beat him up.

"Then I'll beat you until you don't dare to use it." In the next moment, he was right in front of Chen Xiang, with his palm holding onto the illusion, he slapped Chen Xiang's face.

Chen Xiang cursed, this Little Lizhi actually hated him so much, from the beginning it was like he was slapped in his face. His reaction was extremely fast, in that moment of danger, he jumped again and again, to avoid that palm.

Little Lizhi's arms trembled as the Devil-suppressing holy power surged outwards. Chen Xiang was startled, because that type of Devil-suppressing holy power was extremely strong and violent, and if he did not cultivate Saint Force now, he would not be able to compare to her kind of powerful Devil-suppressing holy power.

"Don't only know how to dodge, you should be as powerful as that mouth of yours. Hurry up and counterattack." Little Lizhi sneered. Seeing Chen Xiang's terrified expression, he felt even more disdain in his heart.

"Devil-suppressing fist." When Chen Xiang saw Little Lizhi's punch coming at him, he felt a holy figure behind him. That kind of pressure made it hard for him to breath, and a giant golden fist came smashing over.

"So powerful." Chen Xiang had only just dodged when he suddenly felt that terrifying Devil-suppressing holy power coming from behind him. Little Lizhi had already predicted that he would dodge, so he came behind him and quickly blasted out a Devil-suppressing fist, hitting him in the back.

After being fiercely punched, Chen Xiang was sent flying and crashed into the barrier while spitting out blood.

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