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There were many records about the Endless Heaven Realm in the ancient books of the great powers. It was a place that many top rankers in the Nine Heavens yearned for and spent many years searching for.

Right now, Flower Emperor had a seed in his hand that could clear one of the Heavenly Regions. Furthermore, it was filled with all kinds of Holy level medicinal herbs.

And what worried those big shots of the powerhouses the most was that if Flower Emperor could truly reach such a place, then the strong rise of the Flower Emperor would be unstoppable. They did not want to be suppressed by a woman, especially those few big powers.

"Chen Xiang, since you like to play, I'll play with you until the end." When Lv Qilian heard that there were a few strong warriors that she was more wary of, she thought secretly in her heart.

The reason the Flower Emperor was here was purely because of that Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor. He even sent that Little Lizhi out was to teach that Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor a lesson in public, but who would have known that the Flower Emperor would be surrounded and surrounded?

Chen Xiang was not worried about overplaying himself, because he knew that Lv Qilian was well-hidden, and that just with her parents, she would be able to scare off many people. Regarding the matter of her being the daughter of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, the big shots of the powers had already sent people to investigate, and if it really was so, they would have some misgivings, because the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable did not die, he had only gone missing, and if something were to happen to his own daughter, he would definitely come out.

If Lv Qilian did not have that many powerful Devil-suppressing method, those big shots would not have believed her. However, she did have some Devil-suppressing method that even the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace did not have, so people felt that it was probably true.

Chen Xiang knew precisely this point, so he knew that the Rankers would not do anything to her. Furthermore, the Grandma Lv was not gone yet, so if anything happened to Lv Qilian, this wicked woman would definitely jump out immediately.

"Dong, dong, dong."

Chen Xiang laid on his bed, thinking of some tricks. Hearing that someone was knocking on the door, he shouted, "Now is not the time to eat, isn't it too early to bring food over?"

"I'm not here to deliver food. I'm here to deliver snacks." An old voice came from outside.

Chen Xiang stood up to open the door, and saw a very spirited old man standing there, holding a plate in his hands. There really were some snacks on the tray.

"Bring it in." Chen Xiang felt that there was something wrong with this old man, because he could not see through the old man's strength. Moreover, this old man gave him a very familiar feeling.

"Old madman." Chen Xiang transmitted to the old man.

"Shameless little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually call you master." Huang Jintian scolded her with a sound transmission.

This was indeed Huang Jintian. Chen Xiang didn't know why he came here, and even knew that he was here.

"Master, how did you know I was here?" Chen Xiang immediately asked.

Huang Jintian did not directly speak with Chen Xiang either and just stood behind him, watching him eat the snacks. He said with sound transmission: "There are some rumors outside saying that you are Chen Xiang right? Although I do not know how you managed to get rid of the Xie Clan, I believe that this Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor must be a little brat like you."

"Hehe, did Flower Emperor offend you? First, the name 'Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor' insulted her, then 'Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable' was her father, and finally, it was' the seed 'that caused this. With one look', you can tell that someone was trying to do something to her." Huang Jintian laughed.

"That's right. This woman likes to play tricks, so I'll play slowly with her. Master, you better not expose me." Chen Xiang said.

"Then the matter of her being the daughter of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, is also true." Huang Jintian asked in surprise.

"Really." Chen Xiang replied.

"What about the seed?" Huang Jintian asked again.

"It's also true, but the seed is mine. If she succeeds in planting it, then we will split fifty percent, but I will take it back in the future." Chen Xiang quickly finished all the food.

Huang Jintian sighed: "You brat, this time you are too much, you have caused that woman so much trouble, I heard that the powerful Night Devil are already on the way, and even people from Devil-killing Summit would come."

Oh, that's not scary, her father is Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. Chen Xiang chuckled, "Furthermore, her mother is also a ruthless person."

"Just what relationship do you have with her that even her parents know about it? This is definitely not something she told you, right?" Huang Jintian was very curious as to who the mother of the Flower Emperor was.

"Who is her mother?" he asked.

"I can't say, but her mother is pretty good, so you'll probably know about it in the future." Chen Xiang laughed.

"What? You've even seen her mother?" Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang strangely.

"What are you doing here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm here for the seed. I also want to go to the Heaven Realm to have a look." Huang Jintian said: "All those almighty beings are eyeing us covetously, I just want to see if I can take advantage of them."

If you can't do it in a short period of time, it won't be good. However, when you can go, I'll call you. Oh, right. Master, help me spread these records. Chen Xiang deftly handed Huang Jintian a piece of paper.

"What a kid, he's actually treating Master as his subordinate." Huang Jintian knew that Chen Xiang would probably be watched, so he was also very careful.

"You're just a snack giver. Hurry, this is your reward." Chen Xiang gave Huang Jintian a few Spiritual crystal, urging him to leave quickly.

The next day, Chen Xiang woke up early and walked on the streets. He could still feel the oppressive feeling coming from the people around him.

He strode towards the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Although he was angry at Lv Qilian, he wanted to see what kind of things the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable had left behind and whether or not there were any clues to the whereabouts of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

Lv Qilian acted as if nothing had happened and sat on the big carriage with a dozen or so women who were heading towards the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Since she was already here, she would definitely watch the fellow who called himself Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor get the lesson he deserved.

"Asgard Mistress, I will definitely deal with this annoying b.a.s.t.a.r.d as soon as possible and leave this place. Right now, our situation is not looking good." This was also the first time Little Lizhi felt a lot of pressure, and it was not because of the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor but the experts here.

I'm not afraid of them anymore. Although they are strong, I am not weak either, not to mention that they will not casually attack me. I think they just want to talk to me about giving them a chance to enter the Heavenly Realm. Lv Qilian was more calm, but she didn't want to share the Heavenly Realm with anyone. Furthermore, she wasn't on good terms with Chen Xiang right now, so maybe Chen Xiang would take the seed back.

The Immortal Kings who pa.s.sed the test were all inside the main hall of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and some experts were allowed to come in and watch.

As long as one cultivates the Devil-suppressing method, they can become the hall master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. In order to attract more Immortal Kings, the restrictions on the hall master have been relaxed and there is no need to separate from the original power. However, they have to come and help when the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is in a critical situation.

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