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Right now, many people were already suspicious of him. Even if he did not admit it, it would affect his following plans, so he had to get rid of the suspicion and gain the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's trust.

So he had no choice but to let Long Xueyi take action.

At night, it was still very lively outside, but Chen Xiang was only inside the house, sitting cross-legged on the bed, quietly resting, while two powerful spiritual senses enveloped his room, monitoring any movements in the house.

The Rankers in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace noticed that Lv Qilian was monitoring him. He felt that it was very normal, because that person had appeared using the name "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor" and even arrogantly looked down on the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country. This person had real ability, but it was very mysterious.

Of course, Lv Qilian had also discovered the Rankers in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, this was exactly what she had expected. Her original goal was to expose the ident.i.ty of the "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor", but right now her heart was shaken, maybe she had admitted her wrongs.

However, Lv Qilian would rather kill wrong than let him off, not to mention that this person even used the t.i.tle of "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor", so she definitely would not let this person successfully partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment.

Deep into the night, Lv Qinlian and the expert from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace suddenly received an urgent message. Chen Xiang appeared in Xie Tian and went to the Xie Family by himself.

Tens of thousands of dragons appeared in the air above the Xie Family's Evil Palace, and with the roar of ten thousand dragons, just the sound alone was enough to destroy a large portion of the Evil Palace, and in the end, several tens of thousands of dragons rained down, covering the entire Evil Palace, and flattened it.

"The Ten Thousand Dragons Slaughter the Heavens inside the Heavenly dragon seal. That Chen Xiang brat is really too frightening. This is the ultimate technique of the Sky Dragon Empire." Lv Qilian took a deep breath, and stopped paying attention to the "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor" below, because Chen Xiang had just destroyed the Xie Clan and the one below was definitely not.

When the experts of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace received the message, they immediately rushed back to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, because back then, when they were there, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace also captured Chen Xiang. The Heaven Sword City had long been destroyed, and now it was the Xie Family.

"Little Naughty Dragon moved so quickly." When Chen Xiang felt that Lv Qilian and the expert from Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had retreated, he was secretly shocked.

Little Lizhi also received the news, and frowned: "Since that fellow below is not Chen Xiang, then I will go down and finish him off."

"No, we can't kill him recklessly. Although he hates us, we just need to teach him a lesson. Against this kind of person, only if we use the most legitimate method to slap his face will he remember his last name."

Lv Qilian's heart was currently in a mess, because she discovered that Chen Xiang had already completely escaped her control, and did not follow along with her plan. She had always been very confident in her own plans, and over the years, she had already used many facts to prove it.

Chen Xiang not following the path she predicted made her feel a little uneasy. Only if everything was in her control would she feel at ease, not to mention that Chen Xiang was such an important person who was related to her father.

"Is Myriad Dragon Ma.s.sacring the Heavens really that strong?" asked curiously. She was very confident that she could kill Chen Xiang previously, but now, Chen Xiang was not as weak as she had imagined.

"It's very strong, there are many types of seals inside the Heavenly dragon seal, but there aren't many of them. This Ten Thousand Dragons Ma.s.sacre the Heavens is one of them, because only Sky Dragons can use it, and normally only dragons that have undergone the Sky Dragon Calamity can use it. When a dragon enters the Immortal-becoming realm, it needs to undergo nine Sky Dragon Tribulations, a total of nine times, which is equivalent to a human's Nine Nirvana Tribulations.

"That is to say, the power within Chen Xiang's body has at least already reached the Immortal-becoming realm.

"Fortunately, that idiot Sky Emperor is not his match. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't even be his match." This made Lv Qilian heave a sigh of relief.

Little Lizhi was a little unconvinced in his heart. No matter what, she had lived for many years, and in the past, she was still a famous strong lady.

When the sky was almost bright, another shocking piece of news came. One of the more important branch halls in the Fire Divine Palace had been destroyed, and it was Chen Xiang who had done it again.

When the Xie Clan was destroyed, the center of the Demon Imperial Palace was in an uproar. It was so lively outside, and Chen Xiang did not rest, as he walked out.

When everyone saw him, it was as if they had seen a ghost.

"You're back so soon." When the shopkeeper saw him, his face turned green, thinking that he was here to destroy Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

The others immediately moved out of the way, worried that he would start a fight.

Chen Xiang said snappily: "I have never left this place before, okay? Now do you know, I am not Chen Xiang at all, that is just a rumor."

"You guys are so gullible that you even believe rumors without a basis." Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled, before ordering some dishes.

Everyone thought for a bit, then scolded the one who spread the rumors. Little Lizhi, who was upstairs, stomped her feet in anger, because she was the one who came out to release the news.

Right now, the most nervous person was the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, all of the defensive arrays had already been activated, the Xie Clan and the Fire Divine Palace were under Chen Xiang's revenge, and the Heaven Sword City had already been taken care of, so it was definitely the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's turn.

Chen Xiang sat on the first floor of the hotel and chatted with the rest. He felt that he should also give the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace a break since this would remove any suspicions towards the people here.

Long Xueyi was very smart, although Chen Xiang did not say anything, she still went to find the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and caused trouble, blowing up a few branch halls instead of coming to the Demon Imperial Palace's headquarters.

In the palace master's a.s.sessment, all of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's power was concentrated in the Demon Suppressing Palace, so it was normal for Chen Xiang to not come here to cause trouble.

Chen Xiang did not expect Long Xueyi to be so powerful in battle, and that he could settle such a simple matter so easily. He decided that once the Palace Master's matters were resolved, he would go and collect the Tianlong Dan's medicinal ingredients and give them to her in the future.

Long Xueyi made one last trip to the Myriad Dan Immortal Country, and spread the seed matter there. She then set fire to the Flower Emperor's body.

"Little Naughty Dragon, well done. After I settle all the issues here, I will go and collect the Tianlong Dan's ingredients and refine them for you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"You have to keep your word, don't lie to me." When Long Xueyi heard that there was something delicious, he immediately became excited.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Definitely, Flower Emperor has already lost a match, moreover she lost in a strange way, she does not know that she has lost, in the future she will definitely know, who told her to betray my sincerity, see how I will punish her."

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