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Chen Xiang was soaking in the bath, whistling as he scrubbed his body. It seemed that he was in a very good mood.

"Chen Xiang, I know it's you. What the h.e.l.l are you doing?"

Suddenly, a sound came from outside the bathroom, it was Lv Qilian who was outside, giving Chen Xiang a big fright.

"How did she get in?" Chen Xiang immediately asked Long Xueyi.

"She came across s.p.a.ce, they live above you. She's so strong now, it's too easy for her." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang told himself to be calm.

"Are you done yet, or are you trespa.s.sing in my territory? If you don't leave now, I'll be calling for help." Chen Xiang shouted impatiently.

"There might be some misunderstanding between us. We should talk about it." Lv Qilian had already determined that he was Chen Xiang, so he said this in an amiable tone.

"I'm not the Chen Xiang you mentioned, but if you want to talk about it, that's fine. But I don't think there's anything we need to talk about." Chen Xiang suddenly chuckled: "I'm having a really comfortable bath now, I don't want to go out. How about you come in, maybe we can have a nice chat this way."

"You have met the Grandma Lv." Lv Qilian asked.

"What? I don't quite understand what you're saying." Chen Xiang said in an extremely impatient manner, "I already said, don't take me for someone else."

Lv Qilian secretly gritted her teeth as she wished she could rush in and beat him up badly. She did not treat him as anyone else, but in her eyes, this Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor was Chen Xiang.

"If that's the case, then we really have nothing to talk about, looks like you don't want to obtain the Alive Slain Method." After Lv Qilian finished speaking, he sighed lightly and then disappeared.

Chen Xiang secretly sneered in his heart when he heard this. This Lv Qilian had indeed seized on his weakness to make use of him, and he truly wanted to obtain the Alive Slain Method, but he would not be led away by the nose by this woman just because he wanted to obtain the Alive Slain Method.

"From now on, I will no longer be controlled by a woman like you. I will obtain the Alive Slain Method, but I will definitely not lower my head to you."

Chen Xiang's face became gloomy and cold.

"Her control is so strong, she hopes that everything is under her control, but she did not expect you to be so disobedient, and even resist her. If not for Mu Qianxiang, I'm afraid you would have suffered a lot." Su Meiyao said.

"If it wasn't for that wild la.s.s Xiao Xiang, this woman would have suffered even more. Just you wait, I know her weakness now as well." Chen Xiang sneered.

Lv Qilian wanted to find her father, but Holy Devil-suppressing seal was the key. If he could win in the end and had the right to open up the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's treasure trove, then he could obtain the clues left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable and make a deal with Lv Qilian.

Using this method to obtain the Alive Slain Method made him feel more dignified.

But the condition was that he had to defeat the powerful Little Lizhi.

When Chen Xiang walked out of the bathtub, Long Xueyi suddenly shouted in surprise, "This is trouble, there are rumors circulating outside that the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor was Chen Xiang. It should be the Flower Emperor who released her, this woman really has some skills."

Although the Palace Master examination had yet to begin, Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian were already secretly sparring.

"Interesting, seems like this woman is worried that I will use the clues from the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable to make a deal with her, and is hoping to stop this opportunity." Chen Xiang understood after thinking about it, he was no longer being respectful to the Flower Emperor, so he would retaliate and would not show any signs of weakness.

"Xue Yi, spread the news that she is the daughter of Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, you have to add fuel to the fire, say that she wants to find a place in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, it would be best if you say it with reason, but the matters of Grandma Lv must be kept a secret." Chen Xiang laughed: "Then, I'll release a rumor that Flower Emperor has a miraculous seed in his hands."

"Isn't that seed yours?" Long Xueyi said: "You and him have an agreement not to tell anyone about this."

"When I made an agreement with her, I treated her like a good person. Who would have known that she would be so sinister?" Chen Xiang chuckled, "If you have to delay the release of the seed for a period of time and even obtain the ident.i.ty of that old man from the Ancient Starry Sky Region, you can just become that old man and spout nonsense when the time comes."

Chen Xiang sat in his own room, and he could clearly feel that Lv Qinlian's divine sense, which were spying on him, was actually watching him at all times.

"Isn't this giving too much face, Flower Emperor is personally watching me." Chen Xiang laughed secretly in his heart, he guessed that Lv Qilian wanted to see his reaction.

Lv Qilian was sure that Chen Xiang was in the room below. In order to let him know the news, she had told the shopkeeper to go inform him, but Chen Xiang didn't have any reaction, he only smiled.

Not long after, Lv Qilian took out a communication jade tablet, and an urgent message came over.

At this time, Little Lizhi also returned from the outside. She said, "Asgard Mistress, I will try to find out who was spouting nonsense as soon as possible, and then I will cut off his tongue."

The Flower Emperor was the daughter of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. The people from the Hundreds of Flowers Palace were all powerful when using Devil-suppressing method, so this was no longer a secret, so when this news came out, it made people secretly suspicious.

Although Little Lizhi said that, she was still a bit suspicious in her heart, because some of the Devil-suppressing method that they had mastered were things that not even the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s had.

"Seems like that brat really isn't Chen Xiang." Lv Qilian paced back and forth in his room, pondering over something. She was now certain that Chen Xiang had already gone to see the Grandma Lv, otherwise, he would not have known about this.

Lv Qilian kept staring at Chen Xiang, she was sure that Chen Xiang did not have any divine energy undulations nor did he do anything, but the news had spread, but she was still suspicious that the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor might be related to Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang might just be behind the scenes.

"Alright, the entire city is talking about this matter now. Everyone has the heart of a gossip, especially those related to the Flower Emperor, haha." Long Xueyi laughed. With her bragging abilities, she would be able to describe her as square, let alone something that was true.

"What's next, are you sure you want to spread the news about the seed?" Long Xueyi asked.

Chen Xiang sat on a rocking chair and said, "Mn, I'm going somewhere else to spread this news."

Just when Chen Xiang was thinking with his eyes closed, both he and Long Xueyi were suddenly shocked. Because other than Lv Qilian who was using his divine sense to stare at him, there was another person who was also very powerful.

"It should be an antique from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Seems like the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace suspects me."

It could be said that the hatred between him and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was as deep as the ocean. If the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace thought that he was Chen Xiang, not only would he not be allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the Palace Master a.s.sessment, he would even make a move against him.

"You think of a way to go to Xie Tian's Xie Family by yourself, infiltrate into the Xie Family and use the Heavenly dragon seal to exterminate them. Then, you can sneak into the Fire Divine Palace in this Heaven Realm and you can also find a Heavenly dragon seal. Chen Xiang said: "Can you do it?"

"No problem, I can totally use my telekinesis right now and mix with you for the sake of eating more." Long Xueyi laughed.

"Then you must be careful." This was the first time Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to do something like this, and he was a little worried.

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