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Zhao Zhen was helped off by an old man who had jumped onto the stage. Before, he had arrogantly said that he would defeat the other party in one move, but in the end, he was carried away with swollen red eyes, which made people feel that it was a bit funny. However, everyone was more surprised at the strength of this "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor".

"What's the next test? Don't send this guy to fight with me again. You're wasting my time. I thought he was very powerful, but it's just a matter of two punches." Chen Xiang rolled up his sleeves as he asked. From the looks of it, he was planning to fight to his heart's content.

"Brother, the real a.s.sessment will be in a few days. I wonder what relationship you have with the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country?" An elder asked, his att.i.tude towards Chen Xiang had improved a lot, for such a person to be able to join the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was a good thing for them.

"I also wanted to ask you, did the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country eat the wrong pill, to actually shout out such a name? A group of ladies, what nonsense are you doing, why did you waste such a nice name? I don't have any relationship with those women, and I still wanted to smash the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country to pieces, to actually have the same name as me."

Chen Xiang purposely shouted angrily, causing everyone to secretly sweat for him, this was going against the Flower Emperor, who didn't know how powerful the Flower Emperor was, the woman inside the Hundreds of Flowers Palace was not an ordinary girl.

Chen Xiang walked off the stage with big strides and left shamelessly. He walked with such an arrogant manner that others would want to beat him up.

In this Demon Suppressing Palace, the four little immortal kings were extremely famous, because they had a lot of potential. With their handsome appearance, they were also very strong, but the most powerful Zhao Zhen was actually defeated by an arrogant guy who called himself Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor. Furthermore, he suffered a terrible defeat, and did not even have the chance to retaliate.

Chen Xiang's current appearance was that of an ordinary youth, but his current appearance had already been memorized by others. Furthermore, he was currently in the most luxurious hotel in the Demon Suppressing Palace, hugging two beauties, letting them feed and drink.

He had always kept a low profile, he was so high-profile this time, just to annoy Lv Qilian, he never thought that being c.o.c.ky would have such a huge benefit, coming to this hotel, reporting his name, and he could just eat and drink for free, now he understood why those young masters were so arrogant.

Of course, one had to have the ability to be arrogant, or else he would end up like Zhao Zhen, getting beaten up like a dog.

This matter would quickly spread, and the Palace Master selection was something that would normally garner some attention, but now that there was such a person, and even had a relationship with the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country, a good person would immediately spread this matter to the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country, and add fuel to the fire with Chen Xiang's arrogant words, making it so that it reached the ears of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace's girls.

At this time, the powerful female immortal kings in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace all hated this "Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor" to their bones. Many female immortal kings had already consulted the Flower Emperor to suppress this arrogant person.

… ….

Inside the great hall of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

"Mistress, this fellow is too arrogant, he has obviously provoked our Hundreds of Flowers Palace, and no one has dared to do so for so many years. Let us make our move, we can only teach him a lesson, let him know the power of our Hundreds of Flowers Palace, and let him change his name at the same time." A female immortal king said.

"This man indeed deserves a lesson, but his own strength is not weak, seems like he is a rare opponent among the Immortal Kings, if we, the Immortal Kings, were to take him down, it would truly be a joke, not to mention that he is currently in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and is partic.i.p.ating in the Palace Master selection, if we attack him, isn't that just giving the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace an opportunity?" Lv Qilian said, she had also suspected that it was Chen Xiang, but she couldn't understand why Chen Xiang would do such a thing.

"Asgard Master, what should we do? Don't tell me that we won't be able to take this lying down?" Another female Immortal King asked with a face full of anger, she looked as though she wanted to swallow Chen Xiang whole.

"Anyone can partic.i.p.ate in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Palace Master selection. I normally pa.s.s down the Devil-suppressing method to you guys and send one of your strongest people out to partic.i.p.ate. At that time, there will be a compet.i.tion for the Devil-suppressing method.

Lv Qilian swept his eyes across the girls: "But, this person is very strong. If all of you do not have absolute strength, then others will laugh at you."

"Mistress, let me go." A relatively small girl walked out. She had shoulder-length hair and a delicate and pretty face. She did not look like a lady who was dancing with sabers or playing with swords.

"Little Lizhi, it's rare for you to take the initiative. If you go, wouldn't it be bullying?" A tall female immortal king chuckled.

"Just in case, that guy should have retained quite a bit of his strength. If we send the other sisters, it would be a bit risky." Little Lizhi said: "This guy is really infuriating, even if palace master does not agree, I will definitely secretly teach him a lesson."

Lv Qilian smiled slightly: "Alright, let's go now, I will personally go and see how powerful this guy is."

"Mistress, where's Little Xiang? If she makes a move, she should be fine too, right?" Little Lizhi asked.

"She is in closed door cultivation, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's a.s.sessment does not allow her to use weapons, if she does not use a sword, her strength will be greatly reduced, you should go, Devil-suppressing method is what you learn best."

Lv Qilian was the daughter of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, so her Devil-suppressing method was the purest. Furthermore, she had the experience of learning the Devil-suppressing method from many of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's core disciples. Her learning skills were not worse than the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's, but they were all hidden and rarely used.

… ….

Chen Xiang was eating and drinking in a hotel when the hotel suddenly ran in precious. He said worriedly: "Master, Flower Emperor brought a few disciples over. It seems like they are here for you."

"It's great that you're here. I'll let those ladies see who's really strong." Chen Xiang's face did not show any care, which made the shopkeeper admire him a lot.

Two hours later, the shopkeeper ran over again.

"One of them, Little Lizhi, has registered, and defeated the second of the four little immortal kings in one move. It looks like they will fight with you in the future, and they will use fair and square methods to defeat you."

Chen Xiang was drinking tea, watching a group of beautiful women dance, and asked: "Is that Little Lizhi very strong? Is there any relevant information?"

Leader immediately replied: Yes, I heard that she is the leader of the five great flower kings under Flower Emperor, and she may have already broken through the realm of Immortal King, entering the Immortal-becoming realm. Usually, she doesn't make any moves, and the moment she makes her move, there will definitely be someone who will be in trouble, the last time she did so was two thousand years ago.

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