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Chen Xiang looked around, and seeing that everyone's gaze was different, he said: "You don't have a rule that requires you to use a name, right?"

"No, using a name is fine, but if you are able to become a hall master, then you must have a name, submit your name and pay the registration fee. With a million Spiritual crystal, you can then go over and receive the a.s.sessment of the Immortal King's strength." The old man said.

Chen Xiang secretly despised this Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, why did he not test his strength first before paying the registration fee? If he did not pa.s.s the test, then the registration fee of a million Spiritual crystal would have gone down the drain.

"What's that test about?" Chen Xiang looked at the place that the old man had pointed to just now. There was a Contest Ring there, and on top of it stood an ice-cold young man.

If you want to become the hall master of our Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, you must have the strength of an Immortal King. Of course, not any random Immortal King would be able to accomplish that. The old man said.

There were many Palace Masters in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, because all of the Nine Heavens had their own branch palaces which required a strong Immortal King to oversee them.

Chen Xiang handed over a million Spiritual crystal, obtained a jade tablet, and then walked towards the dueling platform.

Only the Immortal King would take the test, and the number of Immortal Kings was very few. Even though there weren't many people in this hall, there weren't many who wanted to register; they were all here to enjoy the show.

Chen Xiang walked to the Contest Ring. The person in front of him was a youth with an ice-cold face, his arms crossed over his chest as if he was extremely powerful. He only stood there and looked at Chen Xiang indifferently.

"Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor, don't you think this t.i.tle is stupid?" The young man looked at Chen Xiang's jade tablet and mocked: "From the looks of it, although you are an Immortal King, it will not be easy for you to pa.s.s my test. Prepare your heart for heavy injuries."

Chen Xiang saw that the other party was so arrogant, he did not want to be outdone, and said: "No matter how stupid your t.i.tle is, that's my problem, it's none of your business, you just have to do your own thing, with your current state, not to mention seriously injuring me, it's already not bad that you can even take a strand of my hair off."

An old man below the stage couldn't help but take a deep breath: "This guy is crazy. Doesn't he know that the person he is facing is the strongest out of the Four Little Immortal Kings in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace?"

"So he's actually the strongest one among the Four Little Fairy Kings. It's said that he's the one ranked first amongst the four strongest young Immortal Kings in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, called Zhao Zhen. I heard that he's reached the ninth level of Devil Subduing Method."

"This guy is Zhao Zhen, the last time he went to Mo Tian, he made the demons there fear him for a few days."

When Chen Xiang heard everyone talking about Zhao Zhen, he finally understood that this guy in charge of testing strength had some true abilities.

When Zhao Zhen heard others talking about him, he raised his head even higher. That kind of flattery made him extremely proud, and the gaze with which he looked at Chen Xiang was even more disdainful.

"When sparring, use the techniques related to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. You cannot use weapons." An old man shouted, "Let's begin."

Zhao Zhen felt that this fellow was an arrogant guy who didn't know his limits. He wanted to give him a good beating as well, but he actually said such arrogant words.

"I'll knock you down with one move." When Zhao Zhen saw that the compet.i.tion stage's great array had been opened, the Devil-suppressing holy power on his body flourished and surged out in a visible manner, looking like a golden flame that jumped all over his body.

Although the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had declined, his foundation was still there. As the strongest cultivator in the young generation of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Chen Xiang would only find it strange if he was not able to cultivate the Devil-suppressing holy power.

"Crack …" A series of five thunderous booms came out, it was actually the power of the fifth level of Devil Subduing Method.

Using the explosive power of the fifth floor of the Devil Subduing Method, Zhao Zhen allowed his body to instantly appear in front of Chen Xiang as he swung out a fist.

For many people, using Devil-suppressing holy power and Devil Subduing Method Level 5 from the very beginning was a very terrifying attack. If the opponent was a Demon King or Demon King, they would definitely have to lie down.

Just when everyone thought that Chen Xiang was a little pitiful, another burst of thunderclaps rang out. It was urgent and fast, unexpectedly nine times in a row.

Chen Xiang was also using Devil Subduing Method, but he was still Level 9. And it looked like he had used it very skillfully.

"Haha." Chen Xiang laughed out wildly, and threw a fist at him. He was taller, and his arm was also a little longer than Zhao Zhen's.

Zhao Zhen's fist had only stopped right in front of Chen Xiang's nose because Chen Xiang's fist with lightning speed had already smashed into his eyes.


First, Chen Xiang was at the ninth level of the Devil Subduing Method, then, he unleashed his energy to attack Zhao Zhen's left eye, which also created an extremely strong suction force to prevent Zhao Zhen from flying out.

Clap clap …

Chen Xiang waved both of his palms, and instantly, dozens of palms flew out, hitting Zhao Zhen hard and fast. The last palm was especially strong and directly sent Zhao Zhen flying.

Zhao Zhen laid on the stage, moaning softly, his heart was filled with rage, he covered one eye and slowly stood up. Chen Xiang did not use that unscrupulous Holy Spirit Qi, he only used his physical body, if not Zhao Zhen would have turned into ashes.

"Are you sure you can't do it? If you can't, then go up and fight me with a stronger opponent. With your little strength, I'm really worried that I'll beat you to death if you're not careful. I can't even let go of your hands and feet." Chen Xiang crossed his hands on his waist, and arrogantly shouted.

Everyone was still immersed in the scene just now. When they thought back to it, they were secretly shocked, Chen Xiang was just like an adult grabbing a naughty kid and beating them fiercely. He had the power to beat the opponent to death, but was worried that he would be held accountable, so he did not use his strongest power.

"I'll kill you." The furious Zhao Zhen almost roared as he rushed over.

"Hmph." Chen Xiang stomped his foot, and a gold light flashed beneath his feet, a golden light slashed across the ground like lightning, and turned into a golden circular array beneath Zhao Zhen's feet, preventing him from moving.

Seeing those runes, everyone immediately knew that it was Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's "Devil-suppressing qi array". Chen Xiang had only stomped his feet on the ground and released a Demon Sealing Array, so he was very familiar with it.

Of course, Zhao Zhen knew the power of the Demon Sealing Qi Formation. It was something that would be rather difficult to release in the Devil-suppressing qi array, and would require a lot of Devil-suppressing holy power. Once released, it would be able to trap the Demon King for a period of time.

Chen Xiang took two steps forward to the front of Zhao Zhen, and after a few more thunderous booms, Chen Xiang unleashed Devil Subduing Method level nine, throwing a punch towards Zhao Zhen's other eye.

With a boom, Zhao Zhen's other eye was violently punched by Chen Xiang. At this moment, he only felt his vision blur, his eyes were already swollen from being hit by Chen Xiang, and looked extremely comical.

"Stop." An old man anxiously shouted, if this continued, Chen Xiang would definitely destroy that Zhao Zhen, and Chen Xiang's use of the Devil-suppressing method was truly shocking, his familiarity level was already higher than many of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's old immortal kings.

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