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Chen Xiang really wanted to stay and see what kind of big shot Ji Yuan had invited. However, when he saw Lv Qilian's expression, he knew that he had to leave Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

She and Chen Xiang were secretly working together, but she didn't want the other forces to know about it, in order to not attract any unnecessary trouble to her.

Mu Qianxiang pulled Chen Xiang along and quickly walked to an underground stone room.

"Brother, you have to be careful. You've been missing for a hundred years, I'm very worried about you." Mu Qianxiang hugged Chen Xiang and kissed him on the cheek.

Chen Xiang laughed, and caressed her face: "En, those guys can't do anything to me, you better take care of yourself."

When Chen Xiang stepped into the Transmission array, Mu Qianxiang was still a little reluctant. She bit her lips and watched Chen Xiang disappear into the Transmission array.

Arriving at a place with no one around, Chen Xiang opened the map that Lv Qilian had given him.

Although it was a dangerous place, he had been to the most dangerous forbidden Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm before. Furthermore, he was now an Immortal King, so he dared to go to that place.

"This map seems a bit c.r.a.ppy. I don't even know where it is."

Chen Xiang looked at the map, although the description was extremely detailed, it was only a small area. It was nine days big, he could not tell where the area described on the map was, and there were no hints at all.

"Seriously, do you want me to go back?" Chen Xiang felt very troubled, the map he took to the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm previously gave him a headache.

"sister Meiyao, where are you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It looks familiar, but it's impossible." Su Meiyao wasn't too sure.

"This map is very new, it should have been drawn not long ago. Could it be that Flower Emperor already allowed you to go and find her, that's why I gave this map to you?" Bai Youyou said: "They do look familiar, the places drawn on them are very similar to the Hundred Flowers Mountain Range in this main palace."

"The Alive Slain Method is right here." Chen Xiang was in disbelief: "Let's go check it out first. That place is dangerous."

"It's not dangerous, but that was the place where the Hundreds of Flowers Palace grew the herbs. I don't know why it became abandoned in the end." Su Meiyao was also very suspicious, "After that, that place wasn't dangerous either. Flower Emperor did warn you before, that place is very dangerous."

Chen Xiang returned to the busy city and bought a book. There were many maps drawn on it, all of them being the main palaces of the Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace.

He compared it with the map and confirmed that it really was the Hundred Flowers Mountain Range.

"So close." After Chen Xiang confirmed the news, he immediately headed towards the Hundred Flowers Mountain Range.

Because the Hundred Flowers Mountain Range was within this immortal palace, it was very safe and there wouldn't be any demonic beasts there.

In an immortal palace, there would be no danger. This was because the people who entered this immortal palace were there for the sake of safety.

Chen Xiang followed the map and displayed Shrinking step in the air. Stepping in the air, he rushed into the high alt.i.tude of the mountain and rushed towards the red dot on the map.

"There isn't a cliff here either. Could it be that the woman was the one who teased me? She's too bored." Chen Xiang had already arrived at the top of the mountain. Looking down from high alt.i.tudes, he only saw a few abandoned buildings, and the marked point was at the top of a mountain.

When Chen Xiang came here, he also discovered a strange phenomenon, it was that the immortal energy here was extremely spa.r.s.e. Logically speaking, the immortal energy in a palace should be relatively dense, even the immortal energy in the wasteland would be much denser than here, let alone the fact that there were many sky-high trees here.

Chen Xiang landed on top of that mountain peak. There was a small hut and a small courtyard that was casually surrounded.

There was actually someone living here, Chen Xiang immediately understood that Lv Qinlian had asked him to come here to find someone.

Chen Xiang wanted to knock on the door, but the door opened. A good looking old lady in a black robe, holding onto a white jade staff, slowly walked out.

This old granny had a head of white hair neatly combed and wore an old hair ornament. Her skin was like jade and well maintained. There were only a few wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, making her look a little old. However, she looked very energetic.

The white jade staff in her hand was extremely beautiful. At the top of the long staff was a lifelike rabbit. The white jade staff was surrounded by white mist, and it seemed to possess a life of its own.

"Is there something you need from me?" The old granny asked softly. Her voice was very soft and did not carry any dignity. Although she did not smile, she gave people a kind feeling.

"Flower Emperor gave me a map, and then I arrived here." Chen Xiang took out the map. He was very curious about the ident.i.ty of this old granny, and she seemed to be a very strong person. However, he and Long Xueyi were not able to feel the energy fluctuations from her body, as though she was a mortal.

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the map over. When the old granny reached out to receive it, her withered hand suddenly trembled.

In that instant, Chen Xiang also felt something drilling into his body, but it quickly disappeared from the inside of his body.

Chen Xiang suddenly retracted his hands, and retreated a few steps, his face full of vigilance.

"What did you do to me?" Chen Xiang frowned and asked, there was a trace of anger in his tone. His body had an extremely strong defense, but that indescribable energy could easily enter his body.

"You are actually the descendant of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. I didn't think that after the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, there would be someone who can cultivate the Demon Suppressing Body. I just used some poison to confirm that you are completely fine right now, it's all because of the Devil-suppressing Golden Body."

Chen Xiang frowned: "You are the legendary Grandma Lv."

Grandma Lv was slightly surprised as she said, "You know quite a lot, Qilian asked you to come find me because she wants me to tell you where the Alive Slain Method is hidden. Normally, only people that she trusts will do so, what relationship do you have with her, are you her man?"

"But that's not right. Your strength is far inferior to hers. She shouldn't be looking for a man weaker than her for a husband."

"Can't you just ask her directly?" Chen Xiang was getting impatient. He was facing a genuine old wicked woman, he just wanted to leave this place quickly.

"No, I can't leave here, and she can't come in here and talk to me." Grandma Lv laughed out loud. "I lost the bet with her, so I have to do as she says."

Young lad, don't be afraid. You have the Devil-suppressing Golden Body.

Chen Xiang was originally not very afraid of her, but when she said that, he actually started to be afraid.

"Grandma Lv... You know where the Alive Slain Method is, hurry up and tell me, I'm anxiously looking for it. " Chen Xiang forced a smile.

"Hehe, if you don't tell me what your relationship is with that girl, then I won't tell you." The Grandma Lv smiled mischievously as he sat on a stone bench.

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