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"What is your relationship with Lv Qinlian?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"She is my junior. You are not allowed to speak of this matter to anyone else. My junior believes in you so much, so you must keep it a secret." Lv Qilian said, "I know that you have a pretty good relationship with this junior sister when she was in Di Tian."

"So you're also a Lotus Goblin."

"You are the spirit, I am a human, but I was adopted by the Grandma Lv. Since you know that my junior sister who used poison is surnamed Lu, you should also know about the matters of the Grandma Lv." Lv Qilian rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang in an extremely flirtatious manner.

"I've heard of it." Chen Xiang should have already known that there was definitely someone very powerful behind the Flower Emperor.

How powerful was he? It was said that he was only a little bit away from becoming the Demon Emperor, but he had gone missing, but her descendants had once defeated a hall master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

"So you also use poison." Chen Xiang was a little curious.

Lv Qilian did not reply, because that mysterious Grandma Lv was also known as the Poison Monarch. Since she was related to that Grandma Lv, it was impossible for her to not use poison.

"Does Xiao Xiang know about this?" Chen Xiang never thought that Mu Qianxiang's master was actually such a dangerous guy. Although it looked beautiful on the surface, he was actually a poison expert.

"Only you know." Lv Qilian smiled at him, causing Chen Xiang to feel a bit scared.

"You won't kill me in the future, right?" Chen Xiang purposely had a face full of fear, but his eyes were filled with laughter.

"No, you are a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School." Lv Qilian said with a deeper meaning.

Chen Xiang suddenly understood that the Little Demon Empress Lv Qinlian who went to Di Tian earlier should have taken root there, and the Hundreds of Flowers Palace who stood behind Lv Qinlian would definitely be this Hundreds of Flowers Palace. In the future, when Di Tian took shape, he who possessed the dragon bloodline would definitely be the best ally, and this woman would also take Mu Qianxiang as her disciple.

Chen Xiang suddenly had a feeling that he was being schemed against, and he also felt that this Flower Emperor in front of him, was waiting for him to step into the spiderweb that she had weaved.

"The older the better." Chen Xiang muttered.

"Of course, you're still too young." Lv Qilian said with a smile that was not a smile. She could also tell that Chen Xiang had guessed something.

"It's fine to work with me, but don't be delusional and step on me. Although I'm not as strong as you right now, it's hard to say in the future." Chen Xiang was giving Lv Qilian a warning not to think about capturing his Dragon Subduing School.

"The same goes for you." Lv Qilian laughed softly, it was a little cold.

Chen Xiang did not say anything. He wished that he could subdue these two martial sisters at his crotch. To think that he had schemed against her for such a long time. To think that he had been scheming against her, and treated Lv Qinlian so well, and even gave her some strange poison.

"Don't say anything later, Qianxiang doesn't need to know so many things." Lv Qilian said in a low voice.

Previously, Mu Qianxiang and Lv Qilian were training in the courtyard, but Lv Qilian suddenly left for a long time, causing Mu Qianxiang to become impatient, wanting to go out and see what was happening.

Just as she wanted to go out, Lv Qilian brought Chen Xiang to enter the courtyard. When Mu Qianxiang saw Chen Xiang, he was extremely surprised and immediately flew over.

"d.a.m.n old bro, where have you been for the past hundred years?" Mu Qianxiang pounded on Chen Xiang's chest.

Mu Qianxiang looked even more wild than before, with just her disguise, she could easily engage in any kind of intense battle. Coming out of the forbidden grounds, after seeing the many different colored worlds, her charm had increased by a bit, but her face was still like a playful wild girl in Chen Xiang's eyes.

"I'm here, aren't I?" Chen Xiang laughed and pinched her beautiful face.

"We had originally planned to save Liu Meng'er at the wedding, but who knew that you would appear so quickly? That's why we didn't show ourselves."

Back then, it was Liu Meng'er who had recommended her to see the Flower Emperor, and she also knew the relationship between Liu Meng'er and herself. Of course she had to help, since the relationship between the two of them was not bad, and she had a way to bring Liu Meng'er away.

"Brother, you are really rude. You made the Heaven Sword City look like that, you are so awesome, I like it." Mu Qianxiang patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "If you want to do this next time, bring me along."

Chen Xiang laughed and looked at Lv Qilian. In order for Lv Qilian to save Liu Meng'er, he felt very grateful in his heart.

"I was also in danger back then. I almost got killed by that Fire Emperor." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I almost did not, didn't you escape with Elder Sister Meng'er?" Mu Qianxiang looked at Lv Qilian, and laughed: "If my master was like this in the future, would you help me save master like this?"

In the eyes of outsiders, Chen Xiang risking his life to save Liu Meng'er, was all because of Xue Xianxian. Of course, even if Chen Xiang did not have that relationship with him, he would still do it for him.

"Of course." Chen Xiang laughed and pinched her face: "But this kind of thing will never happen, no one in this world can control the Flower Emperor's marriage, right?"

"Of course, there aren't many men who can marry her."

Mu Qianxiang seemed to be telling her bad brother not to have any ideas about her master. Although Chen Xiang only had a single wife, she knew very well how much malicious water Chen Xiang had left in his stomach. Especially after all these years, she had found out that Chen Xiang had a lot of rumors, all about him and the women by her side.

"You are now an Immortal King and have the inheritance of the Fire Emperor. You might be able to become a female Sword Emperor in the future, and become even more powerful than me." Chen Xiang laughed: "That holy sword is still useful right? I have a few more swords here, but they are all holy swords left behind by the Evil Emperor."

Chen Xiang took out the swords that he had stolen from Xie Kang and Xie Kang. One was black, and the other was blood-red.

"It's better not to give this to her. If her heart isn't strong enough, she would be easily affected by Evil Emperor's evil sword intent. The devil slayer holy sword in her hand is already good enough." When Lv Qilian saw the two evil Holy Sword, he could not help but frown.

"Mistress, there is someone outside seeking an audience. Ji Yuan has invited a big shot, he said that he has urgent matters to meet you, I have already invited that big shot to the guest hall." A voice suddenly rang out from outside.

A seed had been taken away by Chen Xiang, and Ji Yuan was worried that Chen Xiang had already seen him, and was afraid that he would beat him to it. Helpless, he could only invite an important figure from the Ancient Starry Sky Region to find out if Chen Xiang had met with him yet.

"Got it, I'm going out now." Lv Qilian replied and then sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Leave this place quickly. That person should be from the Archaeus region of the starry sky.

"Xiao Xiang, bring your brother and use that Transmission array to leave. Someone come find him." Lv Qilian said.

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