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The stone room was very bright, and on top of the room hung a few large white pearls. When he came in, the door was opened, and in the middle of the stone room sat a middle-aged man wearing a fire-red robe. Liu Meng'er, who was trapped in a forbidden area in the corner.

"Are you alright?" Chen Xiang looked at Liu Meng'er and smiled.

"Not bad." Liu Meng'er said softly.

Chen Xiang walked towards her as if he did not see the middle-aged man who sat on the stone chair in the middle.

The middle aged man was tall and st.u.r.dy, although the stone chair was very big, he looked crowded sitting there. His face was covered with a black beard, and his eyes stared blankly at the ground, as though Chen Xiang had never come in, and stared blankly at the floor.

The formation that trapped Liu Meng'er was not that complicated, he broke it open in a few steps and released Liu Meng'er out. Liu Meng'er could not believe it, because the person sitting there did not stop Chen Xiang.

Although Chen Xiang looked very calm, his heart was thumping hard. He did not dare believe that the Fire Emperor would let him save Liu Meng'er just like that.

"Let's go." Chen Xiang pulled Liu Meng'er and walked towards the door. He did not look at the Fire Emperor but he felt that it would not be that easy.

As expected, just as he was about to bring Liu Meng'er out of the stone room, the Fire Emperor spoke.

"You have the White Tiger Divine Weapon in your hands, right? The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, the killer's hand, the Suzaku silk is right here. I didn't expect to encounter three of them at the same time." Fire Emperor's voice was calm as he raised his head and looked at Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang was fighting with Luo Yitao outside earlier, although Fire Emperor was not outside, he could see everything clearly.

Chen Xiang said: "That's right, even though you encountered it, you were unable to, you should have seen the Suzaku silk, the moment Four Symbols Divine Weapons identifies the person, you would not be able to shake him off even if you wanted to, and even if you die, you would not be able to shake him off.

"I've heard of this before, back then Qi Shi used half his life to cut off the connection between him and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, I'm afraid you guys can't do it now, but I never thought that over the years, so many people would come to find trouble with you in order to s.n.a.t.c.h your divine weapon, but they didn't know that these weapons were not theirs, and would never be theirs to own."

Fire Emperor's face revealed a ridiculing smile. He was ridiculing those people who tried to steal the divine weapons, but in the end, most of them had died in Chen Xiang's hands.

"You seem very naive." Fire Emperor laughed: "You think you can bring him away just like this? You should know who I am."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course I know, you must be the famous Fire Emperor, I have heard about your matters a long time ago. Back then, you and Ice Emperor were beaten so badly by Ten Heavens Supreme Lord that you ran away clutching your head like a rat, half dead, and your partner Ice Emperor was even killed by me without leaving anything behind."

Liu Meng'er was stunned for a moment, and then, he forcefully squeezed Chen Xiang's hand. He clearly knew that it was Fire Emperor, yet he deliberately said such words to enrage everyone.

Fire Emperor was startled and then laughed out loud. "Since you know, why are you so naive, do you really believe that you can run away and bring a person along?"

Don't you think you're also very naive? You really think you're powerful, although you're relatively stronger in the nine heavens, that doesn't mean you can control everything in the nine heavens. You're not a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord yet, and you don't have the strength you once had. Chen Xiang also laughed out loud.

Liu Meng'er pinched his nails together with Chen Xiang, she was very worried that Chen Xiang would be smashed into pieces by the Fire Emperor's palm.

I really admire you. You can kill the Ice Emperor and destroy his corpse and soul, I don't know how you did it, but you can also obtain the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, and you can also obtain the Ground killing, and you can also master the divine cauldron left behind by a Divine Craftsman.

"However, you must understand now, although I do not have the strength I had back then, I am still alive. I am not half dead like the Ice Emperor, and my strength is much stronger than those fellows outside."

Fire Emperor paused for a moment, before continuing, "On what basis do you think you can escape in front of me?"

Chen Xiang said, "That's right, you were once one of the Nine Emperor's. Although you did not have the strength you had before, a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse. There is indeed no possibility for me to escape with a person in front of you."

"Since that's the case, why did you still anger me? Could it be your last moments of struggle? However, you should know that I will not kill you. You have what I want on you, especially you." The Fire Emperor said.

Chen Xiang was an ancient treasury, and the things he had, even the experts of the Primordial Era would risk everything to s.n.a.t.c.h it.

"Just based on this." A Chaos Fire Token appeared in Chen Xiang's hands. Seeing the Chaos Fire Token, Fire Emperor's face changed, and at that moment, the Chaos Fire Token released a protective divine light that stopped Fire Emperor from moving.

Chen Xiang stored Liu Meng'er into the ring, and Long Xueyi's power suddenly surged into his body, allowing him to unleash the most powerful of the laws of s.p.a.ce and travel a greater distance.

Chen Xiang disappeared from the stone room, while Duan Ming and the rest who were fighting outside also received the notice, and went to his side.

In a short period of time, they had all retreated to Huang Jintian's side, blocking the incoming attacks.

"Let's go." Huang Jintian immediately activated his technique and brought everyone to disappear from the Heaven Sword City.

Just as Huang Jintian and the rest were about to leave, a huge pillar of fire suddenly spewed out of the huge palace in the middle of the Heaven Sword City, causing the entire hall to be destroyed by the Fire Emperor.

"Chen Xiang." The furious roars of the Fire Emperor could be heard for thousands of miles around. When the experts heard it, they knew that Chen Xiang had successfully saved Liu Meng'er.

To actually be able to bring her away in front of Fire Emperor, the many experts could not imagine how Chen Xiang did it. After that furious roar, Fire Emperor also quickly left the messy Heaven Sword City.

Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er were walking hand in hand in the middle of a beautiful forest, it was very warm and cozy.

"Little Scoundrel, you scared me to death, I didn't expect you to really be able to escape." Liu Meng'er pinched Chen Xiang's cheek and laughed.

"Someone like the Fire Emperor would inevitably act so arrogantly. If he had taken me down as soon as I entered, there wouldn't have been so many problems. After all, he didn't want to show off and he didn't have absolute strength."

Chen Xiang grabbed onto Liu Meng'er's jade hands, then wrapped his arms around her slender waist and hugged her fragrant lips.

Just as the two were kissing pa.s.sionately, Long Xueyi shouted, "They're here."

Chen Xiang was unwilling to part with Liu Meng'er, and there were also many people in front. Even though they looked exhausted, they were not severely injured, and every one of them had smiles plastered all over their faces. To be able to successfully save Liu Meng'er from the Heaven Sword City, made everyone feel a great sense of accomplishment.

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