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Xie Kang is dead, this guy really isn't. After obtaining the Evil Emperor's inheritance, he's still so weak, and was even killed by you with just one palm. To think that the people outside are even comparing him to me, this is simply a kind of humiliation to me. The fight outside was in full swing, but Luo Yitao was extremely calm, as if nothing had happened outside.

"It seems that if I want to save Elder Sister Meng'er, I have to kill you first." He had a connection with Liu Meng'er's Suzaku silk, as long as they were in the vicinity, he would be able to sense that Liu Meng'er was currently in the great hall.

"Don't be naive, even if you could kill me, you wouldn't be able to save Liu Meng'er. Do you know who is there, do you really think that the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa is making a deal with our Heaven Sword City? Do you really think that we would all go out to fight you, and not leave a single expert behind to keep an eye on the important Liu Meng'er?" Luo Yitao laughed coldly, although he still had his arrogance from before, he had matured a lot, and was not as impulsive as before.

Chen Xiang thought about it, and felt that it made sense. The fact that the Heaven Sword City and the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa were willing to bear such a huge loss to prevent Liu Meng'er from being saved, and that the Fire Divine Palace, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the Xie Clan were all here, made the trade behind the scenes unimaginable.

"In that case, the Fire Emperor is looking at her." Chen Xiang took a small breath and asked.

"You're quite smart. You were able to guess that this lord is here, so you will definitely lose today." Luo Yitao's lips curled into a disdainful smile: "After a hundred years, you have become much stronger, but today, you will die here."

"I'm not dead yet. There is no absolute in this world." Chen Xiang smiled indifferently: "I have indeed killed the Ice Emperor, so even if the Fire Emperor is here, I do not need to be afraid. Also, no matter what, you will definitely die before me, because I will immediately send you on your way."

The Fire Emperor was indeed here, but Long Xueyi had already sensed it. Chen Xiang could only take one step at a time, and get rid of the ones who were blocking the road first.

"The one who will die will be you. In the end, I will marry Liu Meng'er over, haha …" Luo Yitao laughed out loud, transforming into a red shadow, flashing towards Chen Xiang.

This Luo Yitao was much more powerful than Xie Kang, who knew how he managed to cultivate such a terrifying Evil Force.

Originally, Chen Xiang thought that Luo Yitao would appear to his left, so he immediately dodged to the side, but that Luo Yitao also had extremely fast movement speed, he actually appeared on his right side right away, unexpectedly slashing towards Chen Xiang's neck, if he did not dodge quickly, his head would have been cut off already.

"Are you still not taking out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s? Otherwise, you will have no chance of survival at all." Seeing Chen Xiang being frightened by his own sword, Luo Yitao was a little pleased with himself and rushed forward again, this time his sword attack was much stronger than last time.

The moment the sword was unleashed, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was immediately shaken by the powerful evil power that suddenly surged out from his body. Black cracks appeared in the s.p.a.ce, and tyrannical s.p.a.ce power gushed out from the inside.

"I don't need a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to kill you." Both of Chen Xiang's hands flashed with a white light, and a pair of white gloves appeared. The killing intent in the hall suddenly became stronger, and completely suppressed Luo Yitao's Evil Qi.

The blood-red sword hacked over. He reached out to grab it, wanting to grab it. Unfortunately, the sword's body was extremely st.u.r.dy, but he still held onto it tightly, kicking out at the same time.

Luo Yitao wanted to pull the sword out, but he used a lot of strength but he was unable to do so. It was as if he was connected to Chen Xiang's palm, he predicted that Chen Xiang would kick him, so he also kicked Chen Xiang.


Chen Xiang circulated most of the Holy Spirit Force in his body and poured it into his thigh. Immediately, golden light overflowed from all directions, and fiercely kicked at Luo Yitao's leg, stepping on it. The strong Holy Spirit Force and the strength of his Body of Heavenly Sage combined, causing his kick to be extremely overbearing and violent, forcefully ripping Luo Yitao's leg apart.

"Ahh …" Luo Yitao screamed out, and the moment he released his hand, the blood red sword was immediately pulled away by Chen Xiang.

The strength on Chen Xiang's thigh had yet to dissipate. He raised his leg and swept past Luo Yitao's chest, forming a large chunk of flesh.

Luo Yitao retreated a few steps, his entire body shivered, he could not believe that Chen Xiang's strength was actually this terrifying, his entire body was like a divine weapon, a large chunk of flesh and blood on his chest seemed to have been scooped out, even the armor on his body had difficulty defending.

This was the terror of holy power. Adding to the Body of Heavenly Sage, Chen Xiang could use this kind of terrifying power without restraint, making his entire body as strong as a holy weapon.

Chen Xiang put away the Holy Weapon that he had just s.n.a.t.c.hed away and rushed over to the side of the shocked Luo Yitao. His fist was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with holy energy, as he fiercely smashed it onto Luo Yitao's face.

A "peng" sound was heard.

A chunk of flesh, along with a piece of bone, was thrown out from Luo Yitao's face.

Bang bang bang.

Chen Xiang's fists were like rain, fiercely smashing Luo Yitao's body.

"You can't die that easily." Chen Xiang laughed coldly, his fists and legs were so ferocious that they wreaked havoc on Luo Yitao. At this moment, a few Immortal Kings had already rushed in, and seeing that Chen Xiang could strike out with his flesh and blood, they could not help but shiver.

"Chen Xiang... "Ah …" Luo Yitao screamed out, that scream was filled with endless hatred and fear, and it resonated throughout the hall. That despair made everyone who heard it tremble.

"I've said it before, you will definitely die before me. Evil demon, go to h.e.l.l." Chen Xiang's palm burned with fire, with a flash of rainbow colored light, it flew towards Luo Yitao.

The fire was no longer a heavenly fire, but a holy fire.

The Rainbow Sacred Flame was extremely terrifying. Even before the flames even touched Luo Yitao's body, just that aura was already enough to burn Luo Yitao's b.l.o.o.d.y body into ashes.

After Chen Xiang killed Luo Yitao, he took a deep breath, because the enemy he would be facing next, was possibly the strongest enemy he had ever encountered, the Fire Emperor, one of the Nine Emperors.

Outside the great hall, the fighting was still in full swing, but inside the great hall where Chen Xiang was, there was a kind of suffocating silence. Those Immortal Kings who had just recently entered the hall had now retreated.

Chen Xiang followed the reaction between him and the Suzaku silk and took a heavy step forward. He didn't know what would happen next, but he had to go.

"Maybe we can talk about this guy. You have more precious things than Suzaku silk." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "There's nothing to talk about with this person, I have already prepared for the worst."

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