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The sudden appearance of the profoundyang Fire Crow surprised all the strong warriors, but Duan Ming and the old ice dragon all secretly laughed. They had all experienced the strength of this profoundyang Fire Crow before, it was enough for that Divine Artisan descendant to get humiliated.

In order to allow Chen Xiang to find Liu Meng'er smoothly, Huang Jintian, Long Huishan and the others felt that they had joined the battle, fighting against a few powerful Immortal Kings.

In the blink of an eye, many experts started fighting in the sky above the grand palace in the middle of the Heaven Sword City.

"Chen Xiang, I never thought that you would still be alive. Xie Kang suddenly flew over, holding a black large sword in his hand, releasing an evil aura. One look and one could tell that it was related to the Evil Emperor.

Chen Xiang recognized Xie Kang with a glance. Xie Kang had grown very fast by relying on the Evil Emperor's inheritance, and was already in the middle stage of the Immortal King Stage.

Xie Kang flew over, the pitch-black sword in his hand flew out, transforming into a ray of black light that shot towards Chen Xiang.

"Is this also a sacred sword?" When Chen Xiang felt the powerful Evil Force from the sword, he could not help but be shocked, and took out the divine cauldron.

He enlarged the cauldron and aimed the gap towards the incoming black broadsword. The broadsword entered the cauldron and he immediately closed the lid. Then, he kept the cauldron.

"You …" Xie Kang was startled, he had initially had confidence in his sword strike, even if he was unable to attack Chen Xiang, he could still probe Chen Xiang's strength, but who knew that Chen Xiang would actually use the divine furnace to receive his sword.

"Thank you once again for sending me the sword." Chen Xiang chuckled, and continued to rush towards the palace, where Liu Meng'er was now.

He had already gifted three Holy Swords to Chen Xiang. Originally, he had planned to find a chance to repay the favor, but now, he had even given him a Holy Sword.

"Don't look down on others. I definitely won't let you succeed today." Xie Kang roared, his hair suddenly started dancing wildly, both of his eyes turning red, both of his fingers suddenly became very long, as though there was a small blood sword growing out.

"Evil G.o.d Palm." Xie Kang growled, the Evil Qi on his body gushed out, suddenly a black thick cloud appeared in the sky, transforming into a black gigantic palm that pressed down towards Chen Xiang.

"Such insignificant skill, break it for me." Chen Xiang made a grasping motion in the air, and all the immortal energy around him surged, condensing into a faint golden energy ball in his palm.

When the black Evil G.o.d Palm pressed down, Chen Xiang threw out the ball of Holy Spirit Qi.

The golden ball of energy was only the size of a grain of rice compared to the black Evil G.o.d's Palm. Upon seeing it, Xie Kang couldn't help but sneer.

However, the moment the ball of energy came into contact with the Evil G.o.d's palm, it suddenly exploded, flashing with an extremely intense golden light. It was as glaring as the sun, and the Evil G.o.d's palm formed from a large amount of Evil Qi was instantly purified.

"This... How is that possible? " Xie Kang and Luo Yitao had been using it a lot. Every time they used it, it would cause a huge commotion, but it was destroyed by Chen Xiang in an instant.

When the other experts saw Xie Kang unleashing the Evil G.o.d's Palm, they knew that Chen Xiang was about to be suppressed. Although the power of the Evil G.o.d's Palm was still very strong even when it was used by a middle stage Immortal King, Chen Xiang was stronger.

What Chen Xiang had just used was the true Devil-suppressing holy power. Originally, the Devil-suppressing holy power only carried the power of a sacred spirit, but now, it was the holy power of a genuine expert of the Holy level.

"Although you gave me three Holy Swords, and I am very grateful to you, you can go and die now." Chen Xiang knew that if he did not kill this Xie Kang, he would definitely be pestered.

"Come on, I want to see how you will kill me. Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, I'm sorry, I don't have that blade with me, we have already found a way to restrain it." Xie Kang laughed coldly, on his blood red hand, a green light suddenly appeared, the sharp nails on it flickered with a purple light, it looked like it was extremely poisonous.

"To deal with trash like you, I don't even need a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword."

Xie Kang, who was in the distance just a moment ago, suddenly appeared above Xie Kang's head. Xie Kang sensed a oppressing power in the sky that caused him to feel fear and trepidation. He wanted to dodge, but the evil energy in his body seemed to have already lost its power, causing him to be unable to move.

Chen Xiang appeared above Xie Kang, his palm diving down towards the ground while his palm had a very small golden word. The Holy Devil-suppressing seal appeared in his palm and released waves after waves of vigorous Devil-suppressing holy power, forming a simple yet imposing gigantic word.

"Die." Chen Xiang shouted, and the gigantic character immediately released a burst of killing intent, at that moment, Xie Kang screamed in despair, it was too late for the Xie Family experts in the distance to rush over.


The clear and loud sound shook the entire s.p.a.ce, as though it was ripping apart the heaven and earth, and the moment the word 'suppress' came out, the entire world seemed to collapse. Xie Kang's entire body was filled with Evil Qi, but facing the word 'suppress', all that was left was ashes and smoke, and his soul scattered all over.

"An evil being is an evil being, with just that bit of strength, you want me to reveal my Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, hmph."

With that palm strike from Chen Xiang just now, a large building in the middle of Heaven Sword City was destroyed, and the ground seemed to have been flipped several times.

"Kang'er." The old man from the Xie Clan roared, and started to fight even more crazily with Duan Ming.

He had already suffered some injuries on his body, so he could only hope that Chen Xiang would hurry up and rescue Liu Meng'er and let him leave this place as soon as possible.

Even after Xie Kang died, he was still killed by Chen Xiang's palm strike. It was as simple as killing a dog, he didn't even use his weapon.

Although Luo Yitao had always been addressed as the youngest and strongest Immortal King, Xie Kang was also about the same as him.

Chen Xiang was not worried about Liu Meng'er, because Liu Meng'er had the Suzaku silk on him, it was a divine weapon that could attack and defend.

Along the way, there were a few Immortal Kings who wanted to stop Chen Xiang, but were all killed by Chen Xiang using the divine cauldrons one by one. When he controlled the divine cauldrons to fly out, the people who were attacked were as if they were facing an incomparably heavy mountain.

In the Heavenly Sword Hall, Chen Xiang saw Luo Yitao holding onto a red long sword and wearing a set of clothes that emitted a strange red light. In his hand was a purple ring, one could tell that he had obtained this equipment from the tomb.

Luo Yitao was not the least bit nervous as he looked at Chen Xiang with a smile.

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