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When Chen Xiang was in the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, he used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to destroy the Immortal meridians in the ground, which was why it caused such a huge amount of damage.

"If we destroy this mountain, the Heaven Sword City will not fall down. I have observed that there are still many large formations at the bottom of the Heaven Sword City, and when the time comes, they can be suspended in the air. But if we destroy the Immortal Meridians, they will definitely cause some of their large formations to die." Xue Xianxian said.

Duan Ming said: "Then everyone please quickly leave this cave and leave the matter of this mountain to me."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Let's destroy them first, the rest of you who are injured, leave this place first."

Duan Chong nodded his head: "I'll take these brats and leave first."

Yun Xiaodao and the others were also injured, but their powers were relatively weaker. After Chen Xiang bade them farewell, he quickly brought them and left.

… …. In a large hall in Heaven Sword City, Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, Fire Divine Palace, Xie Tian and Xie Tian, and other important figures of Heaven Sword City were all sitting here.

"Chen Xiang, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, has actually destroyed our Divine Artisan Mountain Villa. I will tear him apart alive." An old man said angrily: "In his hands, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword forged by our Divine Craftsman Ancestor is an insult to our Divine Craftsman Lineage."

Chen Xiang, who had disappeared for a hundred years, suddenly appeared and even annihilated the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa in a few breaths, causing the several forces present to be secretly shocked.

"What's going on with Chen Xiang? Didn't you guys say that he was sealed by you? He can't be unsealed without ten thousand years, and now that he has appeared, and he's so strong too, if not we wouldn't be careless." An old man from the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa looked at the higher-ups angrily.

The Fire Divine Palace Lord said coldly, "If I'm not mistaken, he was still inside the Evil Divine Palace. After we all came out, he opened the black coffin."

When the Immortal-becoming realm Rankers from the Heaven Sword City, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the Xie Family heard that, their bodies shivered, and their hearts immediately became envious and resentful. The thing inside the black coffin was extremely important to them.

"The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and the Heavenly evil sword are both in his hands. Only he can open the black coffin. We don't know what's inside, but it's very important." Fire Divine Palace Lord let out a long sigh, "At that time, my master personally made a trip to the Evil Dragon Mountain Range, but he was unable to find Evil Divine Palace."

"Then what do we do now? The reason why Chen Xiang is here is definitely because of Xue Xianxian. The old man from the Heaven Sword City said: "We had previously agreed that this marriage would definitely be successful."

Otherwise, our Divine Artisan Mountain Villa will have lost them all for nothing. At that time, we must capture Xue Xianxian and force him to surrender. The old man from Divine Artisan Mountain Villa said fiercely.

Everyone had always wanted to do this, but previously, because of the protection from the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa s, they did not take action. Now, the only one protecting Xue Xianxian was the Long family, but if these big powers joined hands, they had the confidence to exterminate the Long family.

"There are already quite a few people who came to attend the wedding. Let's start today, so as to not create unnecessary trouble …"

Just as he finished speaking, the entire hall suddenly shook. Following that, a deafening sound rang out, shattering many things.

The entire Heaven Sword City was shaking violently, and the houses were collapsing crazily.

"The mountain is broken." A Immortal Monarch ran over while shouting in shock, "Someone broke the mountain!"

The experts were startled, then immediately understood that this must be a good thing for Chen Xiang and the others, they did not expect them to actually plan to destroy Heaven Sword City.

"The floating array has been activated, and it is now slowly descending to the ground." The Immortal Monarch said again.

The Heavenly Sword Peak was destroyed just like that, but Heaven Sword City was worried about not that, rather, it was the Immortal meridian underneath Heavenly Sword Peak. Now that the energy was being transferred to that point, the great array of the Heaven Sword City was being maintained using Spiritual crystal s as backup, but it would not last long as there were so many great Holy level Arrays, and countless Spiritual crystal s would be consumed in an instant.

The few elders from the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa felt a little better, because the Heaven Sword City wouldn't have any good days ahead of them. This caused them to feel much better in their hearts.

Just as the experts left the hall, they saw a flash of green light, followed by a huge green sword as big as the Heavenly Sword Peak falling down, as if coming from a star domain far away from the ancient times.

Hearing the waves of stunning dragon roars, the experts immediately understood that this was the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in front of them, and it had even been made extremely huge by Chen Xiang.

"Immortal meridians …." The old man from the Heaven Sword City roared.

However, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had already inserted itself into the Broken Peak. At the same time that it cut the Immortal Meridian, it also released a strong force that broke all the Immortal Meridians.

Just as the experts were about to fly over, Duan Ming suddenly appeared in front of them, holding onto a divine sword.

"It's you again." The Fire Divine Palace Lord's face sank, because Duan Ming was very hard to deal with. Not only was his cultivation technique powerful, he even had a divine sword in his hands.

"I advise all of you to attack together. If you're missing one, it's possible that all of you will die here." Duan Ming sneered, he had already slashed out his sword, a light sword strike, yet it caused a large s.p.a.ce to tremble, the spatial shockwave caused the hall below to instantly crack and be neatly sliced apart.

With the Divine Sword and the fact that he was a Scattered Immortal, Duan Ming had been tempered by the through tribulations many times and the Innate Qi and body within his body were both exceptionally terrifying.

The Chen Xiang who had disappeared for a hundred years had suddenly appeared and exterminated the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa. Now, with such a huge commotion happening in the Heaven Sword City, using his knees to think about it, he knew that Chen Xiang had already arrived here.

Right now, many of the people in the Heaven Sword City had already fled, not wanting to be affected.

"Chen Xiang is over there. Quick, stop him." The old man from the Xie Clan roared, but he could not escape. If he did not care about everything and went to intercept Chen Xiang, he would only be attacked by him.

"Leave it to me." The Fire Divine Palace Lord frowned, he immediately rushed forward, but an ice mountain suddenly smashed down, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Hurry, we have to stop him." A middle-aged man from Heaven Sword City shouted.

The expert of Divine Artisan Mountain Villa roared, he rushed towards Chen Xiang, who saw it and wanted to stop him, but was stopped by the other experts.

"Chen Xiang, I will skin you alive! How dare you destroy my Divine Artisan Mountain Villa!" The old man roared.

"I'll wait for you here." Chen Xiang was not afraid in the slightest as he took out the divine furnace.

"Ignorant little beast." The Divine Artisan Mountain Villa's elderly person was very strong, and he was also a Divine Artisan's descendant. He took out a golden sword, with one glance, he could tell that it was the Holy Sword, and slashed at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang anxiously opened the lid of the divine cauldron, and the profoundyang Fire Crow inside rushed out, just in time to be struck by the Sword Qi of the Divine Craftsman.

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