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Chen Xiang was currently trying to break through a bottleneck, he had not yet become an Immortal King, but was only at the peak of the later stages of Immortal Monarch. He could only break through when he was cultivating five times more than others, so during this period, many geniuses could only break through to the Immortal King Stage because of the abundant resources provided, and even if he had Holy Elixir and divine arts, it would still be very difficult for him to break through due to his special cultivation method.

However, it was very rare for him to have five times the strength of others.

His dantian was still the same as it always was, covered in a layer of grey mist, and it was difficult to see through his dantian, and the five translucent Beast statue s inside, the originally Heavenly Pellets contained Sacred Energy, his Heavenly Pellets had already been formed, and they had all transformed into very small and exquisite Beast statue s.

"As long as you become an Immortal King, the Innate Qi in your body will basically be able to complete its transformation and become sacred energy. However, in the future, you only need to fuse your holy energy with the divine power in the Divine Sense Sea, strengthening it into an even more powerful form, and will be able to unceasingly break through." Long Xueyi said.

While Chen Xiang cultivated, he also cultivated his own divine soul. In the area of alchemy, he was already able to refine Tier 1 immortal pills and become a Dan Immortal. The Sacred animal Dan that Long Xueyi ate right now were all Tier 1 immortal pills.

Although Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were heavily injured and didn't have their original strength anymore, with Long Xueyi's help, they had slowly strengthened their divine soul and also used the Holy Spirit Rabbit's blood to strengthen their bodies. If Chen Xiang was able to refine a Holy Pellet to help her recover in the future, their strength would definitely have a huge breakthrough.

didn't know anything about Liu Meng'er. Previously, he thought that Liu Meng'er's parents had very strong powers behind them, so he wouldn't let Liu Meng'er marry the Heaven Sword City. But now that the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa had facilitated the marriage, if he knew about it, he definitely couldn't stay here and cultivate in peace.

Right now, it was the key to Chen Xiang's breakthrough and Long Xueyi had always been paying attention to him.

Suddenly, Long Xueyi heard a burst of "gege" sounds come out of Chen Xiang's body. It was as clear as firecrackers, which continuously sounded out.

"Is he about to become an immortal king? After becoming an immortal king, I wonder how powerful he'll be." Long Xueyi smiled slightly and said: "Looks like my bones are starting to change. Signs of me mastering Body of Heavenly Sage, that Holy Elixir really is a good thing."

Originally, she had only predicted that Chen Xiang's Body of Heavenly Sage would reach the middle or high levels, but this had already happened ten years ago.

"Large success of his Body of Heavenly Sage, he should be able to transform into a golden bone. I wonder what stage his jade bone is going to reach." Su Meiyao came over to Long Xueyi's side.

"Jade bones are just like the Dan Emperor. They will still need a period of time before he can complete the Ninth Cycle of the Sacred Transformation." Long Xueyi said, "It's very easy for you guys to cultivate your bodies, you just need to use the Jade Rabbit Blood, but you can't use it. If he wants to refine the Jade Bone, he must torture himself."

Chen Xiang's body emitted waves after waves of golden light, and his skin seemed to be covered with a layer of gold foil.

At the current stage, there was already no Power of giving, and everyone was the same. At this level, it would be even harder to obtain great power, and one would need to rely on large amounts of medicinal pellets.

"When he becomes an Immortal King, everything changes very quickly. He should wake up soon." Su Meiyao said.

Sure enough, after she said that, Chen Xiang opened his eyes. He was currently very calm in his heart, and every time he broke through in the past, he would be extremely happy, excited by the immense power he had just obtained.

The power he gained from breaking through this time was even stronger. However, he knew that in the nine heavens, there were many people stronger than him. With his current strength, he could not be considered to be much.

"I've finally become an Immortal King."

Chen Xiang only clenched his fists, and felt the power of the Immortal King. The power of the Immortal King, gave him a sense of kingship.

"Look at the bottom of the box." Long Xueyi said.

This was something that Chen Xiang had known about before. And all these years, when he had touched these Spirit grain everyday, he had already memorized every single one of them.

"Only the Spirit grain, nothing." Chen Xiang said, but he was not disappointed, because the Holy Elixir had brought him great benefits.

"Hold on..." He carefully looked at those Spirit grain, and suddenly discovered that there were a few very, very small ancient characters inside one of the tiny lines.

Right now, his eyesight was extremely terrifying. Even if it was a speck of dust, it could still be enlarged like a pellet in his eyes.

"What's written on it, does it have anything to do with these Spirit grain?" Long Xueyi asked anxiously.

"Gate of the Qing-Yun Realm." Chen Xiang muttered: "Using the Spirit grain s to set up the array, it will form the Transmission array to enter the Heavenly Evil Realm. I will be there."

"What is the Realm of Flame Heaven?" Chen Xiang said in shock: "Evil Emperor is actually there."

After Long Xueyi heard it, he frowned. It was clear that he knew something.

"Xue Yi, I've heard about the matters of the Heavenly Realm before. It's said that the various powers required to form the Nine Heavens Dictum all come from within the Endless Heaven Realm. My little master said so." Su Meiyao said.

"I remember my master saying that the Endless Heaven Realm is very scary, but many experts will go." Bai Youyou continued.

Long Xueyi nodded: "Endless Heaven Realm... It is indeed very frightening. The powers that make up the Nine Heaven World all come from within the various Heaven Realms. "

"Originally, the Nine Heaven World did not exist, but tens of thousands of realms leaked all kinds of energy, and after that, the energy gathered together, continuously merging and compressing themselves. Finally, the point exploded, forming this Nine Heaven World.

"In the end, when these creatures reach a high point, they will be taken over by the Heavenly Realm. As for why they're going there, I'm not sure either."

"In short, Endless Heaven Realm had tried to control the entire operation of the Nine Heaven World many times, but to no avail."

Chen Xiang put away the jade chest and said: "Looks like Nine Heaven World isn't that simple. The matter regarding Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then, might have something to do with this Endless Heaven Realm."

"Leave quickly. I wonder what has happened to those guys who obtained the things here in the past." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang came to the corner, activated the Transmission array and teleported to the outside, which was the Evil Dragon Mountain Range.

Evil Divine Palace was still here, but he was hiding in a s.p.a.ce high above in the sky. If he wanted to come again, he could go through it using the power of the spatial laws.

Right now, he was still in Long Tian's presence. As soon as he came out, he immediately rushed to the Golden Dragon Immortal Palace to inquire about what had happened in the past few years, to see if there was anything worth his attention.

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