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"Go, sit in that chair." The old man from Xie Clan pushed Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang now had no choice but to walk towards the black gigantic chair in the hall.

Stepping on the black carpet, he felt extremely soft, and traces of evil energy seeped into his body.

The chair in front was placed on a high platform, and required one to walk up the eighty-one steps to reach it. With every step Chen Xiang took, his heart secretly jumped, afraid that he would trigger some mechanism to kill him.

They didn't even dare to go over there, because this was something left behind by the Evil Emperor. It was extremely dangerous, and no one dared to try it with their own life.

"After the Evil Divine Palace s took control of the Evil Divine Palace, they became the palace of the Evil Emperor s. It's no longer as frightening as before, but it's still very easy to kill us." The Fire Divine Palace Lord said.

Chen Xiang had already reached the 70th step. After hearing the Fire Divine Palace Lord's words, he understood what was going on. He was actually being controlled by the Evil Emperor, which meant that the Evil Emperor was a very powerful individual, but why would he have a tomb?

After arriving at the top of the stage, Chen Xiang stood in front of the black colored chair. Even though he did not have any aura, he gave off a kind of indescribable feeling of fear, as if it would end his life if he were to continue on.

"Hurry up and do it." The elder from Xie Clan said. He seemed to know something and urged Chen Xiang to sit down.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth and sat down. In that instant, the entire hall trembled violently, and Chen Xiang also felt the energy in his body wildly flow away, making him shocked that his own life force was also being quickly devoured.

In the middle of the hall, a huge stone door suddenly rose from the ground. There were two holes on the door, one needed to insert a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and the other was a Heavenly evil sword.

"This kid just died like that." The old man from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace said in surprise.

Everyone saw Chen Xiang retreating to the side. His face was covered with wrinkles and he looked lifeless.

"It's a pity, he still has many good things on him, especially that Heaven Earth Killing Method." The Xie Clan elder shook his head and sighed: "Let's go, as long as we enter the Emperor's Tomb, we will be safe. At that time, we can leave the Emperor's Tomb from the Transmission array."

The Xie Clan elder took the Heavenly evil sword and stabbed it into the stone door that appeared in the great hall. The stone door slowly opened on both sides and revealed a dimensional door.

"I can't pull it out." The Fire Divine Palace Lord used a lot of strength, but the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword seemed to be embedded inside that hole.

"The same goes for the Heavenly evil sword." The Xie Clan elder frowned, "Let's go in first, no one can come here."

The Fire Divine Palace Lord looked at the Divine Blade reluctantly, sighed, and stepped into the s.p.a.ce Gate.

When everyone followed in, the door slowly closed, and Chen Xiang who was seated on the black chair suddenly opened his eyes, the withered muscles on his face slowly expanded, and in a few blinks of an eye, he returned to his original appearance.

"This bunch of idiots." Chen Xiang cursed. Then, in a flash, Long Xueyi ran out from inside the ring and broke the rope on his body.

"You were almost finished this time." Long Xueyi chuckled.

"Can you undo the seal in my body? These guys really have some skills." Chen Xiang immediately ran to the door and took down Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s.

When he was seated on the chair just now, he had felt his lifespan running out quickly. At that time, he had thought of a clever plan, which was to feign death, and let Long Xueyi use his supernatural powers to seal a part of his lifespan, causing him to die of old age, and deceive those people. And those people did not dare approach, fearing that they might end up like Chen Xiang.

"I need some time." Long Xueyi inspected his body, his expression heavy: "The fastest is going to be a few days, I wonder if those guys will come out."

Chen Xiang found a place in the Main Hall to hide and asked Long Xueyi to help him undo the seals.

… ….

At that time, when s.p.a.ce collapsed, Chen Xiang and the people from the Heaven Sword City had disappeared, and Duan Ming and the Region Lord had anxiously released their powers to protect everyone.

They had always been shouting and shouting here, searching for Chen Xiang. However, when the people from those few forces stepped into the spatial gate, people who were beneath the seven suns suddenly entered a green forest.

When they sensed the dense immortal Qi and the refreshing air, everyone knew that they had left Evil Divine Palace. However, they did not understand, because they did not know why it was like that.

"My brother didn't come out. What's wrong with him?" Leng Youlan was extremely worried. She looked around for Chen Xiang's figure.

"The fellow from Heaven Sword City is also not here." Long Huishan said in a low voice: "The people from the Imperial Dragon Clan are also here, and they were not with us at the time. It seems that all the people trapped inside have all come out."

"The people from the Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace have also yet to come out." Yan Shan said: "Back then, when we met them, they did not appear here."

"What's going on?" Long Huishan felt that there must be some sort of secret within.

The Sacred Source Ancient Realm's Territory Lord took a light breath, "If my guess is not wrong, it should be them who captured Chen Xiang."

"Why did they want to capture Chen Xiang, could it be because … about the Heavenly evil sword. " Duan Ming suddenly thought of something, and the Xie Clan did not appear, and the Xie Clan had already arrived.

"The Heavenly evil sword can open the ruins left behind by the Evil Emperor. If I'm not wrong, then the Evil Divine Palace might have already been controlled by the Evil Emperor a long time ago. I heard that the old City Lord's and the first disciple of the Fire Emperor, as well as the ancestor of the Xie Family and the Old Hall King of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace were all dispatched here for this matter."

Chen Xiang has been captured by these four old ghosts and is almost guaranteed to die. If they can enter the Emperor's Tomb s and obtain the legacies left behind by the Evil Emperor, you should be clear about what will happen next. Go back and prepare well. "" Alright!

Dragon Emperor gave a cold snort, glanced at Leng Youlan, and quickly left with their dragon.

The domain lord's tone was serious, "Everyone should hurry back and make the arrangements. If they succeed, nine days definitely won't be peaceful."

"Then what about my brother?" Leng Youlan asked anxiously.

The Domain Lord shook his head and then left with Yan Shan and the others.

"You Lan, that kid will be fine. Let's go back first." Long Huishan pulled Leng Youlan, but she did not expect such an unforeseen event to occur.

Leng Youlan was worried. He nodded and looked around, then followed Long Huishan and the others.

Duan Ming had already left a long time ago, and Liu Zongyu and Song Ying had also realized that something big was going to happen soon. They hurriedly left to search for Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian, and then, they returned to the Human King Immortal Country.

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