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"Bro." Leng Youlan yelled in a spoiled manner.

"Go. Be careful. Also, you must win back his holy sword. Otherwise, don't say that you're my sister from now on." Chen Xiang smiled and pinched her face.

Leng Youlan immediately said with excitement: "Don't worry, I will definitely teach him a lesson and let him know that he can't accompany Elder Sister Meng'er."

When she was speaking, Leng Youlan looked at Chen Xiang with a gaze that carried a deeper meaning. She already understood the relationship between Liu Meng'er and Chen Xiang.

Song Ying and Liu Zongyu helplessly looked at each other, then stood far away. They knew Leng Youlan's personality very well, Leng Youlan had stayed in Human King Immortal Country for a period of time, but she never thought that Leng Youlan's strength would increase so fast, to the point he even dared to challenge Luo Yitao.

Amongst the people who came with Luo Yitao just now, there were a few elders and youths from Heaven Sword City. Dai Yongcheng from Divine Sword Palace was also here.

"Hmph. You only have a middle-grade Immortal Sword right? Doesn't your sworn brother have many powerful weapons? He won't even give you a single one. It seems like he really doesn't care about you." Luo Yitao looked at the big sword in Leng Youlan's hand. Although it looked very domineering, it was only a middle grade immortal equipment.

Don't you know that I am a Refiner, a weapon that was forged by Refiner himself. Although the sword in my hand is not a high-grade weapon, it was created by me using my own blood and sweat, and in my heart, I feel that it is stronger than any divine weapon.

Leng Youlan said sarcastically, "From the collection of materials to the production of the cauldron, they were all completed by me alone, and I have never relied on anyone. So what if you have the Holy Sword, and it was not bestowed to you by the person behind you, what kind of ability is that, your life is just good, not to mention that you can't bring out the power of the Holy Sword, in my eyes, you are just slightly stronger than those pieces of metal."

"You sharp-tongued girl, I'll see if your strength is as strong as your mouth right now." Luo Yitao's entire body was originally filled with rage, he could not win against Leng Youlan in a bickering match, but in terms of strength, he had absolute confidence.

Luo Yitao stomped her foot, and fiercely jumped forward, the Holy Sword in her hand released a cold Qi, bringing an extremely strong killing intent, she pierced towards Leng Youlan's neck like lightning.

"You foppish little b * tch, let's see how long you can be so arrogant for." Seeing Luo Yitao's sharp sword coming towards him, Leng Youlan slapped his hand in disdain, causing the holy sword to emit a buzzing sound.

Luo Yitao was of the late stage of Immortal Monarch. Although he was a little arrogant, he and He Feng were pretty much the same in terms of strength, so when he got serious, he was still very scary. And the power of that sword also proved that Chen Xiang could still think about it, but it was very powerful.

However, Leng Youlan casually opened it with a palm. Leng Youlan, who usually looked rather crude, did not think that he would be so focused, because the place she had struck just now was just enough to disperse the energy that had condensed on top of the Holy Sword.

From the very beginning, Leng Youlan had been carefully observing the [Holy Sword] in Luo Yitao's hand, and had even delved deep into its internal parts to a.n.a.lyze the [Holy Sword] 's weakness, and had indeed been found by her. After all, she had read that "Divine Book" before with Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, and there was a large amount of profound formations and refining related things inside, moreover she herself had the White Dragon inheritance so digesting those things wasn't too difficult for her.

Luo Yitao felt the power on his own Holy Sword being scattered by a palm. The remaining power was not enough to break Leng Youlan's defense, and he anxiously took a few steps back, just in time to avoid Leng Youlan's heavy sword. If he did not dodge quickly, he might have been struck in the throat.

Leng Youlan's sword was very long, almost as tall as her, and she was also wearing armor, making her look more imposing and st.u.r.dy. Although that Luo Yitao was as tall as her, when compared to her, he looked somewhat small and small.

"Haha …" I didn't expect you to cultivate the Innate Qi of Ice Magic. " Leng Youlan laughed.

"So what?" Luo Yitao laughed coldly, "Don't think that just because you used your flames that you can suppress my frost Innate Qi. The cultivation method I cultivate is close to the existence of a divine art, it's a Saint-rank cultivation method."

"So what? My cultivation technique is still Icewind magic kungfu, but I never brag about it with others." Leng Youlan's large sword suddenly trembled, and waves of frost appeared on it.

Leng Youlan could cultivate the cold energy of ice and fire at the same time, and she seemed to have reached the stage where she was compatible with ice and fire.

Song Ying also understood the Icewind magic kungfu, which was something she had pa.s.sed on to Liu Meng'er.

"Don't be complacent." Luo Yitao blamed himself secretly, he did not understand the people around Chen Xiang, he never expected Leng Youlan to be so powerful.

Leng Youlan took a step forward, but he suddenly disappeared, while the spectators in the distance only felt a gust of cold wind blowing in all directions, and at the place of the battlefield, the wind was extremely chaotic.

"This is the Divine Wind Steps. I didn't expect her to master it so quickly." Song Ying chuckled.

Bai Youyou said: "The Divine Wind Steps is a very profound type of stride, it comes from inside the Icewind magic kungfu. When used, it causes a chaotic gust of wind to appear, so no one can catch her movements."

Everyone had heard of the Icewind magic kungfu, but the more famous Divine Wind Steps usually required the strength of a late stage Immortal Monarch or even an Immortal King to master it, because it required a large amount of Innate Qi and divine sense to be used.

However, Leng Youlan could now use it very easily, causing many of the older generation to be amazed.

Luo Yitao's forehead was covered in sweat. He obviously knew how powerful the Divine Wind Steps were, he cultivated the Ice Cold Innate Qi and understood the Icewind magic kungfu very well. The reason he wanted to marry Liu Meng'er was also so that he could obtain the Icewind magic kungfu.

"It's here." Long Xueyi said softly.

Suddenly, there was a blizzard, blowing fiercely towards Luo Yitao. In the moment of the blizzard, Leng Youlan had also appeared behind Luo Yitao, and before anyone could see how she appeared, they noticed that the snow on the ground was dyed red, and Leng Youlan's sword had pierced through Luo Yitao's back, going through her body, and blood was dripping from the sword.

"Hmph, with just this bit of ability, you still have the nerve to act so arrogantly in front of my brother." Leng Youlan quickly s.n.a.t.c.hed away the Holy Sword in Luo Yitao's hand, then kicked his b.u.t.t and sent him flying.

The snow quickly melted. After all, there were still seven suns in the sky. However, the group had cooled down a bit just now.

How did Leng Youlan appeared, and how did he break through Luo Yitao's defense, with a sword, he pierced through Luo Yitao's body, causing many of the experts spectating at the side to not understand, because all of this was too sudden.

Luo Yitao had armor on his body. As the genius young master of Heaven Sword City, his protective armour was definitely strong, but Leng Youlan had effortlessly stabbed through it.

"It's the power of the Ancestral Dragon." Dai Yongcheng said softly, and glanced at Chen Xiang.

Long Xueyi laughed: "Just now, we used a transformation technique on her, turning her into a snowstorm, those who are enveloped by the snowstorm are equivalent to being locked on by her. As long as she finds that fellow's gap, with a thought, she can immediately appear and attack.

"Little Naughty Dragon, don't spout nonsense. I have never done such a wicked thing, but you have always instigated me to do it. Also, you have taught me how to use the Transformation Techniques. Chen Xiang said snappily.

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