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The Sacred Source Ancient Realm also had a long history. Otherwise, they wouldn't have become a very powerful force, and even established a good relationship with many powerful forces.

Just when Yan Shan was unsure, a strong golden light flashed from far away. A giant golden paG.o.da appeared, and pressed down fiercely.

"It really is the Domain Lord, this is the Nine Yang Suppressing Evil PaG.o.da. I didn't expect it to force the Domain Lord to use his strongest power, I wonder what kind of ancient beast he encountered." Yan Shan said.

"Come, let's go take a look. It seems like that ancient beast isn't easy to deal with either. Let's go and help." said. He was quite excited to meet a strong human warrior, although the old ice dragon was very strong, it was not a human after all. It was not easy to compare the two.

Duan Ming was the fastest, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. The old ice dragon did not leave, he wanted to protect the people here and follow the group.

"There's someone ahead." Long Huishan saw a group of people walking towards them and immediately stopped.

"Isn't that Luo Yitao?" Long Xueyi said: "This guy recovered so quickly, looks like your punch isn't heavy enough."

That day, Chen Xiang's punch had completely disfigured Luo Yitao, and he hated Chen Xiang to the core.

"Brother, this fellow is Luo Yitao, right? Master is already engaged to him, I heard about what happened last time you were outside the Divine Sword Palace, this kind of fellow is asking to be beaten up, I've long heard that he's not a good guy, and he still wants to marry Master."

Leng Youlan had always been complaining about this matter, and she had also asked about Luo Yitao's matter.

Luo Yitao's cultivation was much higher than Chen Xiang's, he was at the late stage of Immortal Monarch, but he was beaten up by Chen Xiang until the ground was covered in teeth. This matter had already turned him into a laughingstock, when he saw Chen Xiang from afar, his anger surged, and he rushed over with killing intent.

Chen Xiang also saw Liu Zongyu and Song Ying. Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian did not stay by their side, causing him to worry.

Seeing that Luo Yitao had such a strong killing intent, Yan Shan immediately walked forward and stood in front of Chen Xiang. He was not afraid of Luo Yitao, Sacred Source Ancient Realm and Heaven Sword City both had a large amount of refining materials, but the people of Sacred Source Ancient Realm were much older than him and their strength was also much stronger.

Seeing Yan Shan suddenly standing out, Luo Yitao knew that Sacred Source Ancient Realm was protecting Chen Xiang.

"Yan Shan, get out of the way." Luo Yitao roared: Chen Xiang, come out and fight with me fair and square.

Chen Xiang said: "I also want to fight him fair and square, but I am only at the Late period of human immortal and you are at the late stage of Immortal Monarch.

"Brother, I'll go out in your place. I'm already a Immortal Monarch, if I go out to fight, I'll castrate him and see if he still dares to marry my master." Leng Youlan took out her large sword and stabilized the armor on her body.

After Luo Yitao heard this, his anger rose even higher. This was because a woman actually arrogantly said that she wanted to castrate him, and if he didn't take it out on her, how would he meet others in the future?

"Where's Xianxian and the Elder Sister Meng'er?" Chen Xiang did not care about Luo Yitao, and anxiously asked Liu Zongyu and Song Ying.

Song Ying knew that Chen Xiang was worried about him and smiled with grat.i.tude. "They have met Warm Moon and that foolish girl, so they did not plan to come.

Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing were together, and Chen Xiang had also heard of their whereabouts in the hall before, but he didn't receive any news as they had never thought that they would also be here. He really wanted to meet Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing.

"It's good that they didn't come. This Evil Divine Palace is very dangerous." Chen Xiang let out a light breath.

After Leng Youlan, who was shouting about fighting at the side, heard this, he said with a face full of regret: "It's such a pity, I also want to refine equipment with them. I really want to quickly leave this d.a.m.ned place."

"It's alright. After we get out, we, the Sacred Source Ancient Realm, can provide you with some ingredients to refine." Yan Shan laughed.

"Your senior brothers haven't come yet, but they said that they would come here to take a look. I really hope they don't come in." Liu Zongyu said.

Luo Yitao, who was ignored by the ma.s.ses, was enraged to the extreme. He stayed in the Heaven Sword City all day as if he was a star but here, he did not even have a single root. No one even looked at him directly.

"Chen Xiang, I was unprepared that day, so I fell for your trick. Luo Yitao shouted in anger.

"I remember that you were the one who sat there foolishly and let me beat you up, that's why I had the chance. But if I were to fight face to face right now, I wouldn't be able to beat you, and I wouldn't be able to admit defeat here." Chen Xiang didn't have the mood to fight him right now, he needed to preserve his strength to deal with the sudden critical situation inside the Evil Divine Palace.

"I can beat him, bro, just let me beat him up." Leng Youlan pleaded. Even though she was very reckless, she was very obedient in front of Chen Xiang and did not dare to be rash.

Leng Youlan stood at Chen Xiang's back and shouted at Luo Yitao: "Come and fight me, you can't even beat me, so don't even think of defeating my brother, and don't even think of marrying my master."

Chen Xiang looked at Long Huishan, and Long Huishan nodded to him. had stayed with her for a period of time, and had received Long Huishan's training for the Draconians, so her potential had been stimulated a lot.

"Then she can go. I also want to see how strong she is right now, and how well she's mastered the White Dragon's inheritance." Long Xueyi said: "With me here, I can guarantee that not a single hair on her head will fall off. She is also my good sister."

"Little girl, shut up. Not to mention you, even you siblings along with Liu Meng'er and his disciple are not my match." Luo Yitao said very arrogantly.

The Dragon Emperor is also here, so if you have the guts, go and chop off his arm. The Dragon Emperor even brought a few small dragons with him, if you have the guts, go and kill an old lady.

"Forget about the Imperial Dragon Clan, even if it's the Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, my brother would still kill a strong Immortal King and you could try to kill him. Even if you can kill him, your father, your grandfather, and your grandfather won't be able to protect you."

"My brother doesn't want to fight with you, because in his eyes, you are just a pile of dog s.h.i.t. Whoever has nothing better to do will fight with a pile of dog s.h.i.t."

Chen Xiang secretly sighed, Leng Youlan's ability to scold had always been valiant, furthermore, she could not do it often, so she could only move her mouth.

"You … "d.a.m.n girl, good, you, you're very strong aren't you? Fine, I'll defeat you today and let you see my strength. If I lose to a little girl like you, I'll give you the newly forged Holy Sword."

Luo Yitao took out his divine sword, which was crafted by the Divine Sword Palace, of the type that was slim, Leng Youlan naturally looked down on it. But as a Refiner, she naturally knew that this divine sword was the most expensive one.

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