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"b.l.o.o.d.y sun." Leng Youlan cursed under her breath and threw away the burning bamboo hat on her head. However, her white hair was still undamaged, as Long Xueyi had said, her hair was extremely tough, even if she had some sharp weapons, it would be difficult to cut it.

Chen Xiang stroked her long ponytail, removing some of the dust.

"Those who can't stand it, everyone come and take a ice crystal." Long Huishan took out a pile of sparkling and translucent ice crystals. These were all Spiritual crystal s, but they contained a very rich icy immortal aura.

Those who were scorched by the heat took a piece of the meat and absorbed the icy immortal aura on it. They immediately felt much more comfortable and were able to dispel the scorching energy.

"Brother, can you withstand it? Do you want me to place some of the Ice Cold Innate Qi on you to make you feel comfortable?" Leng Youlan laughed.

"Don't look down on me, I've been to hotter places before." Chen Xiang laughed, he had been to the core of the earth before, it was indeed a very hot place.

The dragon's roar from before only came once before it disappeared, and they did not sense any signs of the dragon's presence along the way. This made them feel that it was very strange, because from the sound, they should be very close to where the accident happened, but this was still a large tree without leaves, and there were no signs of damage to the ground.

"Don't move." Duan Ming suddenly shouted, now, everyone knew that he was the Ranker who s.n.a.t.c.hed the Immortal Sword away, although he did not say much, he had a lot of prestige in the crowd.

Just as Duan Ming finished shouting, everyone felt a gust of wind that was not too bad, and in the midst of the wind, there was even some white dust.

"These are ashes. The dragon was burned to ashes." The Long family's mysterious ice dragon said solemnly.

"That's right. Could it be that the dragon was killed in a single strike? Judging from that dragon roar, it should be quite powerful. No matter what, it is a Dragon King, yet it was turned to dust in an instant." Long Huishan looked around warily.

"This is the Evil Divine Palace, back then the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was trapped for more than a thousand years before coming out, a Dragon King being killed in an instant is a very normal thing, even if it's a dragon that enters the Immortal-becoming realm, it wouldn't be unusual for it to die here, everybody be extra careful." Duan Ming said in a serious tone, intentionally or unintentionally looking at the ice dragon.

After entering the Immortal-becoming realm, one would be able to reach the level of a semi-sage expert. They would be able to kill the Immortal King with a raise of a hand, but many Immortal Kings would find it difficult to enter the Immortal-becoming realm. Some would have stagnated for tens of thousands of years without making any breakthroughs.

Just as everyone was thinking about what Duan Ming had said, Leng Youlan suddenly shouted, and looked up at the sky.

Leng Youlan pointed to a blazing sun. There were nine suns in the sky, with different sizes. The one Leng Youlan pointed to was the biggest one, and this sun was actually changing.

At this time, the temperature had also become much higher. Everyone stared at the blazing sun that was emitting a red glow. It was no longer circular and was constantly twisting as if it was going to turn into something.

The changing sun suddenly exploded with a burst of brilliance, and soon after, a flaming crow appeared. This crow was the same size as the rest of the crows, swooping down.

As the crow swooped down, a scorching hot air pressure suddenly enveloped the area, and the large trees suddenly burst into flames.

"This is a profoundyang Fire Crow." Long Xueyi exclaimed: "This thing is very strong, and it's something that can evolve into a Holy Beast."

"It's the profoundyang Fire Crow. Everyone be careful, don't get hit by the feather he released." Duan Ming shouted, and then he took out his divine sword, and rushed towards the profoundyang Fire Crow that was diving down.

"We can't provoke you, yet you are attacking us. You are courting death." The Divine Sword in Duan Ming's hand suddenly thrusted out, like a bolt of purple lightning, it flew straight towards the profoundyang Fire Crow.

The profoundyang Fire Crow let out a miserable shriek after being hit, causing people to feel an indescribable chill under the scorching sun.

"I understand, these suns are not real suns. And the closer we get, the bigger these suns become, and the easier it is for us to be attacked." Leng Youlan said: "Perhaps every sun is an ancient fire beast."

Leng Youlan had the White Dragon inheritance, so she knew a lot of things, except that she hid it very well.

"This profoundyang Fire Crow is indeed a fire beast from ancient times. Legend has it that there was a chance to become a Holy Beast, but it suddenly disappeared. I never expected it to be here." The old Ice Dragon from the Long family said.

The profoundyang Fire Crow was sent flying by Duan Ming's sword, but it remained unscathed and flew towards Duan Ming furiously. Its speed was extremely fast and the flames on its body had already turned blood-red.

"This animal is really hard to deal with. He has lost all sense of reason." Duan Ming held the divine sword and slashed at the berserk profoundyang Fire Crow.

Duan Ming's strength was also very terrifying, he could fight head on with the profoundyang Fire Crow, and every time his divine sword struck the profoundyang Fire Crow, it would release a burst of sparks. The sparks would fall to the ground, like meteorites, leaving a large crater on the ground.

"The history of the Evil Divine Palace is much older than the era of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. Those who enter this place and are unable to leave, will eventually become the slaves that protect the Evil Divine Palace." The old ice dragon looked at the other eight suns and said, "It seems that if we want to leave this place, we have to face those eight monsters. As long as we approach them, they will show themselves.

"Do you need my help?" the old ice dragon shouted to Duan Ming.

"No need, you protect them, don't let them get ambushed. Although this profoundyang Fire Crow has lost its intelligence, it still has that cunning nature of its. I was almost tricked just now." Duan Ming shouted.

Long Huishan frowned. He couldn't go on like this, because Duan Ming's strength was on par with that profoundyang Fire Crow and profoundyang Fire Crow were beasts. They were stronger than humans in many aspects.

"Elder, is there a way?" Long Huishan asked.

"Let me try and see if I can freeze this thing." The old ice dragon took the opportunity and suddenly roared, like a dragon's roar, it spat out a ball of white light, and instantly struck the profoundyang Fire Crow.

The profoundyang Fire Crow was immediately frozen and turned into an ice sculpture, falling down. But just as it was about to land on the ground, the ice suddenly melted, and following that, the profoundyang Fire Crow let out an angry roar. It flapped its wings, flapping out a few feathers that were burning with red flames.

The old ice dragon roared, and its body shook, releasing a burst of extremely terrifying cold Qi, forming a huge ice wall in front of it, blocking the profoundyang Fire Crow's feathers.

The profoundyang Fire Crow was about to carry out a second round of attack, but Duan Ming had already launched an attack. He waved his sword, releasing a ray of purple lightning that struck forward, and when it got near, it pierced forward even more crazily, but the profoundyang Fire Crow's body was extremely terrifying, and even with the divine sword, it was difficult to harm him.

The profoundyang Fire Crow once again flew into the air, fighting with Duan Ming. The old ice dragon also did not try again, because it would only attract angry attacks from the profoundyang Fire Crow.

"This can't go on." Chen Xiang said.

"Do you have any good ideas?" Long Huishan asked anxiously, she knew that Chen Xiang had a lot of tricks up her sleeves, otherwise she would not have obtained the inheritance of the ice dragon.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "I have a way to try it. Senior, when you freeze this profoundyang Fire Crow again, it would be best if it could be frozen for a little longer."

"Alright, I hope you have a way to suppress this crazy Fire Crow." The old ice dragon knew that Chen Xiang was different from the others. When he was on his way here, he had already known that Chen Xiang, by himself, had defeated the sea beast. He did not ask what Chen Xiang wanted to do.

"Senior Duan, keep the Fire Ravens away." Chen Xiang shouted, "I have a way to deal with this thing."

Duan Ming activated his strength and fiercely slashed at the flying profoundyang Fire Crow, producing a burst of brilliant cremation. If it was at night, this would definitely be very beautiful.

The profoundyang Fire Crow was sent flying far away by that sword. The old ice dragon seized the opportunity and released a ball of light filled with dense ice-cold energy, striking towards the profoundyang Fire Crow.

When they saw the old ice dragon make a move, Chen Xiang immediately disappeared and used the power of the spatial laws to travel through, no one thought that Chen Xiang would actually go over personally, it was extremely dangerous, because once profoundyang Fire Crow broke the ice, they would attack Chen Xiang.

Duan Ming hurried to catch up, but Chen Xiang had already reached the bottom of the fall of the profoundyang Fire Crow.

Just as everyone was worried that the profoundyang Fire Crow would be able to break the ice, Chen Xiang suddenly released the divine furnace, controlling it to become larger, allowing it to very accurately catch the profoundyang Fire Crow.

Chen Xiang had a Divine Cauldron, so everyone knew about this. However, since the Divine Cauldron did not have a lid, their power was greatly reduced. It was extremely difficult to seal the profoundyang Fire Crow inside it.

Just as everyone was disappointed, a lid suddenly appeared on top of the divine cauldron.

The moment the lid appeared, the divine furnace began to fiercely shake, emitting a rumbling sound. The flames inside the divine furnace had already broken through the ice, but they were trapped inside the divine furnace and crazily crashed inside.

Chen Xiang was quite far away from the divine cauldron, but the divine cauldron was still floating in the air and was shaking intensely from the weight of the profoundyang Fire Crow inside.

"This brat actually has the lid of the divine furnace." The old ice dragon sighed.

Seeing how powerful Chen Xiang was, Leng Youlan laughed: "Who knows, this profoundyang Fire Crow might be caught by big brother. This is a good thing, no matter which power I have enmity with, I will send it over to wherever it is I might be able to exterminate the clan."

They did not expect Chen Xiang's sister to be so fierce. If she really wanted to do this, forget about Chen Xiang's enemies, even the destruction of an immortal palace was a normal thing.

Chen Xiang had only wanted to give it a try at first, he never thought that the sealing power of the divine furnace would be so strong. He slowly approached the divine cauldron and released his divine power, controlling the runes inside the divine hall to suppress the profoundyang Fire Crow.

"Isn't this the divine cauldron? Why would it be sealed?"

Just at this time, Chen Xiang heard someone shouting from afar, he was shocked and anxiously walked over, causing the shaking divine furnace to shrink, and Duan Ming also came over to his side.

It was the people from the Imperial Dragon Clan.

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