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Duan Ming fiercely crashed onto the ground, looking like a million kilogram object falling, with a strong impact force. The moment his feet landed, he released the extremely strong Innate Qi in his body, which created a huge shockwave.

The shockwave was like a circular wave, rippling out in all directions. Wherever it went, the monsters were turned to dust.

When Yan Shan and the others saw this, they were shocked by Duan Ming's strength. At least, they couldn't do it.

With just that one move, Duan Ming cleared an area of thirty thousand meters around him. Furthermore, that shockwave was still spreading out in all directions, but wasn't harming any humans.

This was the power of a.

"Just give it your all. Don't worry too much about it at a time like this. If we don't get rid of this group of things, it'll be hard for us to get somewhere else." Duan Ming sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, signalling for him to fully display his power.

As Duan Ming spoke, he waved his hand towards the monsters, releasing a gust of astral wind with purple lightning. This gust of wind covered a very wide area, the purple light made the gray sky turn purple, and wherever the purple lightning blew past, it would turn the monsters there into ashes.

"I know." Chen Xiang nodded and flew into the sea of beasts.

The people of Fire Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace all noticed Duan Ming. They were very familiar with the purple lightning that Duan Ming was using because they had seen it before when Duan Ming had attacked inside the Night Devil h.e.l.l.

Facing these monsters filled with Evil Qi, the Devil-suppressing holy power in Chen Xiang's body had a strong killing power. He released the Devil-suppressing holy power and it surrounded his body, forming a Qi shield around him.

"Holy Devil-suppressing seal." Chen Xiang released the Holy Devil-suppressing seal that had fused with his body. As he continuously injected the Devil-suppressing holy power, the Holy seal became bigger and bigger, floating in the air, like a huge palace.

The word "subdue" below the Holy seal and the Holy Light that radiated from it were causing the bodies of the monsters to slowly melt.

"Holy Devil-suppressing seal, he is Chen Xiang." Although he was an elder of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, this was still the first time he had seen the Holy seal of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

The might released by the Holy Devil-suppressing seal was intimidating. The gigantic Holy seal was like a heavenly sky as it emitted a holy light, which seemed to possess a terrifying power.

Chen Xiang flew above the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and stood on top of it. There was a Devil-suppressing blood in his body, which could let his Body of Heavenly Sage's physical strength fuse with the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, causing the Holy Devil-suppressing seal to grow bigger and bigger.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had used his limit of power for the Holy Devil-suppressing seal. The power contained within was so terrifying that even Chen Xiang was awed by it, but he could only unleash a tiny bit of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal's power now.

"Subdue." Chen Xiang's voice carried an incomparably solemn and sacred aura as he stepped on the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and suppressed it.

"Jump up." Everyone knew that the Holy Devil-suppressing seal being suppressed was definitely very terrifying, so they all jumped up.

If one looked carefully, they would discover that these dents formed a gigantic character called "Zhen", and within these dents were countless small Spirit grain. As the Holy seal got closer and closer to the ground, a holy light gradually appeared on the small Spirit grain.

The speed at which the Holy Devil-suppressing seal was pressing down was extremely slow, and in the middle, a golden shadow appeared, looking like a "town" formed from golden light. As the golden light fell onto the ground, the gigantic "town" on the ground shone with a piercing golden light.


When the huge seal landed on the ground, it was as though it was ripping apart the earth and ruining the heavens. Just the powerful shockwave itself was extremely terrifying, not to mention the Devil-suppressing holy power that erupted from the shockwave.

After the Holy Devil-suppressing seal fell to the ground, the terrifying Devil-suppressing holy power that was brewing inside turned into a halo of light that quickly spread out in all directions.

The Holy Devil-suppressing seal gradually shrank, finally turning into a ray of holy light and entering Chen Xiang's body. Chen Xiang's Innate Qi only had ten percent of it left.

Seeing Chen Xiang using all his strength, Duan Ming immediately came to his side.

The Devil-suppressing holy power was still spreading out like a violent wave, sweeping through the sea of beasts.

In the blink of an eye, a large area of s.p.a.ce had been cleared away. Everyone was in the air and watched as the golden Devil-suppressing holy power spread out and quickly killed the monsters, allowing them to heave a sigh of relief because they could still feel the aura of the Devil-suppressing holy power coming from afar.

At this time, Yan Shan already knew that it was Chen Xiang. They were very clear about the feud between Chen Xiang and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Fire Divine Palace and Myriad Dan Immortal Country were currently here. In order to prevent conflict, Yan Shan immediately brought people to Chen Xiang's side.

Chen Xiang had the G.o.dly weapon and sacred weapon to behead demons, and the Devil-suppressing holy power was so terrifying that even many elders of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace felt guilty about it. In the Evil Divine Palace, they really needed's power.

"Chen Xiang, we meet again." He Feng walked over with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, the Immortal Kings of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace were also in an aggressive mood.

"The path of enemies is narrow, but I must thank you because I sold you the Immortal Sword for a good price last time." Chen Xiang laughed as he swallowed a few pills to help him recover his Innate Qi.

Seeing that the old man from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was about to speak, Chen Xiang immediately said: "If you want me to return the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, then that's fine, this is definitely an impossible task. If you want to take it back, then come and s.n.a.t.c.h it, no need to speak so much false nonsense."

"Everyone, give my Sacred Source Ancient Realm face. Let's give it up at this moment today, your grudges and grievances should be discussed after we leave this Evil Divine Palace. Moreover, you may not be their match." Yan Shan stood in front of Chen Xiang, and it was possible to tell who he was standing on.

Duan Ming took out the divine sword that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed and said coldly: "I will shout ten times, you are still in my line of sight, I will definitely tear you into a thousand pieces, and destroy your souls."

Seeing the divine sword, hearing Duan Ming's words, there were a few elders from Fire Divine Palace who ran off into the distance. He Feng regained his senses and immediately started running as well, feeling extremely terrified.

"Hmph. With just this bit of ability, you think you can rob people everywhere? Why didn't they rob my divine sword? Isn't it all because I'm more powerful? Bullying the weak and afraid of the strong?" Duan Ming snorted, and kept his sword.

If Chen Xiang was not here, they would have suffered a lot. Furthermore, Duan Ming was a mysterious Ranker with a Divine Sword in his hand, it would be safer if he was with them.

"You could have killed them." Chen Xiang laughed.

"How boring. When you have my strength, you will know how boring it is to kill this sort of thing. Besides, this is a grudge between you and them. You can settle it yourself." Duan Ming said.

This was originally a withered forest, but after the great battle, the huge trees had already disappeared, leaving an empty area.

Just as they were discussing what to do next, those leafless boulders suddenly appeared from the ground and began to grow rapidly. In just a short time, the forest appeared again and countless giant trees were reborn, which made everyone shudder in fear.

"Although these trees are withered, we can still see which direction is dense with branches. Let's head in that direction." Yan Shan said.

"Whatever. We don't know where to go anyway, so it's a good thing to have a vague direction." Chen Xiang said.

Everyone continued on their way. Even though they had encountered that terrifying beast tide, they had still survived that ordeal.

"Just how were those monsters formed? They were formed from flesh, and their blood was black" Chen Xiang said: "There must be some kind of power creating this monster."

The night was very quiet and cold. Although there were thick clouds in the sky but the moonlight was dim. It was strange and dark red in color.

Late at night, everyone rested for six hours before continuing on their journey.

They were still in the withered forest. They were still huge trees, but in the dead of night, there would occasionally be a gust of cold wind blowing by, causing the branches to shake and making a sound that would make people's hair stand on end.

"Ah …" Ah... "Yah …"

The crows' cries suddenly rang out in front of them. They were still in the middle of the night, and people couldn't help but shiver in fear. The originally silent forest suddenly became lively.

"It's the Evil Crows. Let's go and see, this thing isn't strong, there's nothing to be afraid of." He had met Duan Ming before.

With Chen Xiang and Duan Ming taking the lead, no one had anything to be afraid of.

As they approached, they suddenly heard someone's voice.

"These crows are so f * cking annoying. They have been following us all day, and we haven't died yet. Tonight, I will chop them all into pieces."

The one who spoke was a woman, and her voice carried incomparable rage. When Chen Xiang heard this voice, his heart immediately trembled, because this was Leng Youlan's voice.

He really hoped for Leng Youlan and the others to enter the Evil Divine Palace, but she still came. Leng Youlan had followed Long Huishan here, so it could be said that Long Huishan was also here.

"It's an orchid." Chen Xiang sighed.

"It's your white-haired recognized sister." Duan Ming asked.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I didn't expect her to also come in, this isn't a good thing."

He quickened his pace, and ran towards the direction of the crow's cry, with Duan Ming and the others following closely behind.

In front of him, there was a dozen or so people leaning on a big tree, looking like they were resting, while Leng Youlan brandished the big sword in his hands, jumping around the tree and chopping down the evil crows, but the interesting thing was, the evil crows seemed to be purposefully provoking Leng Youlan, and after being attacked, they did not fly far, and continued to stand on top of the tree branches, waiting for Leng Youlan to attack them.

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