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When the people of the heard Chen Xiang say that, they all expressed their doubts.

The middle-aged man said: "We have discovered that there are indeed some rare and precious materials in this treasure ground, and there will be a lot of Holy level s, so it's not that bad for the head disciple of Fire Emperor to come here, but if the Fire Emperor personally comes here, then it would be very hard to understand."

"Then have you invited the Fire Divine Palace over yet?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, there are not many powers that were invited by us, but once they heard the news, they would immediately rush over." The middle-aged man shook his head.

Now, Chen Xiang and Duan Ming were even more certain that the Fire Divine Palace and the Xie Clan had allied themselves. Only the tomb of the Evil Emperor would be of such interest to the Fire Emperor.

The Immortal King of Sacred Source Ancient Realm was called Yan Shan and was a small clan elder. The person in charge of investigating the treasure grounds was the first batch of people to come to the Sacred Source Ancient Realm.

The people of Sacred Source Ancient Realm and Heavenly Rock Immortal Palace had heard of the things regarding the Evil Divine Palace.

"I heard that entering this Evil Divine Palace, there's a high chance of survival." A young man in the crowd said in fear.

"That may not be true. The entrance to the Evil Divine Palace has already been destroyed by someone, so the Evil Divine Palace is not as scary as it is said to be. He has already suffered severe injuries, so we still have a chance to leave." Yan Shan said loudly.

In a dangerous situation, the most frightening thing was to lose the courage to survive. Yan Shan's words encouraged those youths to not despair.

Sacred Source Ancient Realm and Heavenly Rock Immortal Palace had a total of more than a hundred people, their overall strength was extremely strong, and they were all small teams, not a large one at all.

Each team was led by an Immortal King and three Immortal Monarch s. The others were in the intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, with Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang following behind them.

Sacred Source Ancient Realm had the ability to look at the terrain, so to go in that direction was something they had decided upon. Chen Xiang and Duan Ming didn't have any direction in this place, and didn't know where to go either.

After the group had walked for two hours through the withered forest, they suddenly felt a slight tremble beneath their feet. A wave of rumbling sounds came from the front, as if an army of thousands of men and horses was charging over.

Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva. Although he did not know what was happening in front of him, from the Qi and sounds, he could see that there was a large group of things running towards him.

"There's someone here. Quick, take a look."

Chen Xiang immediately jumped up, looking ahead, he saw over a hundred people rushing towards them.

"Isn't that He Feng?" Chen Xiang saw the familiar face. He Feng had actually come too, and was in a very sorry state.

"Those are the people of Myriad Dan Immortal Country, Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. They are being chased by something. Yan Shan shouted, urging the youths to turn around and run frantically.

Things that even Fire Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace could not deal with, they were also very difficult to deal with.

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming were originally at the back, but now they were running at the front.

Chen Xiang used the Heaven Tour to allow his soul consciousness to float a little higher. Soon enough, he saw a long black line appear behind him, this line extending endlessly to both sides. From afar, it looked like a black wave charging towards him.

It looked like a black sea was raging and turbulent, but it was not. The reason why it had such an illusion was because it was being chased by countless black monsters. They weren't big, but they had a frightening amount of them, forming a sea of beasts that swept towards them in a majestic manner. The forest formed by the giant trees looked very fragile in front of the sea of beasts.

Chen Xiang withdrew his soul remembrance. In the Evil Divine Palace, it was very difficult to use his divine powers, he had only used them for a short while, but he already felt that he was being corroded by some kind of power.

"Can they fly? That group of things is getting faster and faster." Chen Xiang said to Yan Shan who was behind him.

"Try it." Yan Shan said: "It's more difficult to fly, and I can't guarantee that I won't be attacked. It's better to just obediently run on the ground."

Chen Xiang jumped and controlled the powerful Innate Qi in his body, lifting him up as he flew quickly in the air.

Not long after he started flying, Duan Ming followed closely behind because it was simply too dangerous on the ground, and his and Chen Xiang's speed was extremely fast. Seeing that they were not in any danger, Yan Shan also brought his people and flew behind them, but it was very taxing on their Innate Qi, as those Late period of human immortal s did not have as much endurance as they did.

"There are some in front as well." Chen Xiang also saw the same scene from the front. A large group of beasts had also attacked from the back as they were attacked from the front and back as well.

Duan Ming frowned: "There are a lot of of them, even if we try to escape to the sides, I'm afraid it will be difficult to reach the end. How did all these things appear, could it be that they were purposely used to deal with us?"

"Prepare to fight." When Yan Shan saw the beast wave in front of him, his expression changed and he shouted.

Chen Xiang had already made preparations to fight, so he said: "Try to be near me as much as possible."

The two waves of beasts suddenly collided, and that collision caused many black monsters to die. They were badly mutilated, and a long mark was left on the ground, like a long, pitch-black river.

These monsters were indeed coming towards them. These monsters were all similar to beasts, such as tiger, lion, leopard, rhinoceros, etc. However, their bodies were pitch-black, and some had two heads, three heads, and even five or six heads. Some of them were covered with spikes.

At this time, Chen Xiang and the others were floating in the sky, and below them was what seemed like an endless ocean.

"He's charging up." Yan Shan shouted, "Some of these things are strong and some are weak. Some of them even have poison in them.

The people of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Fire Divine Palace and Myriad Dan Immortal Country were already fighting in the sea of beasts.

Chen Xiang felt countless monsters jumping up from below him. When he looked down, he could see a mouth full of sharp teeth.


Chen Xiang's body trembled slightly, and a great amount of fire attribute Innate Qi surged out from the Sky Pill. He pressed his palm to the ground, and a terrifying heat suddenly exploded forth, forming a gigantic fire palm that pressed down like a mountain.


The fire palm landed on the ground, and the monsters below started to howl. The moment the palm hit the ground, it exploded, and waves of fire surged out in all directions, engulfing the monsters.

In just an instant, the three hundred meters of ground had been cleared by Chen Xiang, but not long after, it was once again filled up by numerous monsters.

"Motherf * cker, can't we kill them all?" Chen Xiang looked at the vast sea of beasts, and felt a sense of helplessness.

"We can kill them all." Duan Ming said lightly.

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