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"The Fire Emperor is here as well. Is he here for the Evil Emperor's tomb?" Chen Xiang was a little worried. If the Fire Emperor came, Duan Ming would find it difficult.

"I'm not sure. If he knew that the Evil Emperor's tomb was here, it should have been told to him by the Xie Clan, only by obtaining the Heavenly evil sword, and maybe the Xie Clan was worried that they would lose control at that time, so they had no choice but to inform the Fire Emperor about this. Within the nine days of time, there aren't many things that the Fire Emperor would be interested in." Duan Ming's face was gloomy. Facing against Fire Emperor, his strength was still too weak.

"I heard that Fire Emperor's strength has not been restored to its peak, and this is true for Ice Emperor as well. Otherwise, he would not have been so easily killed by me." Chen Xiang said.

"Ice Emperor was killed by you." Duan Ming had heard of this matter before, but he refused to believe it. This was because in the past ten days, Great Yan Jing had been unable to completely exterminate the Ice Emperor.

Chen Xiang nodded: "In Di Tian, I used my G.o.d-eclipse powder s to do it."

"No wonder. Back then, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord said that in order to completely destroy their Emperor-level strength's bodies, one must rely on this kind of thing. I never thought that you would have a G.o.d-eclipse powder."

If it was just Chen Xiang killing the Ice Emperor with his own power, then it would be hard to believe, but using G.o.d-eclipse powder would be different.

Three days pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang arrived at a forest. Here, all the leaves of the large trees had fallen, but the reason was unknown.

The explosion that they had heard earlier was coming from nearby and getting closer and closer. However, they did not see anything abnormal.

"There's a small Immortal palace up ahead." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Duan Ming seemed to have also discovered that they were already deep inside Evil Dragon Valley, but they did not give off a sense of danger, but when Chen Xiang saw the Little Fairy Palace, he immediately felt a suffocating fear.

The immortal palace looked to be the size of a normal city and was surrounded by a thick, pitch-black wall. The thick iron gate was shattered in the middle, as if it had been forcefully broken open by someone.

The entire immortal palace was covered in a deathly gray fog. This fog would occasionally churn and emit a "wu wu" sound, accompanied by an icy cold aura.

"This Immortal palace wasn't here to begin with. Because of the sudden appearance of this place, the trees in the area withered and died. It seems it hasn't been here for very long." Duan Ming said. He searched his memories, trying to find any memories regarding this immortal palace.

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly evil sword and looked at the map inside. This was not the place they were heading to.

"Let's go around it." Chen Xiang said: "I feel that it's extremely dangerous inside, it's better not to go in."

Duan Ming also nodded his head, but just as they were about to go around, a red light suddenly shone out from the huge black iron gate of the immortal palace, and a door plaque appeared.

On the signboard, there were a few blood-red words: "Evil Divine Palace".

"Evil Divine Palace." Duan Ming's expression changed greatly, and Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou who were inside the Serene Jade Ring also shouted in shock, "Don't go in."

"It's actually the Evil Divine Palace, why would he appear here?" Long Xueyi shouted, "Don't go in."

"Don't go in" echoed in Chen Xiang's ears, his consciousness had already started to blur, and he didn't know why his feet suddenly moved, as he walked towards Evil Divine Palace.

"Hmph." The absent-minded Duan Ming snorted coldly. With a shake of his arms, a purple light flashed as he punched the door of the Evil Divine Palace.

Rumble …

The loud noise shook the earth and cleared Chen Xiang's mind a little.

"Very strange." Duan Ming grabbed Chen Xiang, and walked a few steps to avoid the Evil Divine Palace.

"What happened just now?" Chen Xiang's entire body was drenched in cold sweat, just now he felt as if he was being controlled.

"You almost entered the Evil Divine Palace, luckily the door to the Evil Divine Palace was destroyed long ago, so the power of the enticement wasn't that strong, otherwise we would have all lost consciousness and entered that d.a.m.ned place." Duan Ming still had lingering fear in his heart as he grabbed Chen Xiang and ran off with a brisk pace.

"Just what is this Evil Divine Palace thing?" Chen Xiang's face was still filled with shock. If not for Duan Ming, he probably would have entered already.

"I don't know. In the past, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord went in once, and after coming out, he received heavy injuries. He even went crazy for a while, and later on he told us that we must avoid this Evil Divine Palace for a long time." Duan Ming said.

"Legend has it that the body of the Evil G.o.d was sealed inside." Long Xueyi said: "Those who go in and out will become the Evil G.o.d's slaves, protecting the Evil Divine Palace, and preventing others from destroying the Evil G.o.d's body."

"My master told us that the Evil G.o.d would revive one day and that the appearance of Evil Divine Palace in this place might have something to do with the Evil Emperor." Su Meiyao said.

"What is this Evil G.o.d?" Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

"Shh …" Evil G.o.d is not something. He's a G.o.d, a very powerful G.o.d. " Duan Ming anxiously said: "If the Evil Divine Palace's divine slaves hear about it, then we will be in trouble."

The Sacred Source Ancient Realm found a treasure land, and this place also had a Evil Divine Palace. Chen Xiang had followed the Heavenly evil sword's guidance and arrived here, so there must be a connection.

"I wonder where the treasure land is. Could it be that this is the place? Wouldn't that be dangerous?" Chen Xiang suddenly stopped moving: "I want to tell my friends, don't let them in here."

Yun Xiaodao and the others would be here, and Xianxian and the others would be coming as well. It seemed that they had set off a long time ago.

"En, then let's go back. It might be the Sacred Source Ancient Realm's scheme." Duan Ming also felt that something was amiss, he anxiously pulled Chen Xiang and ran back, but after running frantically for a while, they still did not manage to leave the desolate forest.

Upon closer inspection, it looked like it was filled with dried and dried blood soil, causing Chen Xiang to involuntarily shiver.

"This place... "What's going on?" Chen Xiang looked around and then looked at the sky. It was grey and misty, the clouds churning like demons dancing in the air.

Duan Ming spun in a circle, perspiration trickling down his forehead: "We have already entered the Evil Divine Palace, it is very likely that we are inside the Evil Divine Palace. Dammit, how did we get in, we obviously went around it."

"But I can still feel immortal energy, maybe we just entered an illusory magic array." Chen Xiang could not believe that he had entered such a terrifying place.

Duan Ming arrived beside a tree and vigorously punched it, releasing a burst of violent purple lightning that smashed the tree into pieces.

However, after the tree had been destroyed, it quickly grew back. However, it did not have any leaves, only a bare branch. It seemed to have a tenacious vitality.

"If it was in a normal s.p.a.ce, my punch just now could have caused some cracks in s.p.a.ce, but it didn't happen here." Duan Ming said.

"Continue walking. This is not an illusion. Let's see if anyone is here." Duan Ming brought Chen Xiang and continued to run in one direction.

Six hours later, they arrived in a forest with relatively thick trees. Here, the trunk of a withered tree could only be carried by dozens of people. Moreover, it was very tall.

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming suddenly rushed over, and the crows released sinister voices, flapped their wings and flew up into the sky.

"It's the Evil Crows, they are indeed from Evil Divine Palace. Back then, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord said that he encountered this type of crow before. Look at the eyes of these crows." Duan Ming said.

Chen Xiang had already seen earlier that these crows had two eyeb.a.l.l.s in their eyes. One was black and the other was red.

"Motherf * cker, it must be because of the words' Evil Divine Palace 'just now. We've already entered." Chen Xiang cursed in a low voice, "I'll definitely destroy this lousy place in the future."

As Chen Xiang said that, the Devil-suppressing mirror in the shadows poured Devil-suppressing holy power into it and aimed it at the Evil Crows. It released a ray of holy light and caused the Evil Crows to fly everywhere, but what surprised Chen Xiang was that the defense of these Evil Crows was extremely strong. After getting hit, they actually did not fall down, and only circled in the air and shouted loudly.

Chen Xiang kept the Devil-suppressing mirror and took a deep breath. He prayed in his heart that Yun Xiaodao and the others would not come in.

"Let's go, there should be a lot of people coming in. If we see those walls, we'll be in trouble." Duan Ming signed and said sternly, and took out the divine sword he s.n.a.t.c.hed.

After walking for two hours through the forest, they suddenly heard a sound.

"The terrible news that your Sacred Source Ancient Realm released has brought us to this d.a.m.ned place. You've caused us to die."

"We are also here, this has nothing to do with us, who knows how this Evil Divine Palace came to be."

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming immediately walked over.

"My divine soul can't run around randomly. There's a lot of restrictions on divine power in this place." Long Xueyi suddenly said: "It's better if you don't use it."

She had wanted to see who was up ahead, but when she tried, she felt a splitting headache.

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming kept the weapons in their hands and advanced forward carefully. The people in front seemed to have noticed them as well.

"Who is it?" A middle-aged man asked vigilantly. He took out a big sword and injected it into the Innate Qi, causing the big sword to gleam.

"We mistook this place for our own." Chen Xiang said: "This place is really inside the Evil Divine Palace."

Therefore, the middle-aged man put away the greatsword in his hand and sighed: "That's right, we are from Sacred Source Ancient Realm. We have already gone to that treasured land, and while we were excavating, this Evil Divine Palace suddenly appeared, and then we came here."

"We were just pa.s.sing by and saw this Evil Divine Palace. Then, we planned to go around, but we unknowingly entered." Chen Xiang said.

"We are from the Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace. I wonder where you two are from?" An old man asked from the other side. They were still very vigilant towards Chen Xiang and Duan Ming.

"We are rogue cultivators, so we have no ill intentions. At a time like this, we should join hands, even though we haven't encountered any danger yet." Chen Xiang said.

"If you want to follow us, you can, but don't drag us down." The old man from the Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace said.

Duan Ming groaned as he forcefully stomped his foot. The ground trembled and the dozens of trees around him suddenly crumbled, turning into dust.

However, those trees quickly grew back.

"This level of strength should be enough, right?" Duan Ming, who had been silent all this while, swept his eyes across everyone.

The people from the Heavenly Stone Immortal Palace and Sacred Source Ancient Realm were secretly shocked, and did not say anymore.

"I think many people from other powers will come here. First, we have to find them and gather them together. Everyone, think of a way, our domain lord should be here too." He was an Immortal King, and he could already see that Duan Ming's strength was extraordinary; he could easily kill him in an instant.

The's Domain Lord was also here, he was a heavyweight, at the same level as the Dragon Emperor.

"I heard that the head disciples of the Fire Emperor s are here, I wonder if that's true." Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

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