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"I still can't tell you. Let's go to Long Tian now." Chen Xiang shakily stood up and swallowed a pill to make himself stronger.

Duan Ming laughed: "Even if you don't say it, you can probably guess it. I heard that you have the help of a White Dragon, I think this should be it."

"That's right, it's related to that white dragon." Chen Xiang said: "But I can't say too much."

"I understand. Then let's set off to take a look at Long Tian." Duan Ming laughed.

Duan Ming and Chen Xiang walked towards the Transmission array, and at this time, there were quite a few people who were going to Long Tian, so many people had received the news.

Inside the Transmission array, everyone was waiting for it to open. An old man said: "Today, I was outside of Divine Sword Palace and saw the genius young master was beaten to a pulp. Beating him up was truly amazing."

However, that fellow from the Heaven Sword City is too foolish. After sitting there and getting beaten up, he thinks that he is unrivalled in this world. Who knew that the other party would be able to beat him up with a single punch? A big fellow answered.

"I heard that this person is Chen Xiang, his wife herself admitted to it."

"It's really Chen Xiang, this guy is actually still here."

"He should have gone to Long Tian by now. This matter is huge, so it must be something important."

"Heh heh, he's going straight to Imperial Dragon Clan's lair."

Duan Ming now understood why Chen Xiang had been given the terrifying power of an Ancestral Dragon.

The Transmission array opened, and in the blink of an eye, everyone was inside one of Long Tian's immortal palaces.

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming walked out. Duan Ming looked at Chen Xiang and said, "Let's find a place to stay first. I heard that Long Tian has a lot of delicacies that he doesn't have in other places."

"Do you want me to treat you to a meal here?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"That's for the best. I don't have many Spiritual crystal and it would cost three million to teleport here." Duan Ming sighed.

For an expert like him, it would be strange if he did not have a Spiritual crystal.

"Even though I'm a pill refiner, my pills are very cheap. Moreover, I haven't been refining pills very often, so I'm really short on money. I'll have to trouble Senior Duan." Chen Xiang said while grinning.

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming walked on the street. Inside Long Tian Immortal Palace, there were many buildings with dragon sculptures. One could see the portraits of dragons everywhere, dragon sculptures … "There are a lot of Draconians here, and some of them are strong Dragon beast s born from the combination of dragons and other beasts. After they transform, they will also be here, and they will all be controlled by the Imperial Dragon Clan. After tens of thousands of years, the number of Draconians will increase, so Long Tian's overall strength is very terrifying." Duan Ming said.

Chen Xiang saw many people on the streets who had a very strong aura of the Dragon Power; most of them were naturally born with it.

"What's going on with that ice dragon?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Duan Ming and asked him about the ice dragon.

"The Ice Dragon was a good friend of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and had always been at odds with the Imperial Dragon Clan. Back then, when the Imperial Dragon Clan killed the White Dragon, the Ice Dragon lineage had always strongly opposed it. After the White Dragon was exterminated, the Ice Dragon was worried that their Ice Dragon lineage would be the same, so they left the Imperial Dragon Clan very early on."

"Therefore, right now, the Ice Dragon Race is very hostile towards the Imperial Dragon Clan. I heard that the Ice Dragon Race was hidden in a profound Realm in the end, and that the current Long Family belongs to the Ice Dragon Race." After Duan Ming came out, he had also investigated into this matter.

Chen Xiang now understood why Long Xueyi had such a good impression of the Ice Dragon. She should also know about these things.

The immortal palace they were in was called Golden Dragon Immortal Palace, which was considered relatively large in Long Tian's eyes. Furthermore, it was the closest place to the Evil Emperor's mausoleum.

"Imperial Dragon Clan must be very unhappy right now, because many great powers from the Ninth Heaven have come to their territory to find treasures, and they can't stop them." Duan Ming laughed.

While Chen Xiang was on the street, he heard people discussing about this matter. Quite a few major forces had already arrived here, and their lineup was extremely powerful.

"That Sacred Source Ancient Realm is really amazing. He actually knows that Long Tian has a treasure trove." Chen Xiang said.

"The Sacred Source Ancient Realm is not simple. They already existed that year, and their main goal was to find treasures for the geniuses. I remember that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord bought some from them, and they have great talent in exploring treasures for the geniuses. I wonder how they are doing." Duan Ming said.

Chen Xiang and Duan Ming entered a hotel. Inside, they were eating, waiting for the night to move, some of the big powers had already left long ago.

"This aura …" Chen Xiang looked out of the window, stared at the few people dressed in black robes and frowned: "They are the Divine Devil Cult, they have also come."

"Divine Devil Cult, what is that thing?" Duan Ming asked curiously.

The reason why their Sect Leader calls himself the Heavenly Slave is mainly to help the heavens manage the world, and those who join the Divine Devil Cult can cultivate their divine soul through some special liquids they provide. They can also cultivate the demonic way. Chen Xiang said. He understood the Divine Devil Cult somewhat, and others did not know that the Divine Devil Cult had something that defied common sense that allowed one to birth divine soul.

Through that liquid, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou developed their divine soul.

Back then, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord could not even think of a good way to produce a batch of Divine Cultivators. But now, someone has managed to do it. Duan Ming frowned, his expression becoming serious.

At night, Chen Xiang and Duan Ming left the hotel and walked out of the Golden Dragon Immortal Palace.

More than two hours later, Chen Xiang and Duan Ming pa.s.sed through a large forest and arrived in a swamp.

"There's movement ahead. It seems that someone is fighting." Duan Ming said: "Let's go take a look."

With Duan Ming here, Chen Xiang was not afraid of provoking any powerful forces, he followed without worry towards where the fight was going on.

Although it was late in the night, the ground was still illuminated by the starlight and moonlight, making the marsh less dark. Furthermore, the deeper they went, the more dangerous it became.

"This aura, seems to belong to the Fire Divine Palace." Chen Xiang was surprised, he did not know who had fought with them.

After nearing, Chen Xiang suddenly heard a very familiar voice.

It was Yun Xiaodao shouting, "Old Zhu, quickly poke his eyes …"

Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that his group of rogue elders from the Dragon Subduing School would have a conflict with the Fire Divine Palace. No wonder they had so much guts, he guessed that Duan Chong should also be here.

"They are acquaintances, and two of them are descendants of the Duan Clan." Chen Xiang said, because Duan Sanchang was also here.

When they first joined the Dragon Subduing School, there were a few people who clamored about becoming elders. After flying up, they were dishonest in the Human King Immortal Country, and were brought away by Duan Chong in the end.

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