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The Holy Sword was even refined, causing Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked. He could guess that the man had taken out some precious materials to refine for the Divine Sword Palace, which was why he asked such a question. However, from the way he asked, he did not seem to take it as an important matter at all.

"I can refine it in the afternoon." The elder replied.

"It has already been eighteen months. At the beginning, you all said that it could be completed in fifteen months." The man snorted.

"Because something went wrong." The elder said in a low voice.

The man sat down, he did not look at Chen Xiang after he entered, as though there were not many people who were worthy of his notice, he hugged his chest and sat there with his eyes closed, it seemed like he was going to wait here for the Sacred Sword to be completed.

"This guy is really strong, he should be from some big power, just which power is he from?" Long Xueyi asked doubtfully.

"It should be a sword using power. They can afford to make Holy Sword material, and they don't take it seriously either. In these nine days, there are only two powers." Bai Youyou said: "One of them is called Sacred Source Ancient Realm, which is a dangerous place, but in the middle of this dangerous place is a very strong force, and only they can safely enter the deeper parts of it."

"The other is the Heaven Sword City." Su Meiyao continued to speak, "Heaven Sword City is atop a huge mountain peak, and that enormous mountain is very strange. On top of the mountain is a huge city, and it looks like a giant mushroom, but it hasn't fallen down for tens of millions of years."

"The reason why these two forces are able to refine Holy Swords is because they possess an extremely large amount of materials for artifact forging, especially those of the higher levels. This man should be from the Heaven Sword City." Su Meiyao replied: "Senior Sister and I have been to the Heaven Sword City before, and the people there are very strong. Furthermore, we have a lot of precious refining materials to sell."

Chen Xiang sized up the man once again. He did not look very handsome, but he was still pa.s.sable, and had a very arrogant temperament.

"Elder Wan, who's looking for me?" Liu Meng'er walked out. She was wearing a black suit with a ponytail.

"It's me." Chen Xiang stood up and then sent a sound transmission to Liu Meng'er, "Elder Sister Meng'er."

Hearing Chen Xiang's sound transmission, Liu Meng'er immediately knew that the person in front of him was Chen Xiang.

Just as Liu Meng'er was about to speak, the man with his eyes closed suddenly opened them and asked: "You are Liu Zongyu's daughter."

"Un, you are..." Liu Meng'er frowned, because the man did not have a good att.i.tude, but Chen Xiang felt that it was pretty good that he could open his eyes and look at Liu Meng'er.

The man let out a strange cold laugh, "Heaven Sword City, Luo Yitao, you should know who I am."

"You are Luo Yitao." Liu Meng'er's expression slightly changed. She lightly bit her lips, then said to Chen Xiang: "You're looking for me for something. Follow me."

Luo Yitao saw that Liu Meng'er did not pay any attention to him, and was immediately unhappy in his heart: "Could it be that you're leaving like that? You should know that I'm going to come here to customize the Holy Sword, why don't you come and find me?"

Liu Meng'er was furious in her heart, but she maintained her composure and did not express it out loud: "I'm learning to forge swords here, I don't have much time left."

Chen Xiang was also very unhappy. Why did he need Liu Meng'er to go and find him?

"Hmph." Luo Yitao stood up, and said somewhat angrily: "You mean, why should I go and find you, I think we should forget about this marriage. I, Luo Yitao, am not fortunate enough to be a woman like you who thinks herself to be high and mighty."

Liu Meng'er took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart and said: "Don't worry, even if you didn't say it, I wouldn't have married you."

Chen Xiang had long since been secretly engaged to her parents, but this was the first time he had ever seen Luo Yitao.

At first, I didn't plan to take you, but since you said it like that, I must make you marry me. Let's see what abilities you have to get rid of the marriage that we've already set up. Luo Yitao's face revealed a teasing smile.

Chen Xiang secretly clenched his fists, if not for Liu Meng'er holding onto his wrist tightly, he might have already pulled out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and fought with his life on the line.

"I never lacked women. If you had a better att.i.tude and begged for mercy, I might have let you go and annulled the engagement. But now … "Humph, you're betrothed to me. In any case, you can still be considered to be a pretty decent woman. You are qualified to enter our Luo Family." Luo Yitao smiled sinisterly.

"Elder Sister Meng'er, I will go chop him off." Chen Xiang whispered to Liu Meng'er.

"Calm down."

Liu Meng'er no longer talked with Luo Yitao and dragged him out of the living room.

"Sis, why are you so angry? Who dares to provoke you?" When Xue Xianxian saw Liu Meng'er dragging a man in, she was completely furious. Although Liu Meng'er was her master, but right now, they were both calling each other sisters.

"This guy is teasing you, I'll deal with him." Xue Xianxian frowned as he stared at Chen Xiang. Seeing her furious expression, Chen Xiang even suspected that the Xue Xianxian in front of him was his wife from a little fairy, who was actually emitting such a strong killing intent.

"It's not him, it's that Luo Yitao." Liu Meng'er threw Chen Xiang onto a chair. This fellow is your hubby.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had changed back to his original appearance, Xue Xianxian immediately guessed what had happened. She knew about Luo Yitao's situation and that they had met earlier than usual, which was also why Liu Meng'er was so worried.

"That guy is really arrogant. Why didn't he let me teach him a lesson?" Chen Xiang said.

"He's the Immortal Monarch. Can you beat him? Moreover, his father, grandpa and grandpas are all famous people." Liu Meng'er scoffed.

"I can't win, but I can still smack him and rub his spirit with his palm. So what if the person behind him is powerful, is Prince Imperial Dragon's father not powerful? I killed him. " Chen Xiang said in disdain.

"But this isn't the way to solve it. I have to think about my parents, they were engaged to me that year, so I can't kill him just because I don't want to marry him." Liu Meng'er said helplessly, "I already have a plan. When it's about time, I will leave my parents with Xianxian."

Xue Xianxian sighed lightly. "I've long heard that Luo Yitao is very arrogant, but I never thought that he would be so angry when you two met.

Liu Meng'er said everything that Luo Yitao had said, and after he finished, he became even more angry.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. Little Scoundrel, why have you come to find us?" Liu Meng'er asked: "If you had come a few days late, we wouldn't be here anymore."

"You guys are going back to the Human King Immortal Country." Chen Xiang asked: "I'm just here to chat with you all. I'm planning to go to a place."

"Are you taking a risk?" Xue Xianxian leaned into Chen Xiang's embrace and laughed softly, "We are also preparing to go risk our lives and follow Elder Sister Meng'er's parents to Long Tian."

Long Tian, that was also the place Chen Xiang was going, how could it be such a coincidence? He immediately guessed that the Xie Clan members leaving in a hurry was probably also going to Long Tian.

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