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After knowing the origins of Xie Kang, Chen Xiang felt a lot of pressure. If he was familiar with using that sword technique, he might be able to defeat Xie Kang easily.

"I wonder if the Devil-suppressing holy power is effective against this Xie Tian fellow." Chen Xiang thought, taking a few steps back, he stood his ground.

"This guy can use the Demon Slaying Holy Sword and the Heavenly evil sword at the same time, which means that he can control the power of righteousness. Usually, only Divine Devil Cult and the others can do that, could it be that this guy is from Divine Devil Cult?" Long Xueyi said.

When Chen Xiang came to the Heaven Realm, he asked around about the affairs of the Divine Devil Cult. However, very few people knew that the Divine Devil Cult was very low-key and did not make any big movements, unlike what happened in Di Tian.

"Can I not use the sword, but if I win, I can still obtain the Fire Dragon Sword." Just as it was about to begin, Chen Xiang suddenly said.

This was because he was not good at using the sword, while his opponent was a sword expert. This would cause him to be at a disadvantage, especially when it was a person who used two swords.

"You don't use the sword, are you going to use the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword?" Deep in his heart, he also wanted to see the Green Dragon Slaughtering Knife at a close distance.

Xie Kang said: "If I use Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, I will give up the challenge."

"I don't use Green dragon demon-slain broadsword." Chen Xiang said, he had already said that he could not use his divine weapon.

He didn't need the Fire Dragon Sword, he didn't need the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, did he have to use that dagger?

No one knew what Chen Xiang was thinking, because Chen Xiang's swordsmanship was extraordinary, to the point where he had to give up on using swords.

Chen Xiang took out the black hammer, the Hammer of G.o.d.

It was not as gorgeous as the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, nor as full of runes, but it was extremely st.u.r.dy. At the same time, it was also as heavy as the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and might even be a lot heavier than the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

Chen Xiang felt that even if he used this hammer and Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he would be able to release his berserk power. On the other hand, using the slender Fire Dragon Sword would be restricted by a lot of restrictions.

"This hammer... "Are you sure you want to use this hammer?" asked in shock. Legend said that Chen Xiang had used hammers to cause trouble in the past, but most people believed that he was very strong, which was why he was able to make the hammer look powerful.

"That's right." Chen Xiang was elated, because he did not know that this was the Hammer of G.o.d. He felt that even if it was Liu Zongyu or Song Ying, the disciples of the Divine Craftsman, they might not be able to recognize it.

"Are you looking down on me?" Although Xie Kang's voice was very gentle, it carried a hint of anger.

"No." What Chen Xiang said was the truth, and because he felt that Xie Kang was very strong, he decided to use his Divine Hammer.

Xie Kang did not believe him, and snorted: "Whatever you want, since you have lost, then you must hand over the Fire Dragon Sword. My Xie Clan has eighteen Holy Swords, but we do not have any Seven Dragons Sword, I will take your Fire Dragon Sword for sure."

"If you have the ability, then come and get it." Chen Xiang laughed, but in Xie Kang's eyes, it was taunting him.

Seeing the two's high fighting spirit, Dai Yongcheng did not say much and shouted: "Begin."

Xie Kang was the first to attack, but he was puzzled by it. Chen Xiang did not attack, but he did not care too much about it, because right now, he had to first see how strong Chen Xiang was. Although he knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, he did not personally experience it.

The hammer Chen Xiang was holding was not good at attacking, he only planned to defend and attack at the same time. At the same time, he wanted to figure out the opponent's strength, find out the opponent's weakness and then launch a berserk attack.

The black swords pierced over, as though two rays of light pa.s.sing by Chen Xiang's eyes, they were as fast as rainbows, and what surprised Chen Xiang was that Xie Kang was able to control the two types of power, the black Heavenly evil sword, with extremely dense Evil Qi, the black smoke rising, the silver devil slaying holy sword released a large amount of holy light, the sword qi going up and down, piercing through the air.

Chen Xiang's left hand immediately flashed with a white light, like a white tiger's paw, he grabbed onto the Heavenly evil sword that was stabbing towards his dantian, he swung the G.o.dly Hammer in his right hand, striking towards the devil slaying holy sword.


With a crisp sound, it shook the Heaven Punishing Divine Sword to the point that it started to tremble. Xie Kang's sword wielding hand was struck away by the force of the impact.

All of this was within Chen Xiang's expectations. Xie Kang did not expect that Chen Xiang's black hammer would have such a heavy power, so now that the door was exposed, Chen Xiang threw out a kick that kicked towards Xie Kang's dantian.

With a dragon's roar, Chen Xiang's leg was like a dragon's head, and that berserk Dragon Power smashed out violently from Chen Xiang's thigh.


Xie Kang was kicked right into the middle of the air by Chen Xiang, and was forced several steps back. However, it looked like he was fine, even though Chen Xiang was not the strongest, he had still used seventy to eighty percent of his strength, and people of the same realm were actually safe and sound.

Earlier, Chen Xiang had already felt that there was something powerful protecting Xie Kang's body, which was why he did not get kicked. It could be seen that the protective item was extremely terrifying.

"As expected, it is not a simple item." Xie Kang already knew how terrifying the hammer in Chen Xiang's hand was.

"The thing on your body is also very powerful."

Chen Xiang suddenly dodged and actually started to attack. Originally, he planned to battle with Xie Kang bit by bit, but now he knew that Xie Kang had a powerful protective treasure on him. If he did not attack ferociously, it would be difficult to break through his defense.

As the black hammer swept across, the impact it brought caused the s.p.a.ce to distort slightly.

Xie Kang did not notice that Chen Xiang had arrived so quickly, and how hard it was to sense his movement trajectory, but he had fought through many battles and his reaction was very sharp. Using his own intuition, he determined where Chen Xiang was and then used the two swords in his hands to stab forward.

When Xie Kang's swords pierced out, it looked like they had fused together, he was actually able to fuse the two forces together, just that at the moment, they fused together, something black exploded out, causing the bright hall to become dark.

Rumble …

The black hammer that Chen Xiang swept towards him and the sword that Xie Kang thrusted at him made people feel as if the world was about to collapse. A very large aura surged out from the barrier, causing the entire venue to shake violently.

"Use your Heaven Earth Killing Method." Xie Kang gained the upper hand with that sword strike, and was knocked far, far away by Chen Xiang.

"What terrifying power." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. His eyes suddenly changed and became extremely sharp, he could only feel that there were many bright stars in the sky, and beneath his feet were mountains, rivers, seas, and Divine Sense Sea within his Spirit Sea.

A murderous aura suddenly burst forth from his body like raging waves and stormed in all four directions, causing people to feel as if they were in the deepest parts of a battlefield filled with thousands of men and horses.

"Heaven Earth Killing Method."

Anyone could tell, and it was different from the fist Chen Xiang used to kill Ding Xingyao before, so it was obvious that it was much more powerful this time.

Unknowingly, the Innate Qi in Chen Xiang's body seemed to have merged with the world as he circulated his cultivation, mimicking the circulation of all living things in the world.

"Let's go." After Chen Xiang activated Triple Murder, he attacked ferociously once again.

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