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No matter how Chen Xiang thought back to the process of that sword strike, he could not comprehend anything from it, which made him feel very uncomfortable. His body clearly had the conditions to execute such a powerful sword technique, but he was unable to do so.

In other words, his body still had a lot of hidden powers, but he hadn't been able to unleash them yet. Everyone was like this, and it was usually by chance that their potential would be revealed, but only for a brief moment.

Chen Xiang appearing in this Immortal Sword Conference caused this matter to quickly spread. Many people who were searching for information as a way to earn a living quickly spread this matter to the other immortal palaces.

Chen Xiang had expected this, but he was not worried about this problem, because entering this auction would require a jade plate. With Dai Yongcheng here, even the powerful big shots would not dare to barge in.

"Mistress, quite a few powerful figures have come to see you. They said that they want to meet you, and they all want to come in to take a look." A middle-aged man suddenly walked up to Dai Yongcheng's side and whispered.

"Hmph, why didn't they come here before the Divine Sword Conference began? They must have come here only now, for some other reason." Dai Yongcheng snorted and glanced at Chen Xiang. He must have come here because of Chen Xiang, especially after knowing that Chen Xiang had used the extremely terrifying Heaven Earth Killing Method, he had killed him with a single punch.

Although it was impossible to obtain it, but after coming here, regardless of whether or not they could successfully obtain it, they would still give it a try.

"Let them in, one hundred million Spar, one jade tablet. Moreover, they must promise me not to act recklessly in here, they must abide by the rules here, otherwise, I will kill all of them." Dai Yongcheng smiled slightly.

After Chen Xiang heard this, he secretly looked down on the old man, because most of the people were aiming for him, but this Dai Yongcheng took the chance to seek profit.

Right now, no one dared to go up and challenge Chen Xiang, not to mention the people below Immortal Monarch, even if it was someone who had just become Immortal Monarch, they would have to consider whether or not they could withstand the might of that sword strike.

But only Chen Xiang himself knew that it would be very difficult for him to use that sword technique again in the future, because it could not be counted as his own.

Not long after, a group of people came in, and upon hearing the news, a group of people came in. Although they were all unfamiliar faces, the power they belonged to, Chen Xiang, was not unfamiliar at all. Fire Divine Palace, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Imperial Dragon Clan and the others all wanted to be related to Chen Xiang.

There were all sorts of Immortal King Immortal Monarch s present, but they could only worry, because they could not touch Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang sat on the Sword Discourse Arena to rest, while Dai Yongcheng also stood on the stage. Although he was smiling, everyone knew that he was an extremely dangerous old fellow.

The people who just entered all looked at Chen Xiang fiercely. They quickly found out about what happened here, but they did not see that sword attack, so they did not think it was that powerful.

Right now, Chen Xiang was using a Fire Dragon Sword. As long as they could defeat him, they could obtain a Fire Dragon Sword.

However, it was not easy to win, and the rules for the challenge was harsh. It had to be below Immortal Monarch and have a decent Immortal Sword, otherwise, it would be seeking death.

Because Chen Xiang was on stage, the compet.i.tion for the Sacred Sword among the Immortal Kings was also postponed. At this moment, the entire venue was completely silent.

After it was quiet for a while, someone suddenly said: "Could it be that the Fire Dragon Sword's temptation is not great enough, or is it that there are no strong pract.i.tioners here? In such a large nine days, with so many powerful ancient forces, is it possible that there are no geniuses below Immortal Monarch?"

His words were full of ridicule, causing many people to feel extremely displeased. They all thought to themselves, "If you have the guts, go up!"

The crowd turned to look at the person who spoke, only to see him slowly walking towards the Sword Discourse Arena.

The man's skin was somewhat dark, and there were some scars on his handsome face. He had oily long hair that fell straight down his back. He wore a black plaid robe.

Although his face was somewhat dark, his hands were very white and slender. His fingernails were neatly trimmed and well maintained.

This was a man who had just entered the auction house not long ago. He had a faint smile on his face, and his eyes carried a gentle smile as he looked at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang frowned slightly, because this man gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling, making him feel as if he was being watched by a poisonous snake.

Dai Yongcheng squinted his eyes and said: "Do you want to go up to challenge?"

Chen Xiang had already stood up. This mysterious man made him feel a sense of danger, and his strength was also beneath the Immortal Monarch.

The man walked onto the stage and took out two swords. One black and one silver. The black sword was filled with an extremely threatening and evil power, while the silver sword was filled with a holy power that caused people to feel warmth.

"It's actually the Devil Slayer Holy Sword!" Dai Yongcheng opened his eyes as his expression became extremely serious.

"Good eyesight, I wonder if Palace Head Dai will be able to recognize this." The man brandished his pitch-black sword.

"Heavenly evil sword, the sword that Evil Emperor used before. It belongs to the Holy level and is even more ancient than the Heaven Punishing Divine Sword." Dai Yongcheng took a deep breath.

The man laughed: That's right, I will use this sword to challenge Chen Xiang, if I lose, the two swords will be his.

There were very few people who used two swords, and even fewer who used two holy swords.

Chen Xiang asked, "What is the relationship between the devil slayer holy sword and the Devil-killing Summit?

"No, I'm from Xie Tian, my name is Xie Kang."

Xie Kang laughed: "Have you never heard of it? Relax, I will soon be like you, whose name will shake the nine heavens."

It actually came from Xie Tian, the Evil Emperor in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables was also a fierce character, and this Xie Kang also had two such powerful swords, both top grade Sacred Swords from the Righteous and Evil Sects.

"The reason why the Heaven Punishing Divine Sword is in my hands is because one of the strong warriors in the Devil-killing Summit was defeated by my Xie Clan. Xie Kang said lightly, but his words were extremely shocking.

The people who came out of Devil-killing Summit were all powerful people, let alone someone with a Demon Slaying Holy Sword. They were actually killed by the Xie Clan of Xie Tian, it could be seen how difficult it was to deal with this Xie Kang, no wonder he was so confident in himself.

"Xie Tian's Xie Family should be from that Evil Sword Palace, right?" Dai Yongcheng said.

"The Evil Sword Palace no longer exists. There's only the Xie Clan now." Xie Kang said, he waved the two swords in his hand, and said: "You can begin now, right?"

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