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"What's going on? The mysterious soul inside the Killing-G.o.d heart is moving." This was the first thought that came to Chen Xiang's mind, and for some reason, he actually lost control of his body, but the Innate Qi in his body started to circulate at a very fast speed. The speed was extremely fast, the Innate Qi turned into liquid, quickly circulated in his meridians, and also fiercely collided with them.

All of these things happened extremely quickly. In an instant, thousands and thousands of Innate Qi s that were moving extremely fast collided together, but it did not cause any damage to Chen Xiang's body. Even though the collision happened in a very short period of time, it did not cause any damage to Chen Xiang's body.

The Fire Dragon Sword in Chen Xiang's hands were originally burning with fire, but now it had completely disappeared, and he actually did not pour any energy into the Fire Dragon Sword, which was unimaginable.

"It's going to stab me, why can't I move?"

Chen Xiang watched as the sword slowly stabbed over. Although in his eyes, it became very slow, it was a kind of suffering, because the power Xiang Wencheng condensed into the sword was extremely strong, enough to heavily injure him, and yet he could do nothing.

"It moved." Chen Xiang felt his own body suddenly move, but he did not dodge, and instead turned to face the sword that was thrusting towards him.

It was as if his body was being controlled by a force and could not be controlled at all.

Seeing him turn to face the sword that was flying towards him at full speed, and the Fire Dragon Sword in his hand did not gather any energy, everyone thought that he was courting death, but who knew that he would suddenly wave his sword again, just that the Fire Dragon Sword was not as hot as before, it could be said that it did not have any light at all, as though Chen Xiang had not injected any Innate Qi.

The flow of the Innate Qi in Chen Xiang's body was extremely terrifying, as if a few strong warriors had already sensed it, so they frowned and thought about it, because with Chen Xiang's current level, he was still unable to control the Innate Qi to circulate at an extremely fast speed, and there were even many collisions. This was one way to stimulate the power of the Innate Qi, and there were all kinds of cultivation techniques, just like Chen Xiang's current state, which could only be carried out by those strong warriors.

BOOM! Chen Xiang felt the insides of his body suddenly collapse and explode, the Innate Qi that was flying at full speed suddenly disappeared without a trace.

However, in the next moment, he felt that the Fire Dragon Sword in his hands possessed a strange power. It was not Innate Qi, and he did not know what it was, but he knew that this strange and terrifying power was precisely what his body had just transformed into.

Xiang Wencheng fiercely thrusted his sword over, but everyone only saw Chen Xiang gently wave his sword, and when the lackl.u.s.ter fire dragon touched Xiang Wencheng's large sword, there was no sound at all, and no air waves at all. Because the instant Xiang Wencheng's large sword touched the Fire Dragon Sword, all of the violent Thunder power condensed and turned into flying ashes along with the large sword's body.

Chen Xiang could move now, but he was startled, because someone had controlled his body and unleashed that strange sword strike just now. And that sword strike was extremely terrifying in the eyes of many, especially in a sword master like Dai Yongcheng, who was a sword expert. He originally thought that he would not be able to see the brilliance of the sword compet.i.tion, but he did not expect that Chen Xiang would suddenly unleash such a sword strike, which even he could not see through how it had happened.

It looked very ordinary and natural, but its power was limitless. With a light wave, it disintegrated Xiang Wencheng's high grade immortal sword into dust.

"Motherf * cker." Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart, because Xiang Wencheng's great sword had been destroyed. That was a high-grade Immortal Sword, something that he could openly sell, but not now.

Even Chen Xiang felt that that sword attack was mysterious and unfathomable. Although he had personally experienced it, when he recalled it now, he did not have any clues nor knew how it was done, but he knew that it must have been done by the mysterious soul inside the Killing-G.o.d heart.

The Killing-G.o.d heart was also a divine weapon. Back then, when the White Tiger obtained a strange stone, after it took out the Heavenly Alchemy and the Heaven Earth Killing Method, it had its people refine the stone into a Killing-G.o.d heart. Inside the stone, there was a mysterious soul, even the White Tiger did not know whose soul it was.

"I'm not playing anymore, I lost." Xiang Wencheng heaved a long sigh, and his body returned to normal. He took out his clothes and put it on, his own Immortal Sword had been destroyed, what kind of fight was that, furthermore the other party had such a powerful Fire Dragon Sword.

Actually, Xiang Wencheng had already been frightened by Chen Xiang's sword strike just now. He could not imagine what would happen if that sword strike landed on his body.

After Xiang Wencheng walked down the stage, he absorbed the sacred energy from the Colorful sacred core to recover from the depletion. The Colorful sacred core was placed in the ring, so he could absorb it through the ring, because the ring was on his finger, it had become invisible.

At this time, everyone was discussing the sword strike that Chen Xiang just used in a low voice. Even many Immortal Kings had gathered together to discuss it, because that sword strike was simply too powerful, and many people present used swords.

"Qianxiang, do you know how that sword attack was formed?" The Flower Emperor asked Mu Qianxiang softly, because Mu Qianxiang had the Sword Emperor's legacy.

After Mu Qianxiang saw Chen Xiang's sword attack, he had been deep in thought the entire time.

Only top swordsmen with extremely high attainments in the way of the sword could release it, and through the transformation process by the Innate Qi in their own body, they would also need sufficient killing intent to create this kind of power. " A few things flowed out from Mu Qianxiang's mind, only after she digested them did she come to this conclusion: "My brother probably cultivated the Heaven Earth Killing Method, so he already had the power to kill. That was why he could easily transform into sword force."

"However, he seems very inexperienced and seemed to be using it for the first time. It seems like he hasn't completely grasped it yet."

Flower Emperor looked at Chen Xiang who was seated cross-legged on the stage and frowned: "He did not seem to be unfamiliar, and was extremely proficient in it. In that instant, the Innate Qi in his body had undergone rapid changes, when he brandished his sword, the Innate Qi instantly transformed into sword force, and should be extremely familiar."

"If that's really the case, he would have used it long ago. He could easily take care of that big guy." Mu Qianxiang was also full of doubts, "My brother really has a lot of secrets."

"He actually did not use the Heaven Earth Killing Method to turn the tables. Instead, he used a very profound sword technique." This was the first time w.a.n.g Weiquan found out about how strong Chen Xiang was in the way of the sword. Because Chen Xiang had Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, he gave others the impression that he did not use a sword.

"It should be sword force. Old Man Dai can use it. However, it will usually only be released during the mid to late Immortal King Stage. Moreover, it will take some time for him to prepare. However, he was quick to release it in an instant." Liu Zongyu said.

Chen Xiang was not only recovering, he was also recalling that sword strike. That feeling made him remember the moment, he could not do it himself, but he had already reached that condition.

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