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Chen Xiang took out the Fire Dragon Sword, and after he injected it into the Innate Qi, it suddenly released a burst of flame, causing the air to surge with flames, the red fire was like a dragon, revolving around the sword blade, and a weak Holy Fire Qi leaked out, causing everyone to tremble.

Cultivating Sacred Flame was not easy, but the Fire Dragon Sword could absorb other flames and turn them into Sacred Fire. This made the value of the Fire Dragon Sword even higher, and even the Sacred Swords that were here today would lose their l.u.s.ter in front of the Fire Dragon Sword.

It was a good sword, but it was not suitable for Mu Qianxiang. Furthermore, it would bring her a lot of trouble.

It was Chen Xiang who wished for him to become a Immortal King so he could fight for the Holy Sword. However, many Immortal Kings and Immortal Monarch s wished for him to become a little weaker so he could compete with Chen Xiang in sword skills and win this Fire Dragon Sword.

"I am only a cultivator of the Late period of human immortal, and the range I can accept is below the Immortal Monarch. Therefore, people with strength above the Immortal Monarch, don't bully me anymore." Chen Xiang laughed, causing everyone to start cursing in their hearts, because they had just witnessed him killing Ding Xingyao who claimed that he was invincible under the Immortal Monarch with a single punch.

Below Immortal Monarch, who could be his match.

"This guy really has a lot of good stuff. He already has a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and that mysterious dagger is also very powerful. Now, he also has a Fire Dragon Sword and two of those Seven Dragons Sword are in his hands." Liu Meng'er said softly as she glanced at Xue Xianxian.

Xue Xianxian laughed tenderly: "If I have yet to become a Immortal Monarch, maybe I will go up and fight with him."

"I wonder who will fight him. The Heaven Earth Killing Method that he has grasped is extremely powerful, that punch just now was able to broaden one's horizons. No wonder the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was able to suppress multiple experts with his own strength back then." Liu Zongyu said.

There would definitely be someone who would go up, because after defeating Chen Xiang, one could obtain the Fire Dragon Sword. Someone who dared to go up would definitely have extraordinary abilities.

Dai Yongcheng stared at the Fire Dragon Sword, although he had a divine sword, it did not hinder him from liking it. Looking at his eyes, it was as though he wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

"Fine, you can come up and wait for others to challenge you. Let me explain this here. The person who comes up to challenge you must at least have a middle rank immortal sword, or else don't come up and waste their strength."

Dai Yongcheng made a gesture and asked Chen Xiang to jump onto the wide Sword Discourse Arena. There was a barrier installed on the barrier, so even if there was a fierce battle in the arena, it would not cause any serious damage.

"Allow me."

someone shouted from below the stage. He had already jumped up, afraid that someone else would beat him to it.

"Xiang Wencheng, please advise me."

The one who came up was a tall, square-faced man. He held a broadsword that was as wide as his palm. It looked thick and heavy, and very heavy. The blade of the sword was very sharp, emitting a cold aura. It was a high-grade immortal sword.

The Immortal Monarch did not even have a cultivation, yet he already had a high grade immortal sword, showing just how extraordinary Xiang Wencheng was.

"Chen Xiang."

Chen Xiang politely replied. He was secretly disappointed in his heart, because this sword was not suitable for Mu Qianxiang. Mu Qianxiang had said before that she liked those kind of swords that looked "delicate", and it would be best if it was plain and simple.

Fire Dragon Sword could not do it, as long as he infused it with energy, it would emit dragon fire that shot out in all directions. It was extremely tyrannical, and on the sword blade and sword hilt, there were many carvings of Spirit grain, forming a picture of a soaring dragon.

"Be careful, this guy has a bunch of crazy Innate Qi, that's why he can use this kind of greatsword, looks like he cultivates in the Thunder power." Long Xueyi said.

Dai Yongcheng walked over, and told the two of them to stand further apart, so that they could take their proper positions.

"Be careful. Blades and swords have no eyes, and there is no deep hatred between them. If there is any injury or death, it is your own business." Dai Yongcheng said in a serious tone.

Chen Xiang and Xiang Wencheng both nodded.

"Begin." Dai Yongcheng shouted, and quickly retreated.

Dai Yongcheng's "Begin" still echoed in the huge venue, but the sword images already appeared on top of the Sword Discourse Arena.

The Fire Dragon Sword in Chen Xiang's hand emitted a bright light, quickly danced in Chen Xiang's hands, and set off bursts of fire waves. When the sword was pierced, it was like a fire dragon charging into a fist, releasing an angry dragon cry. It was only the beginning, but the attack was already extremely fierce, causing Xiang Wencheng to retreat step by step.

Although the greatsword in Xiang Wencheng's hand was not as powerful as the Fire Dragon Sword's, but it contained a berserk power that he poured into it. When slashing the sword and piercing the sword, thunder and lightning flashed, lightning strikes burst out, and explosions occurred one after another, continuously shaking the entire auction place. The sound wave shook everyone's heart, causing the ground to shake.

"You didn't do your best, right?" Xiang Wencheng suddenly said, his eyebrows knitted together, causing him to feel extremely unhappy, he felt that Chen Xiang was giving in to him.

"No, I just want to see how your sword is like. I don't want to damage it." The Thunder power Xiang Wencheng used was indeed very arrogant. Compared to the other Worldly Immortals under the Immortal Monarch, it could be considered to be the stronger one.

However, Chen Xiang, who possessed an unrivaled divine art, cultivated it in a completely different way from others. Furthermore, when he cultivated it, he worked extremely hard, which was equivalent to several times that of others.

"If you don't show me your true abilities, you won't be able to defeat me. With your current state, at most you'll be able to tie with me."

Xiang Wencheng was furious, he suddenly roared out, and the muscles on his upper body suddenly swelled, expanding and ripping apart his clothes, causing the veins on his body to bulge out, and he could clearly see the electric currents flowing within.

Chen Xiang frowned as he looked at Xiang Wencheng. He could clearly feel that Xiang Wencheng's strength was continuing to soar.

The originally silver white electric current suddenly turned blood-red after Xiang Wencheng let out a deep roar. Xiang Wencheng's eyes had also turned extremely red, the blood veins in his eyes had turned into red electric current, flickering and jumping, causing others to feel that he was sinister and terrifying, like a berserk demon.

"This should be the Berserker Thunder Blood Art. This person should be a disciple of Mo Tian's Berserker Thunder Mountain. I never thought that after so many years, he would still be able to see this Berserker Thunder Blood Art." Bai Youyou lamented: "Just be a little more serious, otherwise it'll be a little tricky."

After Xiang Wencheng executed his cultivation, he became a little taller, and his body also became a bit stronger. He looked even more powerful, especially his terrifying metal-like muscles, which made people's scalps go numb.


Xiang Wencheng's voice was as hoa.r.s.e as a roar. Holding the greatsword with both hands, he injected a large amount of Innate Qi, causing the great Sword blood to flash wildly, red lightning constantly flashing out, and through the barrier, one could feel the incomparably berserk Qi, causing one to feel a sense of suffocation.

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