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"Of course, don't you know whose wife she is?" Chen Xiang laughed: "How did you chat with her? I know that during the barbecue, you guys were constantly talking to each other through sound transmission. Did she say anything bad about me?"

"No, but I'd like to know about your past." Mu Qianxiang laughed.

Looking at the charming and beautiful Mu Qianxiang, Chen Xiang thought of Hua Xiangyue. Like her, Hua Xiangyue also had a kind of captivating charm and intoxicating fragrance.

Hua Xiangyue was not here, but she and Wu Qianqian were cultivating in another place, so w.a.n.g Weiquan did not know the details.

"Sister Xianxian told me that Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country's Flower Emperor would come over at that time." Mu Qianxiang's face was full of antic.i.p.ation: I heard that she also uses a sword, and even used her own Hundred Blossom Holy Sword to display, to let her broaden her horizons.

"Hurry up and tidy up. Let's go out for a walk. Maybe we'll be able to meet her and join her Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country here." Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, and anxiously urged.

After Mu Qianxiang combed his hair, he changed into a plain and simple dress. Although Chen Xiang bought some luxurious clothes for her, she didn't like them too much, so she still rather liked those light and simple clothes. Even so, they wouldn't weaken her charm, and would instead add a light and elegant temperament to them.

After covering her face with a veil, Chen Xiang brought her out of the middle tier inn, and headed towards the vast palace in the middle. That was the center of power for the Divine Sword Immortal Palace, where the people in charge and powerful people resided.

The hotels near the Divine Sword Palace were all of the highest grade, with many big arrays for gathering immortal qi, and even some formation arrays for a.s.sisting in cultivation. Therefore, the cost was very scary.

When they got close to the Divine Sword Palace, there was suddenly a commotion in front of them in the crowded area. Everyone quickly retreated, then stood on both sides of the street, opening up a path.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang anxiously pulled Mu Qianxiang to the side. Normally, some big shot would come out to watch, but today, there were many experts gathered in Divine Sword Immortal Palace, even the low key Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country Hua Yan Jing had come.

After they opened up a path, they saw a large golden caravan slowly approaching. There were no beasts pulling the carriage, so with one look, they could tell that this golden carriage was a meticulously crafted immortal equipment that could use Spiritual crystal s as its driving force.

To have this kind of person, not only did they have to have Spiritual crystal, they also needed to know a group of Refiner s to be able to do it. From this, it could be seen that the person in the carriage was an important person within a large power.

Mu Qianxiang suddenly held onto Chen Xiang's hand tightly, he frowned as he looked at the carriage, his face filled with unease.

"What's wrong?" Chen Xiang asked via sound transmission. Mu Qianxiang having such an expression showed that there was something that made her feel uneasy.

"The person inside gave me a very strange feeling. I don't know why, but it is all because of that Mysterious Heaven Pill in my body." Mu Qianxiang replied with a sound transmission: "Just now, the Heaven Pellet in my body jumped for some reason, allowing me to sense that the person inside this carriage has a very scary thing."

Chen Xiang did not understand, but he felt that this was not a good thing. Just when he wanted old man Mu Qianxiang to leave, the carriage window suddenly opened, revealing a handsome face that was as sharp as a knife.

Mu Qianxiang also glanced at the man, and her delicate body couldn't help but tremble, as large amounts of perspiration seeped out of her palms.

Chen Xiang sensed it and immediately pulled him away.

"Stop them." He only saw two figures suddenly appear, one in front and one behind, blocking Chen Xiang and her.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly and said in a low voice: "What are you guys trying to do?"

"Our Young Master wants to invite you to be his guests." The middle-aged man in front of Chen Xiang said.

"Thanks, but we're busy." Chen Xiang pulled Mu Qianxiang, and just as he took a step forward, the middle aged man extended an arm to block Chen Xiang.

"I'll count to three. If you block me again, then we won't be polite." Chen Xiang said calmly, his voice carrying a trace of killing intent. The surrounding temperature dropped, it seemed like he was serious.

Mu Qianxiang did not say anything. Although she was a Immortal Monarch, she felt that this kind of matter should still be left to Chen Xiang to handle.

There were already a lot of people here, and now that something like this happened, everyone turned to look. Sensing Chen Xiang's killing intent, everyone frowned, they were very close to the Divine Sword Palace, and fighting here meant that they could not go against him.

"One, two … "Three."

Chen Xiang counted loudly, and counted quickly.

"Don't let them go." The handsome middle-aged man on top of the caravan spoke coldly.

Once he said that, Chen Xiang's other hand started to move, everyone could clearly see Chen Xiang raising his hand, which drew out a red light, following that was the middle aged man's thick arm dropping to the ground, fresh blood gushing out from the location of his severed arm.

"I already said, if you stop me, I won't be polite." Chen Xiang turned his head to look at the man on the carriage, and shouted: "Why are you stopping us, we didn't provoke you."

The man was also surprised, if he were to make a move here, it would indeed anger the Divine Sword Palace.

"Hmph, let's go." Chen Xiang snorted in anger, and pulled Mu Qianxiang away quickly.

Seeing Chen Xiang leave, the middle-aged man who had lost an arm asked in pain, "Young Master..."

"Send someone to follow them and find out where they live. If necessary, get rid of the man and bring the woman back to me." That man had given such an order in public. It could be seen that he had no scruples and everyone was very curious about his ident.i.ty.

Chen Xiang, who had left, also heard these words under the communication given by Long Xueyi.

"If you have the guts, then come. No matter how many come, you will die. Once the Immortal Sword Conference is over, I will definitely kill this guy." Chen Xiang was furious in his heart, that man had set his eyes on them for no reason.

Not long after, Chen Xiang found out that the strongest person among them was Immortal Monarch, and the other few were all Late period of human immortal. Chen Xiang made Mu Qianxiang enter into the ring to disguise himself, and then he easily shook off the people who were following him.

Mu Qianxiang had also changed his appearance, but Mu Qianxiang was still worried.

"That fellow can sense the power of my Heaven Pill. Even if I have to disguise myself, he will definitely recognize me if I were to come across him." Mu Qianxiang sighed lightly, "I don't know why I feel this way either."

"It doesn't matter. As long as you avoid him, you'll feel that way when you get close to him, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"En, I feel that there is something on his body that is related to my Mysterious Heaven Pill." Mu Qianxiang nodded.

Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to keep his eyes on the surroundings, to avoid getting too close to the man in the luxurious carriage, at the same time, he was also asking everywhere about the background of the man, and now, the people of Divine Sword Palace were looking for them, because they had made a move here, to cut off one of his arms, it was considered an act of provocation.

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