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Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi to gather more information as she was able to share a lot of soul remembrance, which was much more efficient than his.

had many precious things, but he could not sell them all. For example, he himself did not want to sell those precious medicinal herbs, and the Immortal Sword he picked up in the big battle was not convenient for him to sell either. It required a number of underground channels.

"Have you gathered any news, and did the people from the Human King Immortal Country come?" He and Mu Qianxiang had already wandered around the outskirts of the central region of Divine Sword Immortal Palace for more than four hours.

"Don't worry, I'm looking for someone. There are quite a few famous people inside, so I temporarily haven't seen any familiar faces that you know." Long Xueyi said.

"Hungry?" Chen Xiang brought Mu Qianxiang to a hotel and asked.

Mu Qianxiang shook her head. She knew that Chen Xiang was in urgent need of Spiritual crystal, and since she wasn't going to die of hunger anyway, she didn't mind not eating for the time being.

"I found him. I saw the little baldy. This guy is pretty recognizable." Long Xueyi suddenly laughed.

Wu Kaiming had reverted back to his youth and had long changed into his young, youthful appearance. However, he still maintained his bald head, and would definitely stand out in the crowd.

"It's definitely him." Chen Xiang had already brought Mu Qianxiang to the entrance of the center area. This place was similar to a few immortal palaces, if they wanted to enter the center area filled with rich people, they would need to buy a pa.s.s.

"The pa.s.s is very expensive, bro, you can afford it." Mu Qianxiang asked softly, because Chen Xiang had already told her that the Spiritual crystal was only so little, and that it was not enough to buy a pa.s.s.

"First, you enter my Storage magic treasure. Then, I'll sneak in." Chen Xiang whispered to her.

"Good idea... "Bro, you're so bad." Mu Qianxiang laughed.

Chen Xiang brought her to a place with no one around and put her inside his ring. Then, he turned into a small flying bug and swaggered his way in, found a place with no people, and let Mu Qianxiang out.

"That doesn't matter, right? Will we be discovered?" Mu Qianxiang was a little worried, because this was the first time she had done such a bad thing that broke the rules.

Chen Xiang said very casually: "Don't be afraid, all those who can enter here are all old men. Moreover, you are so beautiful, and you are also a Immortal Monarch.

"Let's go, I'll take you to find an acquaintance and have him treat us to a meal here." Chen Xiang pulled Mu Qianxiang along, and according to Long Xueyi's guidance, they quickly pa.s.sed through the luxurious central region.

Mu Qianxiang had never entered this kind of Rich District before, so when she entered this place, she saw all the richly decorated buildings, and her heart was filled with amazement. This also opened her eyes to a whole new world, and she firmly believed that the hotels here had a lot of precious beast meat.

"What's the strength of the little baldy now? Has he become a Immortal Monarch?"

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen had already been in the Heaven Realm for a long time. With their talent, breaking through to the Immortal Monarch shouldn't be a problem.

"I got it, although he is bald, his clothes are luxurious, and should be pretty good. The king of the Human King Immortal Country is his martial family, he should have a very high status in the Human King Immortal Country." Long Xueyi said.

"That's great, I'm his Junior Martial Uncle. He doesn't seem to have been filial to me before." Chen Xiang walked even faster, making him feel like he had discovered a gigantic mountain of Spiritual crystal.

Wu Kaiming was living in a bustling neighborhood and he looked very young, around twenty years old. When Chen Xiang first saw him, he was still an old bald man.

"He's going into the hotel." Chen Xiang quickened his pace, and in a matter of moments, he arrived behind Wu Kaiming and patted his bald head.

Hearing a "pa" sound, Mu Qianxiang was immediately frightened. This was a very serious provocation, she thought Chen Xiang was bored and decided to play like this, she had already prepared to slip away.

The other pa.s.sers-by also saw, but they thought that these two should be familiar with each other. Otherwise, doing so would be courting death.

Wu Kaiming was furious, no one had ever slapped his bald head in the street like this. Just as he was about to explode with rage, Chen Xiang sent him a sound transmission: "It's me, little baldy."

Knowing that this person was previously the awesome Junior Master, the anger in Wu Kaiming's heart also subsided. He definitely knew about the things that Chen Xiang had stirred up in the Myriad Dan Immortal Country that day.

Seeing that Wu Kaiming did not take action, Mu Qianxiang suddenly remembered that Chen Xiang had told her about Wu Kaiming, which was the bald junior nephew. Seeing Wu Kaiming's luxurious clothes, Mu Qianxiang immediately understood what Chen Xiang was trying to do.

"Young senior uncle …" "Why are you here? Is there something you need me for?" Wu Kaiming had a bad feeling the moment he saw Chen Xiang.

"Why aren't you inviting me in when you see me?" Chen Xiang looked at the luxurious hotel.

"Follow me." Wu Kaiming quickly brought Chen Xiang to the hotel and went to a suite on the third floor.

Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang sat at the edge of a jade round table, waiting for the dishes to be served. However, Chen Xiang did not hold back and ordered a lot of expensive dishes for Mu Qianxiang, especially those that were just a few servings.

"Junior Martial Uncle, you haven't eaten in so many years." Wu Kaiming sat at the side and asked with a pained expression.

"Little baldy, you are doing pretty well right now, you can't possibly not be able to afford this kind of thing, can you? You can't be infected by that stingy, weird disease of the a lad, right?" Chen Xiang said without a trace of politeness.

Wu Kaiming shook his head and sighed: "Junior Martial Uncle, you're not poor either. Didn't you earn a lot in the Alchemy Compet.i.tion?"

I've already used up all of them. All right, I'm very poor now, but don't worry, I just want to eat one of yours, but you have to help me find the next one to eat. a lad is also here, right? As Chen Xiang said this, he began to laugh sinisterly.

"Senior brother is also here, but he is with Master, so I came out to play." Wu Kaiming also smiled, and then, he told Chen Xiang his location.

Wu Kaiming looked at Mu Qianxiang, who had already taken off his veil. Seeing a beautiful woman following beside Chen Xiang, Wu Kaiming was not surprised, as he thought that it was a very normal thing.

"Who is this lady?" Wu Kaiming asked.

"My sister." Chen Xiang said.

"Isn't your sister white-haired? She's dyed black, and her face doesn't look like hers either." Wu Kaiming frowned.

"Senior Wu, my name is Mu Qianxiang. I just became sworn brothers with Elder Brother Shen. Mu Qianxiang immediately stood up and cupped his fists and bowed to Wu Kaiming.

"Don't call me senior. According to seniority, you are older than me, and I cannot accept that." Wu Kaiming was overwhelmed by the favor.

"It's fine, I'm only eighteen this year." Mu Qianxiang smiled sweetly.

"So young... I see that you are quite strong as well. " Wu Kaiming felt that Mu Qianxiang's strength was not simple.

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