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Chen Xiang said many things, including Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou … These acquaintances and friends of his all told Mu Qianxiang, telling her not to harm her own family members by mistake.

After interacting with Chen Xiang for so long, Mu Qianxiang realized that Chen Xiang had the habit of storing food, because every time she called for food, Chen Xiang would call for more.

Mu Qianxiang had asked Chen Xiang before, and Chen Xiang said that he would store it all for himself to eat in the future. In fact, it was all for Long Xueyi to eat, and ever since he was discovered by Mu Qianxiang, he could openly ask for more, so that Long Xueyi could eat as much as he wanted.

"Alright, now there's only a little more than a million Spiritual crystal left. We've basically eaten all of the famous dishes here ten times or more, the tavern's shopkeepers seem to have seen the G.o.d of Fortune when they saw us."

Chen Xiang finally only had a bit of the teleportation fee left. If he didn't spend all his money at this place, he felt that he would be letting Mu Qianxiang down a little. After all, Mu Qian just came out from that forbidden area.

Then we will go to the Human King Immortal Country, since you have stored so much food, we will not starve to death. When we called out so many dishes, they also gave us a lot of preferential treatment. Mu Qianxiang laughed, he was not worried about eating.

Chen Xiang had already planned to look for a few stupid heads to make a killing when he arrived at the Human King Immortal Country. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming would be at the Human King Immortal Country.

Originally, Chen Xiang was already determined to go to the Human King Immortal Country, but who knew that the Divine Sword Immortal Palace would host an auction for the Immortal Sword. If he wanted to obtain a good Immortal Sword, he would definitely be able to go to the Divine Sword Immortal Palace right now.

The Divine Sword Immortal Palace was the same as the Divine Saber Immortal Palace, they were both famous for smithing, but the weapons in the Divine Saber Immortal Palace were mainly focused on sabers, the Divine Sword Immortal Palace was just a celestial sword, while the legends said that the Divine Sword Immortal Palace was even more powerful, because the treasures in the palace of the Divine Saber Immortal Palace, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had already been lost, and the divine sword in the Divine Sword Immortal Palace was still there.

It was also said that the top grade immortal swords that came out of the Divine Sword Immortal Palace had coexisted with the divine sword for a period of time. They were capable of possessing a little bit of the divine sword's sword aura, so the Divine Sword Immortal Palace's immortal swords were also very expensive.

"Xiao Xiang, how is your swordsmanship?" Chen Xiang asked.

"My specialty is to use swords. The Mysterious Heaven Pill I fused with contains many excellent sword techniques. I'm not strong enough yet, so I should be able to unleash the might of those sword techniques. However, if I were to use a good Immortal sword …" Mu Qianxiang said.

Chen Xiang had some Immortal Swords that he picked up from the market, but those Immortal Swords had all been used by famous people, so using them on Mu Qianxiang would only bring her trouble, so he planned to sell those Immortal Swords to Mu Qianxiang and buy her a clean and better one.

"Then let's go to the Divine Sword Immortal Palace. Maybe I'll meet someone I know during the event." Liu Meng'er said. Liu Meng'er's parents were both master refiners, so they could possibly go back and meet Liu Meng'er. Then, they could get Liu Meng'er to help them get rid of those dirty Immortal Swords.

"I hope Sister Xianxian can also go." Mu Qianxiang really wanted to personally see the fairy-like wife that Chen Xiang had mentioned.

"I hope so too." Chen Xiang said.

In order to save on teleporting fees, he placed Mu Qianxiang inside the ring. If he was really too poor, he could only turn into a bug, wait for someone to go to Divine Sword Immortal Palace, and then sneak into the Transmission array. However, this was a bit dangerous, because it might not be able to teleport him to his destination if the Transmission array was overpowered.

After arriving at the Divine Sword Immortal Palace, Mu Qianxiang looked at the giant walls in shock, because those giant walls seemed to be stuck there like giant swords. The entire giant walls of the immortal palace seemed to be surrounded by giant swords, and in the middle of the Divine Sword Immortal Palace, there was even a giant sword that was emitting a faint white light.

When Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang came to the center, they were shocked by the gigantic sword erected in the middle. Although they were very far from the gigantic sword, they were intimidated by the sharp tip of the sword. If it was the first time someone had come to this place, no matter who it was, they would feel as if their soul had been pierced.

"Divine Sword Immortal Palace actually released his own divine sword, and even gave it such a high profile. Seems like they're not afraid of being robbed. Could it be that their Divine Sword Immortal Palace has a very strong person overseeing it?" said in surprise. Even though she and Su Meiyao were inside the ring, they could still feel the strange sharpness of the divine sword.

"So this is the Divine Sword. It is indeed not simple. It would be great if it was mine." Mu Qianxiang giggled, then sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Old Brother, your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword is so much stronger than this divine sword."

"It's hard to say. Let's split the spoils evenly." Chen Xiang said: "I now have that divine furnace. In the future, I will learn how to refine artifacts and refine a powerful divine sword for you."

"Alright, then I'll thank you in advance." Mu Qianxiang smiled sweetly.

It was only because the Divine Sword Immortal Palace was holding a grand meeting during this period of time that they were able to bring out the Palace Divine Sword, so there were many people here who were impressed, especially the people who used the sword. They felt that if they did not take a look at the divine sword, they would feel sorry for the sword in their hands.

Although Chen Xiang had quite a few Divine Weapons, he also wanted to have one like that, but he only thought about it, it was just as Bai Youyou said. If the Divine Sword Immortal Palace dared to reveal themselves, then they would not be afraid of others stealing it.

After arriving here, Chen Xiang encountered another troublesome matter, it was that he was unable to obtain a jade tablet to enter the auction site. The auction for the exhibition had yet to begin, but the price for the jade tablet to enter the auction had already risen greatly, so those who were invited did not need to worry, but those who wanted to enter were different.

"If they have an invitation, they should have invited those acquaintances of mine. I wonder if Big Senior and the others have come." Chen Xiang brought Mu Qianxiang and wandered around the streets. He only had a few Spiritual crystal now, so he didn't dare to use them carelessly.

"Brother, how about we sell that phoenix fruit?" Mu Qianxiang suggested. She did not know the value of the Phoenix Fruit, nor did she have any concept of it.

I can't sell it. In the future, you will know the value of Holy level medicine ingredients, especially in this era where great waves occur right now, those fruits are priceless treasures, many people who sold Holy level medicine in the past would regret selling them, they are worth as much as the sacred sword, so I will think of a way to get you a sacred sword. Chen Xiang shook his head.

"Don't mind it so much. The high grade immortal sword is enough for me to use." Mu Qianxiang said as he held Chen Xiang's arm, she could already tell that Chen Xiang was determined to get the best Immortal Sword for her.

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