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Chen Xiang had asked Duan Ming before, but he did not know anything about the Devil-killing Summit.

This Immortal palace was very close to the Night Devil h.e.l.l. The group of powers that entered the Night Devil h.e.l.l earlier all returned with heavy casualties, especially those Heavenly Master Immortal Country s and sage realm Immortal Country s. There were actually no survivors, and Chen Xiang had also entered the Night Devil h.e.l.l.

After Mu Qianxiang entered the immortal palace, she felt a sense of novelty when she saw the outside world., who had changed his appearance, was currently shopping with her, and in order to not attract attention, Chen Xiang asked Mu Qianxiang to cover his face with his veil, because even the powers in Imperial Dragon Clan and the others had seen him together with Mu Qianxiang.

Chen Xiang knew that Mu Qianxiang liked to eat, so he brought her to a street that was filled with food shops on both sides. He ate from the end of the street to the end of the street, and then he ate again when he was back, which made Mu Qianxiang very satisfied.

After Duan Ming came to the Immortal Palace, he asked Chen Xiang for two million Spiritual crystal as the teleportation fee, and then left. Before leaving, Chen Xiang had ordered a set of communication scrolls with him, which he could leave behind in some conspicuous places in the large immortal palaces for communication purposes.

"Elder Brother Shen, do you have a lot of Spiritual crystal? They left really quickly." In the past few days, Mu Qianxiang had bought a lot of things, wore the most, and ate the most. Furthermore, they were all very expensive.

"We'll earn it after we go there. I'm from Alchemist, so I can just patiently refine a few pills, but I need to save some teleportation fees. It's easy to earn Spiritual crystal only by going to those great immortal palaces." Chen Xiang said.

Mu Qianxiang allowed him to obtain the Phoenix Fruit, the divine cauldron's lid and the Ground killing, so no matter how many Spiritual crystal he spent on her, he wouldn't feel heartache.

The strange new feeling of eating, drinking, and playing had already started to fade in these few days. Now, she also planned for her own life, and she didn't want to always cling on to Chen Xiang, especially since she knew that Chen Xiang was a big name in the Heaven Realm. She gradually began to understand that if she followed Chen Xiang, she would only implicate him.

"I want to go to the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country to take a look. I wish to join a force in order to earn my own Spiritual crystal. I also wish to have a good place to stay." Mu Qianxiang said. At this time, they were enjoying a sumptuous meal in the hotel room.

"Alright, but before you go to Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country, I need to help you get a good Immortal Sword. I promised you that I would." Chen Xiang smiled as he looked at Mu Qianxiang, who was currently devouring his food.

Previously, Mu Qianxiang thought that it would be easy to obtain high quality Immortal Swords in the Heaven Realm, but after coming here, she had the concept of Spiritual crystal, so she knew that those high quality Immortal Swords were extremely precious. This was because when Chen Xiang brought her to a few weapons shops, those average Immortal Swords were all sold very expensive.

"There shouldn't be many Spiritual crystal left." asked softly. Previously, she didn't know that Spiritual crystal were hard to earn, so she spent it like flowing water, but now, she had a certain concept, and knew that over the past few days, she had used a lot of Spiritual crystal, especially in food.

Hearing that Mu Qianxiang was going to leave, Long Xueyi was a little reluctant, because she had eaten very well these few days.

"You don't have to worry about that." Chen Xiang did not have many Spiritual crystal now, but he was not worried either. He had already thought of a way to prepare the Spiritual crystal.

"Then what immortal palace are we going to next?" Mu Qianxiang asked.

"To the Human King Immortal Country, my wife is there. Furthermore, she is a refiner and wants to buy immortal swords or something like that. Of course we have to find someone who knows where to find them. She should have her own skills." Chen Xiang laughed: "Didn't you say that you really want to see my wife?"

"Really? Aren't you afraid that she'll be jealous?" Mu Qianxiang mischievously smiled.

"Not afraid." Chen Xiang was very confident, because Xue Xianxian had a good temper and was very open-minded. Furthermore, he and Mu Qianxiang did not have that kind of relationship, but their relationship was very good, like a good friend and good brother.

"Oh yeah, I heard that you have a little sister, and she's a white-haired beauty. Is she in Human King Immortal Country as well?" This was what Mu Qianxiang had heard from others when they were talking about Chen Xiang.

"She's my recognized sister, she's not in the Human King Immortal Country right now." Previously, he had let Long Huishan borrow Leng Youlan's sword because he was worried that the Imperial Dragon Clan would find out that Leng Youlan had White Dragon Vein.

"recognized sister, can I also be your recognized sister?" Mu Qianxiang's beautiful eyes flashed, and asked anxiously.

Seeing Chen Xiang hesitating, Mu Qianxiang hurriedly said in a spoiled manner: "Elder Brother Shen, I've already called you big brother … … Besides, I don't have any relatives right now. "

"You wild girl … I have three little sisters now, it would be too boring if you were to become my recognized sister again. " Chen Xiang laughed.

Mu Qianxiang chuckled, "Being your recognized sister can also be your wife … … So it turns out that you had no good intentions in accepting recognized sister. "

"Stupid girl, don't let your thoughts run wild." Chen Xiang glared at her, and said: "You've already called me big brother, how can I not recognize you as my little sister? When the time comes, I'll bring you sisters together."

Mu Qianxiang also knew that Chen Xiang would not reject her, and she was also very happy at this moment: "Brother, other than Sister You Lan, who else? No one else seems to know."

My other two younger sisters are all very gentle. One of them is called Dongfang Jing, and is currently with her aunt, I don't know where she is now, and the other is called Shen Lingling, currently she should be at the Dragon Immortal Palace with You Lan … Oh right, the Female Dragon King of the Long family is my big sister. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can go and find her.

"Definitely." Mu Qianxiang laughed. She would definitely return if she had anything to eat, not to mention that there were three sisters who he had never seen before.

"You have to give me some of the keepsake, or else if they don't believe me, I might meet them in the future." Mu Qianxiang said.

Chen Xiang took out a jade tablet, and placed his own mental imprint on it. "If they don't believe me, I can just let them see."

"Brother, and that crazy master of yours, I've also heard others mention him before, I heard he's very powerful." Mu Qianxiang asked curiously.

If you can find him, then tell him that you are my recognized sister and eat him ruthlessly. My cooking skills are taught by him, and he always carries a lot of precious beast meat with him, all of which are very rare, so dragon meat is nothing to worry about. Chen Xiang laughed.

Subsequently, Chen Xiang told Mu Qianxiang about the special characteristics of the sword when he was in hiding in detail.

Chen Xiang was worried that Mu Qianxiang would clash with some of his friends and acquaintances in the future, so he told her about it to some of the people he knew so that she wouldn't cross the line with them. After all, the t.i.tle of Mu Qianxiang as a wild girl wasn't for nothing.

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