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Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Fire Divine Palace also regarded Chen Xiang as their number one enemy, because their Immortal Kings had all been killed by Chen Xiang.

There was even less of a need to talk about the Dragon Emperor. Because Chen Xiang had cut off his arms, his two most outstanding sons were killed by Chen Xiang, and most importantly, Chen Xiang was with a white dragon. To the Imperial Dragon Clan, the white dragon was equivalent to a seed that could exterminate their entire clan.

"Let me do it. You guys watch over him and don't let him escape. After we capture him, we can discuss how to deal with him." At the same time, the Immortal King of Imperial Dragon Clan and the Imperial Dragon Clan were also on guard. Those traitors were also on alert, but the people of Imperial Feather Race had no intention of interfering, and retreated to the side to watch.

The moment Dragon Emperor took a step forward, Duan Ming frowned, the moment he released his aura, Dragon Emperor could not help but to retreat, the people around him also retreated, their faces filled with terror.

Duan Ming did not look at the Dragon Emperor s, but rather at those Heavenly Pa.s.sing Immortal Country s and sage realm Immortal Country s. The ancestors of these powers had all betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord at that time, and the cultivation techniques they were cultivating in now were all taught to them by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"You must be from the Feng Clan." Duan Ming looked at a middle-aged man, his voice filled with killing intent.

"That's right, what do you want to do?" The middle-aged man knew that Duan Ming was very strong, but he thought that they could take him down together. After all, he had never seen such a strong existence, so even if there was one, it wouldn't appear so easily.

"Then, in place of your ancestors, apologize to the Emperor." Duan Ming's voice was ice-cold. When he swung out his palm, a bolt of purple lightning suddenly appeared. With a "pa la" sound, it struck the body of the Feng Clan Immortal King, immediately turning the middle-aged man into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

With an Immortal King dead just like that, everyone present could not help but open their mouths wide in fear.

"Who are you?" Seeing Duan Ming's strength, he knew that he would not be able to catch him.

"He once followed a small fry in the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord." Duan Ming glared at one of the Immortal Kings of Zi Yue Immortal Country. He was the strongest Immortal King of Zi Yue.

Seeing his expression, the Immortal King Zi Yue's heart chilled. He turned around and ran, he knew that this man was very powerful, even the Dragon Emperor would not be able to deal with him.

Right at the moment he turned around, Duan Ming let out a cold snort, and shot out another purple lightning, turning it into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

Another had been killed.

Now, everyone knew that this person had once followed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. To be able to live from that time to now, no matter how weak he was, he was still stronger than them.

The fact that the ancestors of the Heavenly Master and sage realm Immortal Country had betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had been spread out in the next nine days. It was not a secret, but it was also a very normal thing for them to be retaliated against the loyal subordinates of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

Duan Ming hated these traitors to the bone. When he heard Chen Xiang mention them, he did not feel anything, but when he met them in person, he felt an indescribable rage, especially when he saw that the descendants of these traitors were still learning the skills Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had painstakingly created for them.

The descendants of this group of ungrateful traitors caused Duan Ming's murderous intent to rise.

Dragon Emperor did not stop him either. He only glared at Chen Xiang, because he knew that Chen Xiang had escaped another calamity.

"Senior Duan, something is coming." Chen Xiang said in a deep voice. His voice was heavy.

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, Duan Ming took action again, releasing his berserk purple Thunder power, killing one of the Immortal Kings of White Sea Immortal Country.

When he killed the third person, the other traitors all fled. No one wanted to die.

Long Xueyi kept urging Chen Xiang to tell him that there was a strong aura approaching.

"It's the Night Devil." Duan Chong looked into the distance.

The Night Devil that appeared during the day was a very powerful being. As the Night Devil drew closer, Chen Xiang and the others could also clearly feel the oppressive evil aura that emanated from him.

"Run! It's not just one, it's a group!" Duan Ming grabbed onto Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang.

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to the Phoenix Princess, "Quickly let your father carry you and flee. It would be best if he followed us.

This made Dragon Emperor and the rest startled, they did not expect that the powerful Duan Ming would suddenly escape.

At this time, the Phoenix King had already brought along the Phoenix Princess and their companions to follow behind Duan Ming, using their fastest speed to escape from this place.

"Let's go as well." Although the Dragon Emperor did not know what was coming, something that Duan Ming was unable to deal with must definitely be very powerful.

"I can deal with even a group of people, but you guys can do it, so it's better to just hide. This place is close to the Gates of h.e.l.l, so it's not strange for there to be a group of people like this." Duan Ming said.

"He's catching up." Long Xueyi shouted in shock.

Chen Xiang turned his head and saw that there were indeed dozens of things that looked like humans. It was just that they had a pair of gigantic wings on their backs, the kind of wings that looked like a bat's.

"This fellow evolved from the souls of the dead. He's already like a human." Duan Ming explained.

"So you're saying that they are equivalent to reincarnated? They are in the same state as you, Scattered Immortal." Chen Xiang asked.

"No, they do not have the Scattered Immortal Calamity, and their spirits are incomplete, so their memories are very complicated. But since they have evolved so close to each other, they have already gained an extremely high level of intelligence. A large group of people followed behind Duan Ming. Only a small part of the large powers followed along, and those traitors left.

Back then, Chen Xiang had seen this kind of bat demon fight with a human shaped Black Tortoise in the daytime. It was extremely powerful, and if it was attacked by a group of humans, both he and Mu Qianxiang would be in danger.

Duan Ming remembered the road here. They had all taken safe routes and very quickly, they entered a crevice in the ground. This road was one that Dragon Emperor had walked on.

It took them three days to get out of the crevice and reach a large river.

"Haha …" The great river suddenly began to churn, the sky reverberating with ferocious and sharp laughter.

"Don't even think about escaping." A few black figures suddenly came out from the river and surrounded Duan Ming and the others. In that moment, Chen Xiang put Mu Qianxiang into the ring.

"Bat devils, it wasn't easy for you to grow to this level. You don't want to die just like that, right?"

Duan Ming looked at the five powerful Night Devil standing around him. Their bat wings could be stored inside their bodies, but they were currently wearing a set of black furry clothes. It was unintentional for them to be thrown into the sea of people, making it difficult to tell that they were Night Devil.

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