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The nine clans were trapped in this forbidden area, the Alchemist s were pitifully few in number, and the spa.r.s.e Alchemist s did not know how to refine high level pellets, because the medicinal ingredients here were too scarce and they were unable to learn anything. In order to become a high level Alchemist, one needed to first obtain a plentiful amount of medicinal ingredients.

In Mu Qianxiang's impression, those Alchemist s were all old grayish white haired grandpas. He never thought that there would actually be such a young Alchemist s.

"Take down that fruit. You are a Alchemist, so it should be very important to you." Mu Qianxiang said.

If not for Mu Qianxiang, Chen Xiang would not have so easily obtained the Beast Slain Method and the divine cauldron's lid, and now, Mu Qianxiang was even going to give him the Phoenix Fruit.

"Lil 'Xiang, I really don't know how I should thank you. You've helped me enormously, allowing me to obtain so many things." Chen Xiang said as he looked at Mu Qianxiang.

"If you want to thank me, then get me a very powerful Immortal Sword. Although I have one, it's too rotten." Mu Qianxiang laughed.

Of course Chen Xiang had good Immortal swords, it was just that she could not casually use them, because Chen Xiang had s.n.a.t.c.hed them away from her, and giving them to her would only bring her trouble.

"No problem. After we get out, I'll immediately bring you to get a celestial sword that you're satisfied with." Chen Xiang took down the Phoenix Fruit and said: "Just this fruit alone is enough to exchange for many good Immortal Swords, so I must repay you with my own words, I definitely cannot thank you with an ordinary Immortal Sword."

"Then let's hurry and find that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and have him quickly take us out." Mu Qianxiang was already impatient to open this place, she wanted to go to the Nine Heaven World that she had been yearning for so long.

Chen Xiang didn't have enough time right now, otherwise he would definitely use the creation divine liquid to make some high-level healing panacea for Mu Qianxiang to repay his grat.i.tude. It was just that the Holy level s and medicinal ingredients required a very, very large amount of creation divine liquid, and he wouldn't be able to get them out in a short period of time.

Mu Qianxiang and Chen Xiang left the small dimension and returned to the cave. Duan Ming had not come yet, so Chen Xiang continued to cultivate using the Colorful sacred core here. At the moment, he also had not gone to learn the Beast Slain Method, because he was worried that he would be interrupted during the crucial time to learn and comprehend it.

Mu Qianxiang was a very cheerful woman, and quickly recovered from her sadness. There was still a lot of delicious food in her Storage magic treasure, and Chen Xiang got some spirit fruits from Long Xueyi to give him as snacks to eat. She was the same as Long Xueyi, she liked to eat very much, and there were a lot of times when her mouth was chewing.

Chen Xiang trained in the cave for more than ten days and absorbed the Colorful sacred core's energy. Although he had only used it twenty days, he could already feel that he had improved a lot.

Duan Ming appeared in the cave. Upon seeing him, Mu Qianxiang immediately put away the roast meat on the plate, leaving behind only a small piece.

"Little girl, don't be so stingy." Duan Ming laughed and took the barbecue on the plate.

If you want to eat, I can roast it for you, but you have to bring your own meat, you are so powerful, with just a few moves, you can kill a strong monster. I only have a little bit left, Elder Brother Shen said, there is no such high level beast meat outside. Mu Qianxiang said.

Duan Ming laughed: "If you go outside, as long as there are Spiritual crystal s, you can even eat dragon meat, let alone this high level beast meat."

"It's not easy to get dragon meat now, even with Spiritual crystal s." Chen Xiang said.

"So it's like this, the number of dragons is becoming fewer and fewer." Only now did Duan Ming realize that the era back then was already over.

"However, there is still high grade beast meat. Moreover, the dragon meat is not tasty and sour, so I might as well use it for concocting pills."

"You have." Mu Qianxiang never thought that Chen Xiang would have eaten dragon meat before. She had grown up in the Sacred Grounds, so she naturally knew that dragons were a very terrifying and powerful beast.

"Of course, I'll give you some bird meat after we leave this place … That is a very precious kind of bird meat. " Chen Xiang said.

"Can you let me have a taste as well..."

"Senior, go and get it yourself, the Imperial Feather Race is not dead yet." Chen Xiang said.

Duan Ming shook his head and sighed. He never thought that the current brat did not respect the elderly so much that he told him to do everything by himself.

Let's go, we can leave this place now. I explained in advance that the pa.s.sage out is not stable, but we can still get out. It's just that we will be attacked by the violent energy from within. Duan Ming walked out of the cave and spoke as he walked.

Chen Xiang held Mu Qianxiang's hand and said: "Don't be afraid, when the time comes I will put you into one of my Storage magic treasure."

"I'm not afraid." Mu Qianxiang said fearlessly, "I also want to go out with you. I'm not afraid of the pain."

"Be good and enter my Storage magic treasure." He was worried that there would be an uncontrollable mutation in that pa.s.sage that he and Duan Ming could not control. That was a spatial tunnel, and if they couldn't make it and entered some chaotic s.p.a.ce, then that kind of torture could not be endured by just anyone.

But Chen Xiang was not afraid, he had the profoundwu diamond armour s protecting his body and his body was very strong.

"Can you let me in as well?" Duan Ming teased from the side.

"Senior, who are you leading the way for?" Chen Xiang was extremely speechless, this Duan Ming didn't have the slightest bit of an appearance of a senior.

Duan Ming brought Chen Xiang and the others to the edge of the barrier. There was a very short stone mountain here, and it was filled with Spirit grain s.

"You just made these." Chen Xiang asked in surprise.

"There is already an exit here, but if we want to open it, we need a formation like this to open it." Duan Ming said as he walked to the side of the stone mountain. He placed his palm on a flat spot and poured in a dense amount of energy.

"Senior, how many times have you endured the Scattered Immortal Tribulation?" Chen Xiang asked curiously. His previous estimate was more than thirty times.

"Forty-three times, and there are still six more times that I can escape from this calamity. I wonder if I will be able to survive the next Scattered Immortal." Duan Ming's face was filled with helplessness.

"Do you know the Dan Emperor? I heard that he also came in here and hasn't left since." Chen Xiang asked again, he felt that this Duan Ming should be a character that came from the same era as the Dan Emperor.

"I know him, but he doesn't know me. He's a very powerful person, but he can't leave this place because he doesn't know the method." Duan Ming said as he injected energy into the array to activate it.

"But I saw a pair of jade bones in the forest outside. I suspect that it was his. He must be pretty powerful to be able to reach that forest." Chen Xiang said.

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