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Chen Xiang forcefully pushed at the stone door, but was unable to open.

"It seems like it's impossible to enter using a normal method." Chen Xiang could only use the power of the spatial laws to pa.s.s through the stone door.

The stone door was very thick and Chen Xiang was almost unable to pa.s.s through it. He was now inside the door, it was a pitch black tunnel, he released his divine power to check ahead and quickly knew that he had reached the bottom.

"The rocks on this mountain are very st.u.r.dy, and there is even a formation. It seems like those people were really afraid of the Scattered Immortal's tribulation. In order to protect some good seedlings, they would not hesitate to build such a place of refuge." Long Xueyi said.

The divine power that Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang had released to investigate was suddenly blocked by a powerful force.

"It seems like there's a layer of spirit formation inside. The protection is very thorough." Long Xueyi said.

The place to seek refuge was deep under the mountain in the middle of the mountain. When Chen Xiang arrived at the center of the mountain, he saw a vertical hole leading downwards into the depths.

Chen Xiang jumped down, and in a moment he was at the bottom, and there was some light, shining through from the cracks of a stone door.

"They are inside. There are quite a few of them. It seems that this is the joint establishment of the nine clans." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang walked to the door and easily pushed it open. He immediately saw the huge underground room, which was filled with warm rays of light, and a few tents at the side of the underground room. There were also some people walking around or chatting in groups of three or five.

The moment the door was pushed open, everyone inside looked over and saw an unfamiliar face.

"Elder Brother Shen." Mu Qianxiang shouted in shock.

Originally, no one recognized Chen Xiang, but hearing Mu Qianxiang's shout, they immediately understood that he was the outsider, and even gifted the Mu Clan Patriarch a Longevity fruit.

Although he was temporarily staying here to prepare to enter the Samsara Valley, everyone thought that he would probably stay here forever, because it was impossible for him to leave the Samsara Valley.

Mu Qianxiang was very curious as to why Chen Xiang would come here. Previously, Chen Xiang had said that he would go and take a look at the Colorful Jinx, but he didn't expect him to return so quickly.

She did not ask anything, because there were a lot of people here. The young elite disciples of the nine clans were all here, and including some important young elders, there were also several hundred people.

Mu Qianxiang said in a low voice: "That guy is also here, ignore him, follow me."

Chen Xiang had already seen Han Chen, and Han Chen was staring at him angrily. His strength and talent could also be considered to be at the top, and was only slightly inferior to Mu Qianxiang's, but before this, many people thought that Mu Qianxiang would very likely marry him after he matured.

Mu Qianxiang was worried that Chen Xiang would clash with him, and immediately pulled him towards his own tent.

"Ah Chen, this is the guy that destroyed your celestial sword. Do you want us to help you get it back?" A tall young man walked over and patted Han Chen's shoulder.

It's just that he's relatively rich. Who knows, maybe he rubbed the Immortal sword away from you because he had some sort of treasure, seeing that he casually took out the Longevity fruit s, he should be able to give you a middle grade Immortal sword as compensation. They were all Han Chen's friends.

"Let's go." Seeing Mu Qianxiang holding onto Chen Xiang's hand, Han Chen's eyes turned red, his heart was filled with an indescribable rage.

Chen Xiang squeezed Mu Qianxiang's hand with a bit of pressure, then looked towards the approaching Han Chen: "It's up to you, this is your territory, it's not good for an outsider like me to do anything here."

When the young elders of the Han family saw this, they did not stop them, because when Chen Xiang came here, the only benefits were the Mu Clan and the Chu Family.

Those experts were all outside preparing to deal with the seven colored tribulation clouds' Robbery power, and the strongest in this place were only the young elders. The late stage Immortal Monarch did not even have a single Immortal King.

"Han Chen, are you targeting him?" Mu Qianxiang immediately stood in front of Chen Xiang with a stern expression.

"He destroyed my celestial sword, you should know that I want him to compensate me." Han Chen looked at Chen Xiang viciously. He had already forgotten that he was the first one to make a move and Chen Xiang had merely counterattacked.

"You attacked him first. You attacked him for no reason at all. You were the one who brought harm to the Immortal Sword." Mu Qianxiang said coldly.

Some of the spectators had already surrounded them. They also wanted to see how Chen Xiang had actually destroyed that person's immortal sword.

Han Chen did not dare to provoke Mu Qianxiang, since Mu Qianxiang's strength was at least on his level. Even he and the dozen or so helpers behind him were not her match.

"You want to stand behind a woman? Don't you have the dignity a man should have? If you have the guts, then stand up and don't hide behind a woman." Han Chen purposely said it out loud, trying to embarra.s.s Chen Xiang, because this was indeed a very embarra.s.sing thing.

However, Chen Xiang was born with thick skin. Even if the number of spectators increased by ten to a hundred times, he would still not feel any pressure.

Everyone originally thought that Chen Xiang would immediately stand up, but who knew that he actually had a thick smile on his face: "If it's only a verbal exchange, I'll accompany you at any time, but if you want to fight, then I'm sorry, I can't beat you guys by myself."

"I solemnly declare here that I will never compensate you for that immortal sword."

Han Chen was enraged, and shouted: "Coward, quickly come out."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I gave them a protection fee. The Chu Family took my eighty thousand Spiritual crystal and the Mu Clan took twenty thousand. They all promised me that they wouldn't be troubled here."

Mu Qianxiang immediately said: "That's right, his cultivation is not as high as yours, you just have to let people fight with you, aren't you clearly picking on him?"

"I'm currently in Immortal Monarch, if you dare touch him, then don't blame me for being impolite. If you have the guts, come at me."

"You are a woman. If you were a man, even if you were an immortal king, I would still fight you to the death." Han Chen sneered.

"Xiao Xiang, get out of the way." Chen Xiang suddenly sighed, causing him to be secretly happy.

Mu Qianxiang frowned, he was unwilling, but he still stood at the side.

Chen Xiang took out a Immortal Sword. It was a middle grade sword, and much better than the one that Han Chen had.

"You should have done that long ago." Han Chen's heart became excited, he could tell that the middle grade immortal sword in Chen Xiang's hand was much better than his, he felt that he had earned a lot more.

Just as Han Chen walked over and extended his hand to receive it, Chen Xiang suddenly groaned. One hand grabbed onto the sword tip, while the other grabbed onto the sword hilt, using all his strength to break it.

Hearing the loud and clear cracking sound, everyone was stunned, they previously did not believe that Chen Xiang's strength could destroy a mid grade immortal sword, but they had never expected that they would see it with their own eyes, and that mid grade immortal sword was even better.

Han Chen's face froze, his entire person frozen in place, and he even extended his hand out to catch it.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "I've said it before, I will never compensate you. Even if I had it, I wouldn't give it to you. Even if I were to dispose of it as garbage, I won't return it to you."

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