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There were also Immortal fruits like Longevity fruit s here, but that had already become history. Now, even the fruit trees no longer existed, and most of the people here had heard of them.

Even in the past when they had Longevity fruit, Longevity fruit were still very precious, so Chen Xiang's courtesy was very precious to them. It could help those who were about to run out of oil to obtain new life, and if they could break through, it would also help their family gain another strong warrior.

Originally, Chen Xiang had only planned to take out a few Hunyuan Dan, but seeing that this Patriarch was so powerful and was so courteous, he immediately changed his mind and decided to take out the Longevity fruit. This way, he would be absolutely safe in the future by staying here.

"Great grandfather, just accept it." Mu Qianxiang said.

The patriarch looked at Mu Qianxiang, his stern and dignified face revealing a smile.

"You wild girl, don't bully others. Take good care of this guest who came from afar." The patriarch of the Mu Clan said meaningfully.

"Got it." Mu Qianxiang laughed as he walked to Chen Xiang's side.

"Wait a moment, bring him to the academy. Go there and flip through the ancient books." The patriarch of the Mu Clan put away the Longevity fruit, and then said to the people: "This time when I went out, my harvest was considered bountiful, but if you want to get more beast meat, then you all must display your strength well. Let me see how much you have improved."

"Second Elder, give the wild girl ten thousand catties of beast meat and let her properly entertain the guests."

Ten thousand catties of beast meat made many people in the audience extremely jealous. This was enough for a long time, and could increase a lot of power, especially the dozen or so women that were Mu Qianxiang's father, who looked at Mu Qianxiang with sinister eyes. They hated Mu Qianxiang to the bones because he was originally living in the same courtyard as them.

Mu Qianxiang's mother was killed because of that group of women. Mu Qianxiang knew clearly in his heart that they had wanted to kill her initially, but they did not succeed. At this time, the women were worried that Mu Qianxiang would take revenge.

Mu Qianxiang happily went to collect the ten thousand kilograms of beast meat, and then left the hall with Chen Xiang. As for the others, if they wanted to pick up the beast meat, they would have to display their strength in front of the Patriarch.

The clan head was very concerned about the progress of the disciples within the clan. Every time he came back from hunting, he would do the same thing. Moreover, he had a very good memory, so he could remember what level these people were at the last time.

Mu Qianxiang was naturally the one who got the most beast meat every single time, and this time, he got even more because of Chen Xiang.

Mu Qianxiang brought Chen Xiang back into the bamboo forest and sat next to a roasting furnace. They took out a large piece of beast meat and started cutting it into pieces.

"Hurry up and start a fire, I'll grill some meat for you to eat." Mu Qianxiang laughed and said: "I only got five hundred kilograms last time, I didn't expect I could get this much this time, I can eat enough at once."

She seemed to have forgotten that this beast meat was used to entertain Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang realized that this Mu Qianxiang was also a big eater, just like Long Xueyi. If she was together with Long Xueyi, maybe every time she ate, it would be an extremely intense eating and drinking compet.i.tion.

"How often does your great-grandfather go out to hunt?" Chen Xiang asked, and also helped cut the beast meat, he realized that the quality of the beast meat was actually very good.

He came back this time to rest for a few days and then went out again, probably three months later. There's no helping it, he lacks resources, so he can only go hunting for those giant beasts, but there are a lot of them. Great grandfather said that it should be enough to kill for hundreds of thousands of years.

Mu Qianxiang skillfully took the pieces of beast meat and placed it on the metal trident, but Chen Xiang had not lit a fire yet.

Chen Xiang took out some charcoal made from high grade wood and threw it into the furnace. Afterwards, he released the Heaven Flame from his palm and made the charcoal burn.

"You know how to set fire to people, that's great." Mu Qianxiang said excitedly: "I don't know how to use fire."

Chen Xiang looked at the meat carefully and asked, "What kind of beast is this, the quality is very good."

"Not only is it not bad, this is much better than the meat of the Small gold eagle, it contains a large amount of immortal elemental energy, remember to roast my portion." Long Xueyi said.

"Xiao Xiang, can I go hunting with your great-grandfather?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Are you sure you want to go? My great-grandfather told me to go last time, but I had other things to do, so I refused. If you want to go, I'll go with you. Mu Qianxiang laughed: "My great grandfather wishes for me to become the strongest Huntress in the entire Nine Nations in the future."

Chen Xiang took out some seasonings and made it into a few small bowls. Then, she used a brush to brush them on top of the roast meat, making people drool while she roasted them. When Mu Qianxiang saw this, she also did the same thing.

"I'll bring you to the academy after you've eaten your fill. I didn't expect you to be such a treasure. You can make the roast meat taste so good." Mu Qianxiang laughed happily.

"Elder Brother Shen, is your wife as beautiful as me?" As Mu Qianxiang ate the roast meat, her jade face became oily. When she ate, she was as fast and crazy as Long Xueyi.

"She's much prettier than you." Chen Xiang slightly smiled, "Maybe she's just as powerful as you right now. Furthermore, she knows how to refine formations."

After Mu Qianxiang heard this, he was shocked because she did not know how to refine or set up an array. "She's so amazing.

"You can't use fire, you can't learn it." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I won't do it now, but that doesn't mean I won't do it in the future." Mu Qianxiang was obviously very confident that he could use fire.

"If you really can go out, I wish you could go to Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country and stay there with him. Although it's not to learn refining formations, you can still learn her skills. I heard that up until now, she still hasn't found a good candidate to pa.s.s on her absolute arts." Chen Xiang said, this was what Su Meiyao had told him.

"We'll talk about it after we get out. Over the years, the experts from the nine clans wanted to get out, but they were unable to do so. Furthermore, quite a few experts died." Mu Qianxiang sighed.

Chen Xiang really wanted to bring this wild girl, who had a special talent, out. If nothing unexpected happened, she would definitely become a strong female in the future, maybe it would make the Heaven Realm even more lively.

Chen Xiang roasted a lot of meat, and the majority of it was for Long Xueyi to eat. He himself also ate a lot, and after eating it, he acc.u.mulated a large amount of immortal qi in his body, and with a little refining, he could turn it into pure and rich Innate Qi.

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