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Mu Qianxiang was considered an anomaly here, because she was a woman. With such a rare resource, she was able to give him a strong power at a young age, so even if she was in Mu Clan, she had a certain privilege.

Seeing Mu Qianxiang's carriage drive over, the doors of Mu Clan's mansion immediately opened. Mu Qianxiang could stop the carriage and directly enter her residence.

"Lil 'Xiang, looks like you're doing quite well." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course, if I want my family to value me, then I must become an irreplaceable person. Right now, I am the pillar of the young generation of Mu Clan, I have fought quite a few times for those old fellows, and from the looks of it, there is no one in this Mu Clan who can replace me." Mu Qianxiang said proudly.

"Even if you don't want to marry, the elders of your Mu Clan will not say anything."

"Of course, and I can marry whoever I want. If I don't want to marry, then I won't marry. No one can interfere." Ever since Mu Qianxiang gained the power of the Immortal Monarch, she had not worried about this matter.

"Get off the car and come with me to meet those old guys. I've helped them get a rich man, they'll definitely be very happy."

Mu Qianxiang pulled Chen Xiang and got off the carriage. She wanted to quickly settle this issue so that she could bring Chen Xiang to a rather secretive place. Then, she could continue to learn about the matters of the outside world from Chen Xiang.

followed Mu Qianxiang and walked quickly for a while before arriving in front of a small stone hut.

"Third Elder, something good has come knocking. Hurry up and bring the other elders over." Mu Qianxiang shouted from outside.

The wooden door of the stone house slowly opened, revealing a short old man. However, Chen Xiang did not dare underestimate him, because this short old man was the Immortal King.

"Wild girl, you've finally become enlightened. Do you know that you're going to get married?" The old man looked at Chen Xiang and laughed, "This brat is called Han Chen, right? "I remember that he doesn't look like that. After not seeing him for two years, he has changed so much."

Chen Xiang was extremely speechless.

Third Elder, what's with your gaze, he isn't that annoying Han Chen. His name is Chen Xiang, he ran in from the outside. Mu Qianxiang said snappily.

The short old man widened his half-opened eyes a little, "Didn't you say that you can't come in from the outside? You wild girl, aren't you being too reckless? I remember that you were supposed to be in charge of that area with Chu Jiang, and you sneaked him in. You have to hide him well, and don't let Chu Jiang know about it."

Mu Qianxiang sighed and looked at Chen Xiang helplessly. Using his eyes, he told Chen Xiang that this old man was just like that.

Chu Jiang charged him a temporary fee of ten thousand Spiritual crystal per day. After that, I told Chu Jiang to give this kid to me as my guard, and he gave us two levels of the Mu Clan. Here are twenty thousand Spiritual crystal. " Mu Qianxiang handed the Storage bag over to the short old man: "I will take care of his food and accommodation. I will take care of him and he has to pay a temporary fee of ten days."

"Twenty thousand Spiritual crystal, I have not seen so many of them in a long time. Wild la.s.s, you sure have great abilities, to be able to get a decent job from Chu Jiang." The short elder looked at the Spiritual crystal and laughed.

"Alright, take him to play around. I'll talk to the other elders later." The short old man walked out of the stone room and transformed into a white figure that disappeared very quickly.

Mu Qianxiang anxiously pulled Chen Xiang and ran back to his own house.

"Xiao Xiang, you actually call me brat … "You are much younger than me." Chen Xiang said.

Mu Qianxiang's house was located in a bamboo forest and was extremely quiet. There were two rooms and a small hall, and Mu Qianxiang was currently packing a room that no one had lived in for a long time.

"How about I sleep in the same room with you so you don't have to pack up." Chen Xiang sat at the side and laughed.

"No, I have to train tonight, you will disturb me." Mu Qianxiang originally wanted to refuse, but after she said this, she thought for a moment and then said: "Alright, I will sleep in the same room, but it is not the same bed."

Originally, Chen Xiang was only joking around, she did not expect Mu Qianxiang to actually agree, she was not tidying up the room, and was instead bringing the empty bed to her room, then putting on a clean, soft and fragrant bedding.

The two beds were snuggled together, making Chen Xiang feel that sleeping with her wasn't too different from before. In his eyes, Mu Qianxiang didn't seem to think of him as a woman, even though she had a lovely face.

"Wild girl, bring that guest to see the chief tomorrow morning. The chief will be back tonight." Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang heard the voice, but the voice came from afar. It was the short old man from just now.

Mu Qianxiang sighed, looked at Chen Xiang who was sitting on the bedside: "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No need, I just want to take a bath now, then have a good sleep."

"The bathroom is over there. There's a well outside. Get some water and boil it yourself. There's a bath in there. Do you need me to teach you how to wash?" Mu Qianxiang pointed to a corner in the large room, which was separated by a screen and a curtain.

"I gave you ten thousand Spiritual crystal. If it was in the outside world, I could at least enjoy two maids helping me scrub my back. Now, I even need to get some water to boil my own."

Chen Xiang purposely revealed a disappointed expression. Just as he was about to walk out, she snorted and stepped in front of him.

Not long after, Chen Xiang was bathing in the hot bath, but Mu Qianxiang did not come in to help him wash it, which made him feel a little regretful.

After Chen Xiang finished washing up, he wore a simple set of pajamas and pounced toward the soft and soft bed. He laid on top of it with his eyes closed, let out a long sigh, and had a face full of enjoyment.

"I'm sleeping, don't disturb me." After Chen Xiang said this, he closed his eyes.

Chen Xiang was indeed sleeping, but he had slept for a short while before Long Xueyi woke him up: "Little Scoundrel, wake up quickly. That wild girl has already taken a bath, and didn't even use a bath, she was only washing herself.

"Little Pervert, did you peek at her while she was bathing?" Chen Xiang woke up. Although his eyes were still closed, he could still hear Mu Qianxiang humming a little tune and the sound of water splashing in the bathroom.

The thing that moved Chen Xiang the most was that waves of intoxicating fragrance from the flower, the fragrance on Mu Qianxiang's body was also very special. It turned out that she would use some strange flowers to scrub them when she was bathing.

The bathroom only had a screen and a screen, but Chen Xiang was a very obedient person, so he did not use the Heaven Tour to look at other people's baths like how Long Xueyi did.

Chen Xiang cleared his mind and wanted to continue sleeping, but suddenly he heard Long Xueyi shout: "She's out, she's not wearing any clothes."

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