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"Alright, no problem. As for the Spiritual crystal, I will give you twenty percent." Chu Jiang nodded.

This year was Chu Jiang's turn to be in charge of this area's boundary. The benefits that he had obtained were naturally all his Chu Family's, and for Mu Qianxiang to be able to obtain twenty percent, it could also be considered not bad.

Chen Xiang laughed inwardly. He had already seen that the strong in this place were extremely lacking in Spiritual crystal, so it wasn't hard to understand why. They could only stay in this area, it was much smaller than a continent.

Chen Xiang felt that as long as his bid was high enough, maybe even Mu Qianxiang would be able to buy it.

"Thank you elder, I will definitely settle this matter well." Mu Qianxiang's face revealed a happy smile.

"Hmph." Han Chen was furious, and said coldly: "You have destroyed my Immortal Sword, so you must compensate me."

Of course, Chen Xiang could afford it. He had many middle-grade and high grade Immortal swords in his hands, and even some high grade ones, of the best kind. Then, He Feng would have two top-grade Immortal swords.

But Chen Xiang would never give it to him, because Han Chen was the one who made the first move back then.

"Why should I compensate you? You were the one who tried to kill me first. At that time, I still hadn't stepped into the spirit formation. I was only defending myself." Chen Xiang said.

"Qianxiang, here are twenty thousand Spiritual crystal. Take it back to your Patriarch and properly entertain them." Chu Jiang gave Mu Qianxiang twenty thousand Spiritual crystal.

After Mu Qianxiang received it, he asked while grinning: "What's your name, I'm Mu Clan's Mu Qianxiang."

"Chen Xiang." In this kind of place, Chen Xiang was not afraid of exposing his name, he replied with a smile.

Han Chen saw that Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang were looking at each other and almost spat out fire. He snorted angrily and turned to fly away.

Mu Qianxiang looked at Han Chen's back and snorted: "Ignore him. If he wants to die and attacks you, I'll help you deal with him."

"That's not good... You may have to marry him in the future. "

Mu Qianxiang was very straightforward, there was no shyness that a woman should have. She grabbed Chen Xiang and said: "I won't marry that guy, now you must follow me back to the Mu Clan. The elder still has other things he needs to do."

"Miss Mu, how old are you this year? Why are you so powerful at such a young age? This doesn't make sense." Chen Xiang flung Mu Qianxiang's hand away. He was a man, yet he was being pulled by a woman. It looked very outrageous.

Previously, Elder Chu Jiang had said that Mu Qianxiang would soon undergo her coming-of-age ceremony and that she would be getting married at that time. However, at her age, she had a very strong strength, even more powerful than that Han Chen. She was already a Immortal Monarch, and Chen Xiang believed that she must have had some sort of fortuitous encounter.

"I was born with it. How would I know?" Mu Qianxiang turned his head and stuck out his tongue at Chen Xiang, and laughed: "In short, I am stronger than you, do not look down on me, although you are older than me."

"How old are your adult standards?" Chen Xiang asked again, this Mu Qianxiang looked to be around eighteen to nineteen years old.

"Twenty, I am already twenty this year. But I will have to wait a while before the nine families can jointly hold the coming of age ceremony." Mu Qianxiang said.

"In other words, you're still a little girl." Chen Xiang laughed.

"So what? Some old guys aren't even my match. Do you want to see how powerful I am?" Mu Qianxiang rolled up his sleeves, exposing his jade-like arms. With a face full of smiles, he could tell that she was a very mischievous woman.

"Save it. If you injure a rich person like me, Elder Chu will certainly blame you." Chen Xiang immediately revealed a very scared look.

"Stop pretending, for you to be able to turn Han Chen's Immortal Sword into a waste, you must be very powerful." Mu Qianxiang pouted and said.

Originally, this place was a stone mountain, but after being remodeled, there were many trees planted here. Many stone mountains were leveled and constructed into cities and towns, and within this barrier, the immortal energy was very dense.

"Xiao Xiang, in all these years, has anyone entered that Samsara Valley before?" Chen Xiang asked: "You guys should know what is inside."

"Of course we know that there are divine arts left behind by the Beast G.o.d. Humans can also learn them and understand them from them, so we can create a few more powerful divine arts. However, that place is extremely dangerous, and many of our nine clans' experts have died over the years." Mu Qianxiang immediately replied.

"How about I give you some Spiritual crystal s in private, and you answer some more questions for me, this way you can earn some money." Chen Xiang said: "Name your price."

Mu Qianxiang snorted: "I don't want that stuff, but I have a question to answer, and you have to answer mine."

"No problem."

immediately agreed. In this kind of place, it would be good to be able to save a few Spiritual crystal s, but Chu Jiang probably never would have thought that Mu Qianxiang, who looked up to the outside world, would actually not care about Spiritual crystal s at all. What she needed more were the novel stories outside.

"Now it's my turn to ask you." Mu Qianxiang said: "Do you have a wife?"

"Oh, why do you ask?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

"That's also a question. I'll answer it first, then you'll owe me an answer." Mu Qianxiang laughed mischievously: "I am just curious, see if you can compare to that Han Chen in this area."

"So far, I have only one wife." Chen Xiang answered honestly.

"Only one..." Mu Qianxiang revealed a ridiculing expression.

"Do I need a lot of them?" Chen Xiang just said it out and immediately regretted it, because this was also considered a problem.

"You owe me another question." Mu Qianxiang giggled: "You're really stupid."

The more men there are, the more power he would have and his status would be even higher. For example, Han Chen, the young miss of a small family would have to pour out some medicinal ingredients to join the Han family.

Chen Xiang laughed: "But if he can't marry you, so what? If he wants to marry some girls who don't have much power, I have as much as I want. Even if it's a pretty strong girl, it's not hard at all."

"Tsk, boasting. Although you look pretty good, your strength isn't that great." Mu Qianxiang said with a look of disdain: "There definitely aren't many strong women, why would they all stay in your embrace."

"Then you're wrong. In the outside world, there are many strong women." Chen Xiang said.

"Now, it's your turn to answer my question. Tell me who is the most famous and powerful woman outside." Mu Qianxiang's eyes lit up as he asked anxiously.

Chen Xiang was unable to answer that question immediately. He had interacted with quite a few female experts, such as Long Peirong, Bi Xia Dan Immortal, Long Huishan and Liu Meng'er's mother, Song Ying …

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