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Chen Xiang suspected that the people who were occupying this place must be the descendants left behind by those who entered this place many years ago, such as the people from the Bai Shan YUE.

If that was the case, then this place did not belong to them. Therefore, Chen Xiang could also go and take a look at the cliff where the Beast Slain Method was recorded.

"Elder, he destroyed my mid quality celestial sword …" Han Chen wanted to continue, but the old man looked at him, making him not dare to speak.

If they had been able to reach this place according to the map, then it would not be impossible for them to be a bit weaker. Over the years, they had encountered many of these people.

We have been stationed here since the ancient times, so we do not allow outsiders to enter and destroy the holy land. Now that you, Ali, have come here, there is no way out. The old man said.

"Elder, if you want him to leave Samsara Valley, isn't that just courting death?" Mu Qianxiang's face changed as he asked anxiously.

In Chen Xiang's mind, the map immediately appeared. There was indeed a valley, and this valley would go past the place he wanted to go, which was the cliff where the Beast Slain Method was hidden.

"The Reincarnation Gorge will pa.s.s by the place he wants to go. According to the map, he came here to go to that valley." In his eyes, those who went to the valley would all be courting death.

That place was extremely dangerous, and Chen Xiang could tell from the words of the old man and Mu Qianxiang that many people had died there over the years.

These people have lived here for so long, they must know the Samsara Valley very well.

"That Samsara Valley is the only way to leave this place. Of course, over the years, many people have not been able to do so." The clan elder saw Chen Xiang meditating and said.

"Then I can only go that way now." Chen Xiang said softly. Since there was still a way out, then what about the jade bones in the forest outside? That person was so powerful, yet he did not choose to walk the Samsara Valley.

"Elder, can't we keep him here? It's not like we've never experienced something like this before." Mu Qianxiang said softly, looking at Chen Xiang with extreme sympathy.

"We can't, our family's resources are limited, we can't accept outsiders anymore, if not what happens to our children and grandchildren in the future." Han Chen immediately shouted.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. It was normal for these people to have problems with resources since they had been trapped here for so long, and he definitely could not go to the Reincarnation Valley to die for now. Even Dan Yan Jing did not dare take that route.

Chen Xiang stood up, looked at the old man and smiled: "Resources are … If you let me stay in your clan for a period of time, I can provide you with some resources. What resources do you need?

Chen Xiang's words made the old man's heart move. Although the old man had been trapped here the entire time, he still had his schemes, and if the person in front of him had a large amount of resources, then there would be room for negotiation. Rather than bringing those resources to die, it would be better to just hand them over.

"One day, ten thousand Spiritual crystal. We will arrange food and lodging for you. If you want to know more about the Rebirth Valley, we can also provide you with more details. This will require a few Spiritual crystal s as well. " The old man said.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, problems that the Spiritual crystal could solve, were not problems at all. Fortunately, he had gotten the ten million Spiritual crystal jade plates from Long Huishan earlier and exchanged them all.

Seeing that Chen Xiang agreed so readily, the old man regretted not offering a higher price.

"This is ten days rent." Chen Xiang tossed a Storage bag to the old man. There were a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal inside, if they were inside those immortal palaces, then ten thousand Spiritual crystal would be able to stay in those luxurious hotels every day.

"Alright, you can come in now." The old man nodded, causing Han Chen, who was at the side, to grit his teeth in anger. He hated Chen Xiang very much, because Chen Xiang had destroyed his Immortal Sword and Mu Qianxiang was very concerned about Chen Xiang too, which made him very unhappy.

Although Han Chen already had quite a few women, Mu Qianxiang was different from the other girls. Mu Qianxiang was extremely talented, so his strength was strong and he had a body of terrifying power that was not married yet, which was even stronger than his. Furthermore, he had a surname, which was unlike any other woman's power.

Chen Xiang laughed as he walked into the barrier, "I wonder what Senior's name is? I will be living here for a period of time, and I won't consume any of your resources. The reason I'm staying here is mainly to investigate that Samsara Valley from time to time."

I am Chu Jiang, an elder of the Chu Family. This year, it is my turn to inspect the perimeter of the barrier, to prevent anyone from sneaking in. As long as someone comes near our barrier, it will cause a commotion. Chu Jiang said.

Chen Xiang nodded, he had indeed felt a tremble earlier.

"Elder Chu, how many people do you have here in total?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"There are over 30 million people in total and they are controlled by nine different families. My Chu, Han, and Mu Clan are in charge of this area and we will send some disciples to watch over it every day." Chu Jiang said.

Originally, he thought that it would only be a few tens of thousands of people, but now, he understood why outsiders would not be allowed to enter.

There were a lot of people, and it was normal for there to be a shortage of resources. However, Chen Xiang could bribe an elder with just ten thousand Spiritual crystal.

"Elder, can you let him come to our Mu Clan? I will be responsible for his arrangements." Mu Qianxiang looked at Chen Xiang who had walked in and smiled at him.

Although Chen Xiang could stay here for the time being, it did not mean that he could wander around alone, so he had to send someone with strength to watch over him, making it safer for elder-cla.s.s people to watch over Chen Xiang, but the elders were all rather busy and did not have the time to do so, while the young, who were strong, would definitely clash with Chen Xiang, for example, Han Chen.

Amongst the youths, Mu Qianxiang's strength could be considered relatively strong. And since she was a woman, she would definitely be able to get along well with Chen Xiang.

Right now, Chu Jiang did not want Chen Xiang to leave so early, because he wanted more Spiritual crystal. If he let Mu Qianxiang follow him, maybe he could stay for a longer time.

Mu Qianxiang looked at Chu Jiang with her watery eyes. She really hoped that Chu Jiang would agree to her request, because with this, she would be able to interact with Chen Xiang who came from the outside world everyday. She knew a lot of things about the outside world.

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